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Thought Leadership On Demand: Realcomm Announces New Video & Podcast Series

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Leadership within Commercial and Corporate Real Estate is evolving. The industry itself is changing as technology enables us to build faster and stronger connections in our communities and around the world. And, in 2020, Realcomm is evolving too.

We're keeping pace with technology and bringing new opportunities to connect and learn with peers and thought leaders. Realcomm Edge Media has launched a new suite of videos and podcasts focused on busy professionals seeking a trusted forum and community.

Our new series feature news and views from industry leaders on integrated information systems and emerging technologies. We go behind the scenes of the world’s most innovative smart buildings to explore and address the challenges and opportunities impacting our industry.

Serving a global community of professionals who are incredibly committed to improving the industry, our videos and podcasts capture the best practices and business innovation of our diverse and far-reaching network.

A few of our new products include:

CIO Forum Series

In-depth conversations with cutting-edge CIOs, scaling thought leadership from local to global in the Commercial Real Estate industry. These videos showcase trends, topics and technology implementation.

Case Study Conversations

Technology solution providers collaborate with Corporate Real Estate end-users who have successfully implemented cutting-edge technology in a building or portfolio. These conversations focus on personal experience and storytelling to solve real-life challenges.

Coffee Talks

Deep dives with Realcomm | IBcon and CoRE Tech event chairs on topics such as information management, digital transformation and business leadership. These videos expand upon the in-person, onsite learning and networking, delivering in-depth insights to our global community all year long.

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Sherry Whittemore, SVP Content Strategy, Realcomm
Sherry Whittemore is the SVP of Content Strategy at Realcomm. With a background in executive education and learning strategy, she works with senior leaders around the world to develop and deliver business leadership and professional development content and programs. She specializes in developing business leaders through lifelong learning, peer-to-peer idea exchange, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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