Weekly Briefing

7/11/2024 Surge of New Product Launches and Industry News Showcased at Realcomm | IBcon 2024
7/11/2024 In Memoriam: Honoring Charles Meyers, Industry Leader and Realcomm Lifetime Achievement Recipient
7/3/2024 Congratulations to Our Realcomm | IBcon 2024 Digie Award Winners!
6/13/2024 Putting the Power of AI to Work for CRE
6/7/2024 Economic Occupancy: Measure the Effectiveness of Your Real Estate Investments
5/23/2024 26th Annual Realcomm | IBcon Digie Award Finalists Announced!
5/23/2024 The Unrealized Value of Smart Building Systems
5/16/2024 Trusted PropTech News & Views
5/9/2024 Trusted PropTech News & Views
5/2/2024 Trusted PropTech News & Views
4/25/2024 Trusted PropTech News & Views
4/18/2024 Best Practices for Managing Lease Renewals
4/11/2024 3 Reasons to Incorporate AI Into Your Talent Retention Strategy
4/4/2024 Operational Technology (OT) Data
3/28/2024 The Tech-Forward Response to Rising CRE Cap Rates is Also People-First
3/21/2024 Trusted PropTech News & Views
3/21/2024 Navigating the Evolving Terrain of Commercial Real Estate with Strategic Analytics and Reporting
3/14/2024 Trusted PropTech News & Views
3/7/2024 Low Voltage Lighting as the Infrastructure for a Smart and Sustainable Space
2/29/2024 Managing Compliance: Training That Transforms Your Business
2/22/2024 Trusted PropTech News & Views
2/8/2024 Changing the Rules: SEC Cybersecurity Updates for 2024 and What You Need to Know
2/8/2024 How Insights are Driving CRE Investment
2/8/2024 AHR Expo 2024. A Snapshot Recap.
2/1/2024 The Top 15 Technology Trends Impacting the Built Environment
12/28/2023 Young Woo & Associates | Radio Tower & Hotel: Top Innovation in Emerging Neighborhood
12/21/2023 Base Haus | Cornerblock: The New Benchmark for Future Workspaces
12/14/2023 Kingsett Capital and BentallGreenOak | Scotia Plaza: Smart Building Transformation
12/7/2023 Finding AI’s ROI in Real Estate
12/7/2023 L&L Holding Company and The Clarient Group | TSX Broadway: State-of-the-Art Entertainment Complex
11/30/2023 How Mapped Supports Multiple Ontologies for Smart Buildings
11/30/2023 What is Hybrid Work?
11/30/2023 Carr | Innovation Lab: Testing New Marketplace Technologies
11/22/2023 Bring Your Data From People-Places-Things Together
11/22/2023 Kilroy | Indeed Tower: Reimagining the Office High-Rise
11/17/2023 Capturing Data to Simplify Sustainability Reporting
11/17/2023 Carr | One Congress: More Than an Address
11/9/2023 It’s Go Time for the Built Environment! Why Data Models Matter
11/9/2023 The Clarient Group | Marriott International: Vertically Integrated, Amenity-Rich Smart Corporate HQ
11/2/2023 Walmart Corporation | New Home Office: Purpose-Driven Workplace Design
10/26/2023 When “Good Enough” Data Isn’t: Why AI Success Demands a Clean Data Diet
10/26/2023 Boston Global Investors | 10 World Trade – The Making of Boston’s Smartest Building
10/19/2023 Convergence of IT and OT: How to Reduce Rather Than Multiply Cyber Risk
10/19/2023 Oxford Properties | 1133 Melville – The Stack: Office Space Transformed
10/12/2023 Smart Building Vision and Design: Innovation in Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
10/12/2023 Closing the Gap Between Business Problem and Tech Solution in the Age of AI
10/12/2023 IQHQ | Fenway Center: Giving Progress a Home
10/5/2023 The Potential of Independent Data Layers in IoT for Commercial Real Estate
10/5/2023 Cisco Systems | Penn1 Retrofit: The New Office – A Magnet, Not a Mandate
9/28/2023 The MSG Sphere Las Vegas: The Immersive Experience, Transformed
9/28/2023 Sterling Bay | 311 West Monroe: Verifying Performance-Based Design with Post-Occupancy Analytics
9/21/2023 Real Estate Cyber Consortium (RECC): Creating a Path to Cyber Harmony – Challenging CRE’s Supply Chain
9/21/2023 IP Edge Controllers: An Integral Part of a Building's Operational Strategy
9/21/2023 Kingsett Capital | Fairmont Royal York Hotel: Electrification to Decarbonize a Historic Landmark
9/14/2023 Understanding and Improving Customer and Business User Experience: The IT Path Out of Firefighting Towards Business Partner
9/14/2023 How Does Climate Change Pose as a Challenge for the CRE Industry?
9/14/2023 Dartmouth College | Campus Energy Management System: Strategic CEMS Upgrade
9/7/2023 AI is Changing CRE and Creating New Opportunities
8/31/2023 Unlock the Full Potential of Smart Buildings: Edge Compute and Containerization for Enhancing Efficiency, Security and Flexibility
8/24/2023 Realizing the Promise of AI: 11 Current Applications in Real Estate
7/20/2023 Developers Using LightBox GIS Software to Land Sites for New Products
7/13/2023 This Software Saved a Public University $2M in Annual Energy Costs
7/6/2023 From Necessity to Competitive Edge: The Growing Importance of Reliable Internet in Apartment Buildings
6/22/2023 Congratulations to the 2023 Digie Award Winners!
6/22/2023 LBA Realty | LBA Portfolio: Smart Infrastructure Expansion
6/8/2023 25th Annual Realcomm | IBcon Digie Award Finalists Announced!
