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Realcomm | IBcon has been presenting the Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation (Digie) Awards since 1999 to recognize outstanding companies, real estate projects, technologies and the next generation of smart, connected, high-performance, intelligent building systems. The Digies are also awarded to the individuals who have gone "above and beyond" to positively impact our industry and to the innovators who are improving our buildings, portfolios and cities through the application of technology, automation and innovation.

The commercial and corporate real estate sector continue to navigate new challenges. The evolving landscape necessitated a shift in focus, from devising effective remote work strategies to ensuring optimal performance and well-being within buildings. As building owners and tenants respond to the new normal, innovative solutions are required for re-occupancy and fostering productive work environments.

In 2024, we will recognize those who are: leading the charge on strategic and transformational technologies, creating a more efficient, effective and adaptive industry and shaping the future of smart buildings.

Best Use of Automation

This award is given to those companies in the following categories who have applied an extraordinary level of automation, technology and innovation to their business processes. The categories are:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Industrial
  • Investment Management
  • Multifamily
  • Property/Facility Management
  • Retail

Best Tech Innovation

This award will be given to companies in the following categories who’ve introduced new products to the market that strive to re-engineer our very manual and disparate industry through the creation of innovative automation solutions.

  • Commercial/Corporate Real Estate
  • General Technology

Realcomm Julie Devine Digital Impact Award

It takes vision, determination, tenacity and commitment to keep this industry moving in the right direction. This award is designed to acknowledge those individuals who saw things ahead of their associates, had the courage to leave the mainstream and the tenacity to keep standing up after many failed attempts.


This year, we are adding the Realcomm Rising Star Award. This award will focus on professionals who are beginning to make a significant impact to our industry through the use of technology.

Realcomm Lifetime Achievement Award

Celebrating 20 years in 2018, Realcomm created this award to acknowledge the visionaries in our community. This year, we are looking for an individual that meet the following criteria and have: 1) A career span of 20+ YEARS focused on Real Estate, Technology or Real Estate Technology; 2) Demonstrated a clear VISION on how technology would strategically impact the industry; 3) Consistently SHARED their time and experience with the community; 4) Willingness to take significant RISKS in the name of innovation; and 5) Made a definite positive IMPACT to the advancement of the Commercial and Corporate industry.