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AHR Expo 2024. A Snapshot Recap.

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Yet another AHR Expo is in the books. This year’s event was at Chicago’s McCormick Place and yes, Chicago did not disappoint with its weather this time of year (you all know what I mean).

Attending this annual event presents numerous benefits for industry professionals and stakeholders. It offers a unique opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments and technological advancements in the HVACR industry through an exhibit floor and series of educational programs. From energy-efficient solutions to sustainable practices, the show provided valuable insights into the latest technology, equipment, services, and solutions that run, manage, and operate our buildings and facilities.

While all who attended have their thoughts, impressions, experiences, and observations, of what stood out, here are a few of mine:

  • There was exceptionally good attendance. The exhibit floor was packed with 1800 plus exhibitors and an attendance estimated at around 50,000.
  • Smart and connected were on display everywhere leaving no doubt more and more equipment is getting smarter and making contributions to a smarter built environment. As this continues, we will begin to experience an increase of universal integration, automation, and interoperability.
  • Controllers, controllers, controllers – IP – were all over the place. They were joined by sensors of all makes, models, features, and functions.
  • As expected, an abundance of conversations and discussions was around AI. However, AI on the operational side of the built environment, is still in its infancy and lots remains to be understood for our industry.
  • Every aspect within the built environment whether it be technology, solutions development, installation, deployment, service, owner/operator, continue to discuss how they are challenged with talent gap issues and finding it difficult to find skilled and willing folks to meet the needs of their organizations.
  • Data, Data, Data. Everyone talked about it and said they can get it, but organizing, standardizing, normalizing, modeling it and making it interoperable and ready for prime-time use remains another story.
  • The use of the word’s energy efficiency, decarbonization and sustainability were front and center. ESG was not.
  • Younger folks-good to see more attending this year. Keep joining us. This is a fantastic and exciting industry with lots of opportunities to do cool stuff, enjoy career advancement, and financial rewards.

For me, AHR Expo 2024 did not disappoint. It showed that we are beyond the COVID pandemic years for moving forward. It marked a return to business as usual, at a much more accelerated pace. It reiterated that the challenge is not the need for technology, available products, and solutions, they are here and proven, but rather, it is the willingness and preparation to take advantage of them to make buildings and facilities smarter, operate in an efficient manner and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Marc Petock, VP, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lynxspring
Marc Petock is a pioneer in leading the Intelligent/Smart Buildings and M2M movements pushing the industry forward and has contributed to transforming and changing the Intelligent Buildings and M2M (now IoT) industries. As Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Lynxspring, Marc leads corporate and product marketing, strategy, brand management, public relations and communications that support the company’s strategic and growth initiatives.

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