6/8/2023 How Investors are Reacting to the Evolving Office Sector
6/8/2023 Bridging the Gap Development | Fifth & Dinwiddie: State-of-the-Art Integration & Performance
6/1/2023 Google | Building Operating System (BOS): An Enterprise Approach to Digital Buildings
5/25/2023 Compass Properties | CityCenter735: 1914 Building Leads in Operational Technology
5/18/2023 Microsoft | Redmond Campus Modernization
5/11/2023 Case Study: Map-Based Location Intelligence App | DignityMoves
5/11/2023 Vinhomes | TechnoPark Tower: Smart Building in a Smart City
5/4/2023 4 Ways Real Estate CTOs are Returning Hours to Their Workforce
4/27/2023 Kaiser Permanente National Portfolio | Carbon Neutral: The Climate Smart Healthcare System
4/20/2023 Celebrating 25 Years of PropTech Leaders – The Realcomm Lifetime Achievement Award
4/20/2023 Four Ways to Use Data as the Strategic Advantage for Your CRE Business
4/20/2023 Macerich | Mall Portfolio: Complete Mall System Technology Makeup
4/13/2023 Managing Organizational Anxiety: A Modern Cybersecurity Story
4/13/2023 5 Ways to Upskill Your Workforce with Learning Technology
4/13/2023 Rudin Management Company | Rudin Portfolio: Machine Learning and AI Optimized Building Initiative
4/6/2023 Outcomes: The New Dynamics in Smarter Buildings
4/6/2023 Kingsett Capital & Triovest | 2 Bloor Street West: Smart Building Transformation
3/30/2023 Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Generational Opportunity in Real Estate
3/30/2023 As Climate Risks and Opportunities Converge, Leading Real Estate Organizations Turn an Eye to their HVAC Systems
3/30/2023 Bedrock | Bedrock Detroit: Reimagining Our Cities
3/23/2023 Cyber Threats Keep Changing: Can Your Security Strategy Keep Up?
3/23/2023 Healthcare and PropTech Come Together to Create a New Market Perspective for Health Systems and Partners
3/23/2023 Anchor Line Partners | One Post Office Square: Dynamic Makeover for Value & Performance
3/16/2023 New Talent for the BAS Industry
3/16/2023 Proactive Steps to Improve Building Security Using Shodan
3/16/2023 QuadReal Portfolio: Digital Transformation
3/9/2023 Celebrating 25 Years of Real Estate Technology Innovators: Realcomm Digie Awards
3/9/2023 QuadReal | RiverSouth: The Smartest Building in Texas
3/2/2023 The Smart Building (R)evolution
3/2/2023 Strategic Property Partners | Water Street Tampa: Florida’s First Smart District
2/23/2023 Smart Building Thought Leaders Weigh In on AHR Expo
2/23/2023 Creating Pathways to Higher ESG Scores
2/23/2023 JBG Smith | National Landing: First 5G Smart City in the U.S.
2/16/2023 Tishman Speyer | The MetLife Building: Optimization of an Iconic Building
2/9/2023 Woolbright Development Leveraging AI to Push the Boundaries of Data Analytics
2/9/2023 Sinclair Digital | Sinclair Autograph Hotel: PoE Lighting and More Sparks a Digital Vision
2/2/2023 The Innovation Conundrum
2/2/2023 Leveraging AI to Optimize Your Building’s Energy Use
2/2/2023 Triovest | 1, 2 & 8 Prologis Blvd: Data Intelligence Makes Smart Buildings Smarter
1/26/2023 Sustainable Living Innovations | 303 Battery: Digital First Sustainable Design & Infrastructure
1/19/2023 Lake Nona | The Smart Digital District
1/12/2023 CES 2023 Highlights: Tech Trends That Will Impact CRE
1/12/2023 Piercing The Veil Between Investors and Operators
1/12/2023 University of Birmingham | World’s Smartest University
1/5/2023 Public Services & Procurement Canada | Smart Buildings Initiative
12/15/2022 Will Your Portfolio Be a “Have” or “Have Not” in 2023?
12/15/2022 Solving the Tribal Knowledge Gap with AI: 3 Lessons from a Public REIT
12/15/2022 Vandyk Properties & SmartONE Solutions | Grand Central Mimico: Vision for Modern Living
12/8/2022 Nice vs. Kind, Mentorship vs. Sponsorship: Know the Key Differences that Drive DEIB
12/8/2022 Derwent London | White Collar Factory: Intelligent Building Rollout
12/1/2022 How to Align Your Data Strategy With Your CRE Business Strategy
12/1/2022 Kilroy Realty | Oyster Point: Integrating Technology for Future Growth
11/24/2022 Enhance Workplace Utilization and Unleash People Counting Value for Optimal Operation Benefit
11/24/2022 Rising Realty Partners | One California Plaza: Smart, Connected Office Tower
11/18/2022 Commercial RE Shifts in 2022
11/18/2022 Corning Optical Communications: Future-Ready Headquarters
11/10/2022 Google Bay View Campus: Built for the Future of Work
11/10/2022 Chicken Little, Big Brother and Workplace Tech
11/10/2022 Carr Properties | Signal House: The Future of Office
11/3/2022 Physical Space Versus Teams and Zoom: Where Does that Leave the Workplace?
