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Bedrock | Bedrock Detroit: Reimagining Our Cities

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The IBcon Smart Building Best Practice Showcase is an annual event held at the Realcomm | IBcon conference where real estate leaders present their most innovative, technology driven commercial and corporate real estate projects. These projects demonstrate leading-edge technologies and vision for intelligent and adaptive design that is transforming the next generation of IT-enabled real estate. The Weekly News Briefing will feature a unique Showcase project each week.

Bedrock is a full-service real estate firm specializing in innovative city-building strategies. Since its founding in 2011, Bedrock and its affiliates have invested and committed more than $5.6 billion to acquiring and developing more than 100 properties in Detroit and Cleveland, including landmark developments at the Hudson’s Site, the Book Tower restoration, City Modern and the May Company Building. Bedrock established new public/private partnerships to make Detroit the Midwest’s technology hub. This smart district was meticulously planned for success at scale, pushing technology innovation on multiple fronts.

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