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The RealcommEDGE magazine is the only publication focused exclusively on technology, automation and innovation for the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate and Facilities industry. It provides readers with astute analysis and world-class case studies demonstrating the best use of technology for the industry.

Realcomm — 25 Years at the Intersection of Commercial and Corporate Real Estate, Technology, Automation and Innovation!

Snap your fingers and 25 years has gone by. To reference an old cliché, it seems like yesterday when the first thoughts of starting the Realcomm community were formed. Join us in this issue of the RealcommEDGE as we celebrate the last 25 years of innovation and explore what's ahead as technology continues to transform the built environment.



25 Years at the Intersection of Commercial and Corporate Real Estate, Technology, Automation and Innovation!

Celebrating Real Estate Technology Leaders: The Realcomm Lifetime Achievement Award

Technology and the Changing Demands of Business

Celebrating 25 Years of PropTech

Managing Organizational Anxiety: A Modern Cybersecurity Story

Leveraging AI to Push the Boundaries of Data Analytics

Real Estate Cyber Consortium (RECC): Creating a Path to Cyber Harmony - Challenging CRE's Supply Chain

Four Ways to Use Data as the Strategic Advantage for Your CRE Business

New Talent for the BAS Industry

The MSG Sphere Las Vegas: The Immersive Experience, Transformed

Piercing The Veil Between Investors and Operators

Smart Building Vision and Design: Innovation in Commercial and Corporate Real Estate

How Automation Helps Small and Medium-Sized Buildings Contribute to Reducing Carbon Emissions

Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Generational Opportunity in Real Estate

Cyber Threats Keep Changing: Can Your Security Strategy Keep Up?

Charged with Danger - The Alarming Cybersecurity Risks of EV Charging Stations

Creating Pathways to Higher ESG Scores

Nice vs. Kind, Mentorship vs. Sponsorship: Know the Key Differences that Drive DEIB

The Innovation Conundrum

And more!

BONUS! – 2023 Technology Solutions Marketplace Directory



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Leaders at the Intersection of Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, Technology, Automation and Innovation

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Tech Leadership @ the EDGE - Reaching New Heights in Commercial and Corporate Innovation

Oct/Nov 2016
Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Innovation - CRE Tech 5.0 - Artificial Intelligence and Buildings

May 2016
Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Innovation - Top Tech Trends Changing the Industry

May 2015
Today's Real Estate Technology Leaders - Harnessing the Power of Technology and Innovation to Bring About Change

May 2014
The Evolution of the Real Estate CIO – An interview with John Chung, Allied REIT and Justin Segal, Boxer Property

May 2013
Redefining Real Estate Operations – An Interview with Scott Morey, GGP and RJ Juliano, Brandywine

May 2012
Transforming Real Estate Operations – An Interview with CIOs Don Goldstein, CBRE, and Jim Whalen, Boston Properties

May 2011
Creating Business Value with Technology – An Interview with CIOs Steve Messaros, Liberty Property Trust, and David Schacht, Simon Properties

May 2010
Bob Peck: Making GSA a Smart Green Proving Ground

November 2009
John Gilbert, Rudin Management – The Strategic Value of Technology


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