11/3/2022 The Edge. The New Building Operating Frontier
11/3/2022 Take Steps Towards Healthier Air
10/27/2022 ChinaTech Competition and the Impacts to the Built Environment
10/27/2022 Measuring Your Portfolio’s Financial Performance Is the Key to Making Future Investments
10/27/2022 BXP | Embarcadero Center: After-Hours HVAC On Demand
10/20/2022 Making Workplaces ‘Magnetic’ Again: The Role of Technology, Data and Customer Experience
10/20/2022 The Importance of IAQ and Healthy Air in Buildings
10/20/2022 Norfolk Southern | Newcomb & Boyd: Project Fusion – Building Technologies and Data Insights
10/13/2022 Is Corporate Real Estate Embracing the Virtual World?
10/13/2022 Skanska | 17xM: New Vision for the Modern Workplace
10/6/2022 Cybersecurity Vigilance and Privacy Strategies: Realcomm Webinar Series Reveals Best Practices
10/6/2022 Ericsson | 5G Smart Factory: The Connected, Agile, Sustainable Factory of the Future
9/29/2022 Occupier Engagement: Beyond the Built Environment
9/29/2022 Sophisticated Simplification Is Not An Oxymoron
9/29/2022 Schneider Electric | IntenCity: State-of-the-Art Regional Headquarters
9/22/2022 The Future of Work: Embracing Transformation and Opportunity
9/22/2022 Smart Environments: Using IoT Data to Create Value
9/22/2022 Mirvac | 80 Ann Street: State-of-the-Art Workplace Precinct
9/15/2022 Corporate Real Estate Trends: Striking the Balance Between Physical Space and Tech
9/15/2022 Four Key Things Impacting Occupant Experience
9/15/2022 Sinclair Digital | Hotel Marcel: Historic Transformation into Digital Showcase
9/8/2022 Doubling Up: RE Investors, Investment Staff Share Advanced Tech Benefits
9/8/2022 LinkedIn | One Wilton Park: The Integrated, Automated, Enhanced Workplace
9/1/2022 What Are You Doing With All That Space?
8/25/2022 How Many WELL Points Will Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Help You Earn
7/28/2022 Top Three ESG Reporting Challenges You Can Solve with Tech
7/21/2022 Smart Buildings, Districts and Portfolios Featured at the Smart Building Showcase
7/21/2022 A Seven-Step Plan for Achieving Your M&A Targets
7/14/2022 Pandemic Pulse Check
7/14/2022 Optimizing Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency in Buildings Post COVID-19
7/7/2022 CRE’s First Business Process Automation Showcase Presented at Realcomm 2022
7/7/2022 Data-Driven Evaluations of Real Estate Needs
6/30/2022 Interoperability: The Key to Smarter Buildings
6/23/2022 Commercial Real Estate is Paying Attention to Managed Services
6/23/2022 CRE Tech Priorities CIOs Must Address in 2022
6/9/2022 Efficient Budgeting Means Better Business
6/2/2022 24th Annual Realcomm | IBcon Digie Award Finalists Announced!
6/2/2022 The Bright Side of Cybersecurity
5/26/2022 ESG: If It Matters, Measure It
5/26/2022 Turn Amenity Management To Your Advantage
5/19/2022 Whose AI Is It Anyway?
5/19/2022 When It Comes to Your Smart Building Network, Different Equals Smart
5/12/2022 Lake Nona: A Digital District Reaching Into the Future
5/12/2022 Not Ready to Retrofit? Here is an Energy-Saving Alternative
5/5/2022 Peering Ahead in the Smart Building Market
5/5/2022 Redefining the Tenant Experience: Using Technology to Address Demand for Safety, Energy-Efficiency and Responsiveness
4/28/2022 Success with Real Estate AI is a Journey
4/28/2022 2022 Is the Year to Make Your Building Smart - Here’s What That Means
4/21/2022 A Holistic View of the Building Automation Industry Supply Chain Crunch
4/21/2022 Buildings Systems Are Your Cybersecurity Alamo
4/14/2022 The Path Forward
4/14/2022 Offices are No Longer Just a Place of Work for People, They are Places that Work for People
4/7/2022 Today’s Digital Workplace REconfigured
4/7/2022 Environmental. Social. Governance.
3/31/2022 Is AI Really Ready for Real Estate?
3/31/2022 Traditional IT Cybersecurity Methods Don’t Work in Commercial Real Estate
3/24/2022 Technology Trends in Real Estate: Thought Leaders Speak Out
3/24/2022 Hybrid Work: Finding the Tech to Compliment Your Office Space and Workers' Needs
3/17/2022 5G and In-Building Wireless – Fact or Fiction?
3/10/2022 The Great REconfiguration
3/10/2022 2022 Tech Resolutions for Operations Professionals: Mobility, Integrations and Automated Workflows
3/3/2022 HoloPortation: Real Estate Meets the Virtual World
2/24/2022 Office, Where Innovation Works
2/17/2022 In Commercial Real Estate Cybersecurity Is Not Enough
2/10/2022 AHR Expo 2022: Insights, Trends and Perspectives
2/3/2022 WeWork Differently Now
1/27/2022 6 Colliding Paradigms Converging on the Built Environment
1/27/2022 The Demise of The Point Solution, Circa 2022
1/27/2022 5 Commercial Real Estate Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2022
1/20/2022 RECC Addresses Cybersecurity Preparedness for the Built Environment
1/20/2022 What’s in Store for CRE Building Operations in 2022
1/13/2022 Senseware Reports Air Quality Results at Realcomm | IBcon 2021
1/6/2022 5G Network Solutions to Fully Harness the C-Band Spectrum
12/22/2021 How to Optimize Energy Spend While Reducing Infection Risk and Advancing Sustainability
12/16/2021 303 Battery: The World’s First Net-Zero Energy, Multifamily Tower
12/9/2021 The Great Resignation and the Impact on Real Estate Occupancy
12/9/2021 2022: The Year of the Experiential Office
12/9/2021 Locatee Survey Emphasizes Importance of Emerging Metrics
12/2/2021 Quantifying Cyber Risk: How Much Can a Security Breach Really Cost You?
