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Realcomm Webinars are designed to provide quality education and instruction on the latest technology solutions for the commercial and corporate real estate marketplace. Our goal is to discuss, debate and explore the landscape of innovative solutions in a manner that is relatable and easy to understand, and to provide our end user community with relevant case studies that they can use as a model for their day to day business.

Thousands of real estate professionals attend Realcomm Webinars every year to learn the benefits of integrating technology into their business. These technology discussions include in-building wireless, energy management, building automation, cybersecurity solutions, automated financial systems, business intelligence, on-line leasing solutions, and more. Realcomm instructors have extensive experience in the real estate industry and are eager to share their knowledge with you.


3/31/2020 Real Estate, Coronavirus and Business Continuity Preparation – Part III - Cybersecurity Concerns
4/2/2020 Convenience & Efficiency or Surveillance? Defining PRIVACY in Highly Connected Buildings
4/9/2020 Real Estate, Coronavirus and Business Continuity Preparation – Part IV
4/23/2020 Developing a Comprehensive BUILDING CYBERSECURITY PROGRAM – Security Assessments for OT Systems
6/25/2020 Building Technologies and Workplace Design in the EXPERIENCE ERA – Insights and Case Study Presentations
7/14/2020 Real Estate, Workplace and Facility Insights – WHO OWNS YOUR DATA?
7/23/2020 AI-Enabled Buildings – Achieving OPTIMAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY
8/6/2020 From Tech Expert to Digital Transformation Leader – The CHANGING ROLE OF THE REAL ESTATE IT PROFESSIONAL
9/10/2020 Creating a Sophisticated BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE STRATEGY – The Foundation for NextGen Buildings
9/29/2020 ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY STACK – Creating the Digital Infrastructure Fundamental to Organizational Transformation
11/19/2020 SMART BUILDING DATA ANALYTICS – Uncovering Best Practices and Use Cases


3/26/2020 Real Estate, Coronavirus and Business Continuity Preparation – Part II
3/19/2020 Real Estate, Coronavirus and Business Continuity Preparation – Industry Leaders Weigh In!
3/12/2020 Smart Building DIGITAL TWINS – Demystifying the Building Visualization Technology
2/20/2020 The 5G Future – Assessing the Landscape for IN-BUILDING COMMUNICATIONS
2/4/2020 REAL ESTATE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - Insight, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and More
1/14/2020 NEXTGEN SMART BUILDING SHOWCASE - IoT, AI, Experience and Beyond
12/12/2019 Top GLOBAL INNOVATIONS Impacting Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
11/7/2019 AI and Real Estate Information – A Status Report on Adoption
10/24/2019 CORPORATE REAL ESTATE & Technology – The Importance of Developing a STRATEGY
10/8/2019 Continuous Evolution of the LEASING Workflow – Automating the Process
9/19/2019 COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE & Technology – The Importance of Developing a STRATEGY
9/5/2019 Real Estate Information Management - BUDGETING & FORECASTING
8/8/2019 ALTERNATIVE WORKPLACE Options – Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges
8/1/2019 Visualizing Building Data – Unpacking the Potential of DIGITAL TWINS
7/18/2019 A Path to Net Zero – Driving ENERGY EFFICIENCY in Smart Buildings
5/23/2019 Future-proofing BUILDING COMMUNICATIONS – 5G, WIFI, CBRS, Bluetooth, In-building Wireless and More
4/11/2019 SMART BUILDING DATA ANALYTICS – Unleashing the Information and Insight
4/4/2019 The Cloud, IoT, Sensors and More - The NEXT EVOLUTION of Smart Connected Buildings


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Realcomm webinars provide an excellent forum for vendors offering solutions to the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate Industry. As experts on the various topics discussed, your knowledge will be highly valued to our vast audience. For those looking for additional exposure, our Sponsorship programs offer a great opportunity to showcase your solutions. If there is a unique opportunity that you do not see listed, please contact us with your ideas.

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