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5G and In-Building Wireless – Fact or Fiction?

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5G technology has grabbed the world’s attention, touting the capability of connecting virtually everyone and everything together at unprecedented speed and low latency. But is it really what all the commercials advertise and will your cell phone actually work in your office building the way they claim? What about CBRS? How will that play into your in-building wireless strategy?

Each week, Realcomm Live speaks with influential industry leaders and subject matter experts about commercial and corporate real estate top of mind topics. Recently, we met with two high-powered New York building owners, Vornado Realty Trust's Nick Stello, SVP and IT Infrastructure, and Related Companies’ Joe Rich, SVP and CIO, to discuss these questions and what 5G means to their portfolios, to look at what’s going on with carrier involvement, and to explore what comes after 5G for phones.

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Nancy Stone, Managing Partner, SVP Operations & Events, Realcomm
Nancy Stone joined Realcomm as a Managing Partner in 1999. In her role as Events Director, she oversees the delivery of the annual Realcomm | IBcon | CoRE Tech conferences and is also Executive Editor of the RealcommEDGE Magazine. Prior to joining Realcomm, Nancy spent 20 years with CBRE, where her role included nationwide technology implementation and education for all enterprise applications.

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