12/2/2021 Ensuring You Are Making the Best Business Decisions in a Cut-Throat World
11/18/2021 CRE Tech Trailblazers Microsoft, Vornado, RXR, Carr Properties, WeWork and More Are Featured on Realcomm Live, Conference Edition
11/18/2021 Don’t Get Left Behind in the Office CRE Revolution
11/11/2021 Congratulations to Our Realcomm | IBcon 2021 Digie Award Winners!
11/11/2021 What Do Real Estate Investors Really Want?
11/11/2021 Overcoming Office Uncertainty with Digital Amenities and Agile Workspaces
11/4/2021 Delivering Smarter Buildings
10/28/2021 23rd Annual Realcomm | IBcon Digie Award Finalists Announced!
10/28/2021 Assessing the Technical Debt of Legacy ERP Real Estate Management Systems
10/21/2021 Microsoft Redmond Campus Modernization: Construction Update
10/21/2021 Strengthen Company Performance by Outsourcing Application Support to a Managed Services Firm
10/14/2021 23 Years of Big Topics & Global Thought Leaders on CRE, Technology and Innovation
10/14/2021 7 Commercial Real Estate Technology Solutions to Help Digitize Your Operations
10/7/2021 Global Smart Buildings and Districts Inspire Innovation
10/7/2021 Revisit Your Technology Architecture
10/7/2021 Navigating the Now Normal
9/30/2021 Data and Powerful Computing: A Stage for a Symphony
9/30/2021 Cityzenith: A Leader in Digital Twins
9/30/2021 Companies Embrace Fluidity in Office Portfolios, And Customization is Key
9/23/2021 Leveraging Computer Vision, The Next Generation of Business Intelligence (BI)
9/23/2021 Drive Employee Retention with Effective Training
9/16/2021 Buildings Go High Tech – And So Do Cyber Threats
9/16/2021 Attenuate Wireless Network Costs with Modularity and Scalability
9/9/2021 ASPIRE: Introducing a Data-Driven Approach to Sustainable Indoor Air Quality
9/9/2021 How “ESG-ing” Drives Value by Building Trust
9/2/2021 Florida's First Smart District: Water Street Tampa Features Technology at the Forefront
9/2/2021 5 Corporate Real Estate Investments to Boost Your Cash Flow
8/26/2021 River South Austin: Introducing the Smart Building
8/26/2021 Unleash the Power of Real Estate CRM in Today’s Hybrid Workplace
8/19/2021 REsilience – Using Technology and Innovation to Navigate an Ever-Changing World
8/12/2021 Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World
8/12/2021 PoE and IoT Smart Technology Solutions, the Sustainable Building Choice
8/5/2021 What Did the Pandemic Teach Us About Office Occupancy and Energy Use
8/5/2021 Strengthen Company Performance by Outsourcing Application Support to a Managed Services Firm
7/29/2021 Training Our Next Generation of OT Cyber Experts
7/22/2021 The Path Forward to Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Built Environment
7/22/2021 Buildings of the Future Begin Today by Going Wireless First
7/15/2021 CBRS in the Built Environment: Are We Ready?
7/15/2021 Corporate Real Estate Consolidation and Subleasing: Pros and Cons
7/8/2021 Spotlight: One of Our Realcomm Community Members To Summit K2!
7/8/2021 Leveraging AI and IoT to Improve Energy and Sustainability
7/1/2021 GSA: The Largest Real Estate Portfolio Automation Project in the World
6/24/2021 Return to Work or Not: Don't Fight the Wind, Adjust the Sails
6/24/2021 What CRE Can Learn from One Workplace’s Approach to Workplace Experience
6/17/2021 Old Meets New – A Hybrid Workstyle, Lifestyle Is Here to Stay!
6/17/2021 9 Corporate Real Estate Metrics You Should Be Tracking
6/10/2021 Incentivizing Investments in Cyber Safety for Buildings
6/10/2021 The Modern Office
6/3/2021 The Transformation of the Built Environment Requires a Digital Mindset
6/3/2021 The Future of Corporate Real Estate – Building a Growth Mindset
5/27/2021 MultiGreen is Reinventing the Local Technology Approach for Attainable, Sustainable Multifamily Housing
5/20/2021 Realcomm Live Showcases Industry's Most Innovative Intelligent Building Projects
5/13/2021 Cybersecurity for Commercial and Corporate Real Estate – IT and OT
5/13/2021 How CRE Leaders Can Embrace the New Hybrid Workplace
5/6/2021 The 7 Metatrends Shaping the Future of Real Estate Tech
5/6/2021 Returning to the Office: The CEOs' Perspectives
4/29/2021 Australia's Reoccupancy of Commercial Buildings: Status Update from Mirvac, Charter Hall and Dexus
4/22/2021 Demystifying Digital Twins with Oxford Properties and Microsoft
4/22/2021 5 Stages to Pave the Way to Truly Autonomous Buildings
4/15/2021 Smart ‘MIND’ Powers Future Italian District with Human Approach to Building and Design
4/15/2021 WiredScore Releases Smart Building White Paper Ahead of Its Launch of Smartscore, Its New Smart Buildings Global Certification
4/8/2021 AI and Cloud Computing Enable Widespread Use of Smart Building Technology (Part 2 of 2)
4/1/2021 Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Built Environment: Context, Commitment and the Path Forward
4/1/2021 Trust-as-a-Service: Looking Externally to Improve Digital Capabilities and Reduce Operating Expenses
3/25/2021 Industry Leader Scott Morey Discusses PropTech 2021 & Beyond
3/25/2021 3 Ways to Seize Corporate Real Estate Opportunities This Year
3/18/2021 RE Developer JBG Smith Acquires CBRS Spectrum to Establish National Landing as First 5G Smart City
3/18/2021 Analyzing the Effect of Coworking Space Closures
3/11/2021 The Coming Paradigm Shift for Smart, Connected Buildings
3/11/2021 The Rules Have Changed for the Built Environment: Disrupt, Rethink, Reinvent & Reposition
3/11/2021 On Cloud 9: Lendlease Sets New Standards for Smarter, Greener Real Estate
3/4/2021 The MultiGreen Way 1.0: Attainable, Sustainable, Tech-Enabled Multifamily Housing
2/25/2021 OT Cybersecurity in 2021: Past and Present Issues Plague the CRE Industry
2/25/2021 Rapid Connectivity Era: Breaking Building System Integration Barriers for Faster Time-to-Value
2/18/2021 AI and Cloud Computing Enable Widespread Use of Smart Building Technology (Part 1 of 2)
2/18/2021 3 Ways to Seize Corporate Real Estate Opportunities This Year
2/11/2021 The Pandemic’s Impact on Commercial Real Estate – More Questions than Answers
2/11/2021 3 Ways Space Management Solutions Enable a Safer, More Responsive Workplace
2/4/2021 PropTech Investing 2021: Leaders Share Insight on What's Ahead
2/4/2021 Perspectives on Smart Multi-Site Retail Buildings
1/28/2021 Digital Twins: A Misunderstood Catalyst for Digital Transformation in Real Estate
1/28/2021 Procurement in the Pandemic: How COVID-19 Accelerated Adoption of Automation
1/21/2021 Top 5 Ways Smart Building Projects Fail
1/14/2021 Priority 2021: Unlocking Better Real Estate Returns through Workplace Experience
1/14/2021 Airwavz Solutions Helps Columbia Property Trust Ensure 95 Columbus is 5G Ready
1/7/2021 Dallara IndyCar Factory: NextGen Access Controls & Touchless Experiences
1/7/2021 Cost Effectively Upgrade to Connected Lighting and Automation with Power over Ethernet
12/30/2020 Real Estate, Technology, COVID-19: Reflections on 2020
12/23/2020 The Impacts of AI and Machine Learning on CRE
12/17/2020 2020 Year in Review from Top RE Tech Visionaries
12/17/2020 Real Estate Advanced Stack: The Best of Both Worlds
12/10/2020 Space Management Analytics: We Have the Data, Now What Do We Do?
12/10/2020 The Next Two Normals
12/3/2020 Google: An Enterprise's Approach to Digital Buildings
12/3/2020 How Innovative Technology is Disrupting the Parking Industry
11/24/2020 Wells Fargo SVP Earns 2020 Realcomm Lifetime Achievement Award
11/24/2020 Cisco: The Backbone of Smart Buildings
11/19/2020 CBRE, Tishman Speyer, Prologis, QuadReal, Morguard and British Land Share Reentry, IT and Workplace Strategies
11/19/2020 Lease Data: A Powerful Tool for Managing Through the Pandemic
11/12/2020 Berkeley Labs: Smart Building Analytics to Save Energy and Money
11/12/2020 The 'Now Normal' vs. the New Normal for Commercial Real Estate: What Changes Are Going to Stick?
11/5/2020 Congratulations to Our 2020 Digie Award Winners!
11/5/2020 The Key to Leasing and Returning to the Office: Flexibility
10/29/2020 Microsoft’s Global Smart Building Vision
10/29/2020 Flattening the Curve: What COVID-19 Can Teach Us About the Other Global Problem - Climate Change
10/22/2020 Realcomm | IBcon 2020 Digie Award Finalists Announced
10/22/2020 CRE Investment Management Digital Transformation: The White Glove Experience for Greater ROI
10/15/2020 Intel Smart Building Design Achieves IT and OT Readiness for a Data-Centric Future
10/15/2020 CRE Investment Management Digital Transformation: The White Glove Experience for Greater ROI
10/8/2020 Brookfield and Vornado Executives: COVID Impact on Offices, RE Tech and the Economy
10/8/2020 When It Comes to Your Smart Building Network, Different Equals Smart
10/1/2020 Telepresence and Immersive Technologies Transforming Events, Meetings and Buildings
10/1/2020 CBRS Gives Commercial Real Estate Access to Once-Exclusive Cellular Spectrum
9/24/2020 University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Reopening Campuses Safely
9/24/2020 Coworking Post-Pandemic: How Has the Industry Outlook Changed?
9/18/2020 Emerging COVID Technologies Showcased at Realcomm | IBcon 2020 Hybrid Event
9/18/2020 Artificial Intelligence: The Most Cost-Efficient Way to Decrease Your Building’s Energy Consumption
9/10/2020 Kilroy Realty Corporation: Health and Sustainability During COVID-19
9/3/2020 Leading Australian CIO Sheridan Ware Talks Smart Buildings, the Human Experience and Using Tech to Navigate a Pandemic
9/3/2020 No-Code Development Platforms Bring Agility, Speed and Ease to REM Systems
8/27/2020 16 Experts Featured in Realcomm EDGE Magazine: Wells Fargo, Boxer Property, Georgia Tech, Oxford Properties and More
8/20/2020 Realcomm Sends Healthy Building SWOT Team to Marriott in Prep of Industry’s First Hybrid Event
8/20/2020 CRE Technology: The Deciding Factor in Budgeting and Forecasting
8/13/2020 QuadReal: Enabling Digital Buildings with Scalable Connectivity
8/13/2020 Drive Profit in Buildings: Focus on Cash Flow
8/6/2020 Realcomm | IBcon Announces Industry’s First RE Tech Hybrid Event
7/30/2020 Gateway, Sydney: Australia’s Journey to the 'Touchless' Office Building
7/30/2020 The New Era of Workplace Connectivity
7/23/2020 CBRE’s New CAO: Chandra Dhandapani Talks Leadership, Integrity and Digital Transformation
7/23/2020 Enterprise Management with a Modern Digital Workplace
7/16/2020 Realcomm Live: New Weekly RE Tech & Innovation Show Coming in August
7/16/2020 Safe Workplaces Paving the Way to Smarter Buildings
7/9/2020 Wells Fargo: Workplace Re-Entry Industry Research
7/9/2020 Software-Defined LAN and Fiber/Power-Deep Networks Define New Norm and a Better Future
7/2/2020 European CIOs Respond to COVID-19
7/2/2020 The Impact of COVID-19 on Commercial Cleaning Processes
6/25/2020 Effective RE Data Privacy: Improving Customer Trust in the COVID-19 Era
6/25/2020 Building Technologies and Workplace Design in the Experience Era
6/18/2020 Is Your CRE Data Model a Leader or a Laggard?
6/18/2020 How Coronavirus Could Spark the Modernization of Real Estate
6/11/2020 Smart Building Tech: Navigating the Way Forward
6/11/2020 The Value of Knowing Your Tenant: An Industrial Roundtable Discussion
6/4/2020 Deploying Smart Building Systems: Why Does Southwest Only Fly 737s?
6/4/2020 How Coronavirus Could Spark the Modernization of Real Estate
5/28/2020 Four Keys to Deploying a Smart Building Program During COVID-19
5/28/2020 Commercial Rent Payments: Signposts on the Road to Recovery
5/21/2020 Post-COVID-19: Is it Time to Rethink Flex Space Strategies?
5/21/2020 Technology and the Pandemic: Fee Managers Discuss
5/14/2020 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Smart Building Technologies
5/14/2020 Using AI to Combat COVID-19 in Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
5/7/2020 Smart Building Bootcamp Series: Strategic Planning for Performance, Experience & Risk Management in the Coronavirus Era
5/7/2020 Special Series: What’s the PropTech New Normal Post-COVID-19?
5/7/2020 Cloud Architecture Matters: Are You Future-Proof Ready?
4/30/2020 Healthy Smart Buildings vs. Privacy: Striking the Balance in a Complex Global Landscape
4/30/2020 Managing Buildings in the New Normal: Technology Plays a Critical Role
4/23/2020 Special Series: Smart Building Safety, Occupant Wellness & Reopening During COVID-19 Pandemic
4/23/2020 CRE Portfolio Management Amidst COVID-19: Organizational Agility and Decision-Making at the Speed of Change
4/16/2020 How CRE Companies Can Improve Customer Trust with Effective Data Privacy
4/16/2020 Breaking Down Barriers Between Landlords and Tenants During the COVID-19 Pandemic
4/9/2020 Special Series: CRE Leaders Examine Growing Cybersecurity Concerns During Coronavirus Crisis
4/9/2020 How Resilient Companies Endure Challenging Times
4/2/2020 Realcomm Launches New Weekly Newsletter
4/2/2020 Special Series: 8 CRE Leaders Discuss Business Continuity Planning and Coronavirus
4/2/2020 Why Connected Lighting Is Smart Business for Facility Managers
3/26/2020 CRE Digital Transformation and Tenant Experience in Australia
3/26/2020 Streamlining Inspections: Drone Data for Facility & Property Management
3/19/2020 5G: Don’t Wait. A Future-Ready Approach for Building Owners
3/19/2020 Finding the Best Solution Provider for Poor Cellular Coverage in Your Building
3/12/2020 Georgia Tech: The Kendeda Building for Innovative Design
3/4/2020 Building Virtually - Reflections on Digital Twins in the CRE Industry
3/4/2020 Driving Efficiencies to New Heights: Drone Data for Property & Facility Management
2/26/2020 The Holodeck Story: A Digital Journey
2/26/2020 Coworking Space Provides More Bang for the Landlord’s Buck
2/20/2020 Altus Group Report Reveals CRE Industry on the Verge of Significant PropTech Consolidation as Technology Adoption Reaches a Tipping Point
2/20/2020 The Wireless Toolkit Has More Options Than Ever and That’s a Really Good Thing!
2/13/2020 Singapore Changi Airport: The Destination Location within a Smart City
2/13/2020 This is 2020!
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2/6/2020 Prologis Just Built the Warehouse of the Future
1/29/2020 Thought Leadership On Demand: Realcomm Announces New Video & Podcast Series
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1/23/2020 Commercial Real Estate & Public Safety: 1 + 1 = 3
1/16/2020 The State of PropTech Investing – Boom, Bust, Fizzle or Grow?
1/9/2020 The Sinclair Hotel Fort Worth: PoE Lighting Sparks a Digital Vision
1/2/2020 VTS CEO Nick Romito Talks Open Data for AI and Machine Learning in CRE
12/24/2019 Microsoft's Singapore Office Takes Smart Buildings to a
Higher Level
12/24/2019 Client Collaboration Brings 3D Conceptual Planning
Software to Life
12/18/2019 Cellular Coverage: Solutions for the Corporate Environment
12/18/2019 Introducing New Software Platform for Building Automation and IoT Applications: Open, Fast, Robust and Extensible
12/11/2019 The Real Estate Cyber Consortium (RECC) – An Industry’s Effort to Address Cybersecurity for the Built Environment
12/11/2019 Tech Trends in Commercial and Corporate Real Estate for 2020
12/4/2019 Organizational Analytics + Workplace Strategy
12/4/2019 Behind the Lease: Managing Data to Drive Revenue and Business Strategy
11/27/2019 CBRE Digital Transformation: Acquisitions, Talent Development and Strategic Growth
11/27/2019 2020 Vision: Finding Good Investments
11/21/2019 CoRE Tech 2019 Hits 10th Anniversary Milestone – Conference Highlights
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11/15/2019 The Edge. The New Smart Building Mindset
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11/7/2019 Data Fitness
11/1/2019 Intel Bangalore - Could the SRR4 be the Smartest Building in the World?
10/24/2019 ExxonMobil Leads the Way to Digital Transformation in
Corporate Real Estate
10/24/2019 The Evolution of Aruba’s Smart Digital Workplace
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10/10/2019 Digitally Transforming Microsoft's Global Real Estate Portfolio: Emmanuel Daniel Discusses Strategy
10/10/2019 Electrical Metering and the Building Internet of Things
10/3/2019 Stanford University: Developing Talent for Smart Building Strategies
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9/26/2019 Carr Properties & Prologis Discuss the Importance of a Business / Technology Strategy
9/26/2019 LTE Necessary in the Face of 5G
9/19/2019 Seven Technologies Destined to Change Commercial and
Corporate Real Estate
9/19/2019 The Path to Painless Budgeting & Forecasting
9/12/2019 The World’s First Fully AI-Driven Building: Bee’ah Sustainable Headquarters
9/5/2019 PropTech Video Showcase: ExxonMobil, Related | Hudson Yards, QuadReal, RECC & CohnReznick
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8/22/2019 Realcomm Market Comparison: Update from Down Under
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7/25/2019 What Are The Top 15 PropTech Trends for 2019-2020?
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7/17/2019 Beyond Appraised Value: The Promise of AI-Enhanced Building and Location Scores
7/10/2019 Transforming Commercial Environments: Insights from the Inaugural State of the Smart Buildings Market Study
7/10/2019 The Consumerization of CRE Tech
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6/27/2019 Realcomm | IBcon 2019 Ends on a High Note in Music City USA
6/20/2019 Congratulations to Our 2019 Digie Award Winners!
6/20/2019 The Buzz on Artificial Intelligence in Intelligent Buildings
6/14/2019 Art McCann of Highwoods Discusses Leveraging Technology for Innovation in Real Estate
6/14/2019 6 Ways to Make Proptech Deliver For Your Business
6/5/2019 Zorba Manolopoulos of Facebook Talks About Next Gen Occupant Experience
6/5/2019 American Tower: Bringing Buildings & Venues into the Future of Wireless Communications
5/31/2019 Realcomm | IBcon 2019 Digie Award Finalists Announced!
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5/2/2019 Executives from Facebook, Brookfield, Related–Hudson Yards and ExxonMobil to Speak on Real Estate Innovation @ Scale at the Realcomm | IBcon General Session
5/2/2019 Enabling and Optimizing the Smart Digital Workplace
4/25/2019 Kenneth Finnegan of Hudson Yards Talks Tech & the Country's Largest Real Estate Development
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4/17/2019 Connected Planning and Its Impact on Commercial Real Estate
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4/4/2019 Real Estate Cyber Risk: Are You Prepared?
4/4/2019 Why You Need to Prepare Now for Gen Z’s Influence on Real Estate
3/28/2019 Alibaba’s Hema, Amazon’s Go, Macerich's Brandbox: Where is Agile Retail Headed?
3/28/2019 Want A Connected Workplace? The Secret is in Your Pocket
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3/14/2019 5G & the History of Wireless Networks
3/14/2019 How Do You Implement a High-Value Energy Strategy?
3/6/2019 Oracle Rolls Out an IoT-Enabled Workplace Strategy
2/27/2019 Altus Group CRE Innovation Report Reveals Rapid Acceleration of PropTech Adoption & Rise of Disintermediation as Major Trends Impacting CRE
2/27/2019 How to Manage FASB & IFRS Lease Accounting in a Sea of Changing Standards
2/20/2019 REcalibrate | Real Estate Companies Using Innovation to Turn Challenges into Opportunities
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2/6/2019 The Enhanced Occupant Experience – Taking Buildings to the Next Level!
2/6/2019 Outsourcing As A Business Strategy
1/31/2019 Tech Perspective @ the Edge: Cindy Parker, Managing Director of IT, LaSalle Investment Management
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1/24/2019 Make Your CRE Experience Belong: Customizing Technology Design for Different Places
1/17/2019 CES 2019: Consumer Tech Trends That Will Impact CRE – 5G, Digital Walls, Flying Taxis and More! 
1/9/2019 Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Technology Innovation – What’s Ahead in 2019
1/3/2019 WeWork is Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Think About Their Corporate Workplace
12/26/2018 Rob Murchison & Tom Shircliff of Intelligent Buildings Discuss Technology in the Age of Acceleration
12/26/2018 AI Impact on Reliability and Safety Within the Energy Sector
12/19/2018 Control System Cybersecurity & What It Means to Buildings
12/13/2018 Srini Khandavilli of Intel Discusses Global Smart Building Implementation at Scale
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12/5/2018 Is Your Network Leaving Money on the Table?
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11/21/2018 2030 & Beyond: Campus of the Future | Relevance is Critical to the Future of Higher Education
11/21/2018 Getting to the Top of the Stack | How Employee Experience [EX] is Becoming the Priority for C-Suite Leaders
11/16/2018 Chandra Dhandapani of CBRE Discusses Digital Transformation As Powered by People and Technology
11/8/2018 The Unisphere: Largest Commercial Net Zero Building in the United States
11/1/2018 Standing, Stretching and Soaking Up Sun: Healthy Office Habits Make a Major Difference
11/1/2018 What to Look for in a Workplace Solution
10/25/2018 RealcommEDGE | Maureen Ehrenberg, JLL, Srini Khandavilli, Intel & Jared Summers, ExxonMobil Talk CRE Tech Innovation
10/25/2018 Data is the New Oil: Are You Using Yours?
10/18/2018 The Impact of 5G & Corporate Real Estate's Changing Telecommunications Landscape
10/18/2018 Why You Need to Prepare Now for Gen Z’s Influence on Real Estate
10/11/2018 Stuart Appley, Brian Oswald & Matt Toner of CBRE Discuss Smart Buildings, Occupant Experience & Beyond!
10/11/2018 Technology and Autonomous Vehicles Impacting Office Market Trends
10/3/2018 Smart Building Best Practice Showcase: Featuring the Newest, Most Innovative Corporate Buildings & Campuses Presented @ CoRE Tech 2018
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9/26/2018 Warner Media’s Smart Building Journey: 30 Hudson Yards
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9/19/2018 The New Realities: How VR & AR Are Changing the Way We Operate & Use Buildings
9/19/2018 Data Protection – The Evolution
9/12/2018 RE Tech | PropTech | CRE Tech: An Assessment of the Industry's M&A Activity
9/12/2018 Empowering the Front Office
9/6/2018 Realcomm CIO Forum Sydney Attracts Top Local Industry Leaders from Mirvac, Dexus, Lendlease & More!
8/30/2018 Tech Perspective @ the Edge: Aaron Pais, CIO, Morguard
8/23/2018 Blockchain for CRE: Future Promise vs. Current Reality
8/23/2018 How Disruptive Technology Is Changing CRE
8/16/2018 The Changing Role of the Smart Building Integrator
8/16/2018 Analytics at Edge
8/9/2018 Jesse Carrillo of Hines Discusses Hedging the Future of CRE As Investments In PropTech Continue
8/3/2018 Tech Perspective @ the Edge: Susan Gerock, VP, IT & CIO of WashREIT
8/3/2018 Maximizing Operational Efficiency: Tenant Apps Provide More Than Just Better Engagement
7/26/2018 Advancements in CRE Process Automation Can No Longer Be Ignored
7/19/2018 Interest in Microgrids by Real Estate Companies Part of a Wider C&I Market Trend
7/19/2018 Where to Start with Investing in New Tech?
7/12/2018 The Realcomm Solution Provider Community: Leaders In the CRE Tech / PropTech / Real Estate Innovation Discussion
7/12/2018 Is Your Building Engineer a 'Schneider' or a 'Gates'?
7/5/2018 International Towers Sydney, Barangaroo South: A New Benchmark for Smart Buildings
6/29/2018 Bob Sulentic, CEO of CBRE Discusses Technology & the Impact to Commercial & Corporate Real Estate
6/29/2018 Five Ways to Make Data Work for the Workplace
6/21/2018 Congratulations to Our 2018 Digie Award Winners!
6/21/2018 Software is Eating the World – Get Your Piece of the Pie
6/14/2018 Acknowledging the Visionaries in our Community:
Realcomm Lifetime Achievement Award
6/8/2018 Technology Leaders in The Age of Acceleration: Chandra Dhandapani, CBRE
6/8/2018 Lighting Control Systems
5/31/2018 Realcomm | IBcon 2018 Digie Award Finalists Announced!
5/23/2018 RealcommEDGE Magazine: Conference Edition
5/16/2018 Blockchain Technology is Coming: Is the World of Real Estate Ready?
5/10/2018 Justin Segal of Boxer Property Discusses Big Data & Analytics in Buildings
5/2/2018 The Fate of Construction Data: Who Will Own It?
5/2/2018 Forward Looking Information: A Requirement for Optimizing Performance
4/26/2018 Facebook’s Privacy Breach of Trust – What Does It Have to Do with Commercial & Corporate Real Estate?
4/26/2018 The Smart, Connected Building
4/18/2018 Tenant Experience Applications: The Hot Topic for 2018
4/18/2018 A Day in the Life – Defining the User Journey for an Intelligent Building
4/12/2018 Technology Leaders in The Age of Acceleration: Steve Lefkowitz, Time Warner
4/4/2018 Digital Twins for BUILDINGS – Visualizing the World in 3D Maps!
4/4/2018 Where to Work? Coworking Fills a Growing Need
3/29/2018 Moving from Analytics to AI: Is Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Ready?
3/29/2018 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) You Need to Better Manage the Modern Workplace
3/21/2018 It All Starts with Exploration: Rethinking the Approach to Data Analytics in Facilities
3/21/2018 Intelligent Building 3.0: The IoT Platform
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3/15/2018 Transparency in Buildings. Why It Matters
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3/1/2018 Tech Companies Embrace Real Estate Development: From Buildings to Cities
3/1/2018 Smart Buildings Need Smarter Cybersecurity
2/22/2018 Tech Perspective @ the Edge with Bob Rybak, CIO, Morguard
2/16/2018 The Age of Acceleration: Navigating Global CRE Technology & Innovation
2/16/2018 A Case for Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Data & Document Management
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2/8/2018 The "Three E's"
2/1/2018 Robert Entin of Vornado Discusses the Pace of CRE Technology
1/25/2018 The Legal Implications of Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Digital Transformation
1/18/2018 CRE & the Quest for the Rosetta Stone: The All-in-One 3D Data Platform
1/11/2018 Altus Group Report Reveals Industry Disconnect on Impact of Game Changing Technologies in CRE
1/4/2018 Larry Smarr of Calit2 Discusses the Next Generation of High Impact Technologies