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CRE Digital Transformation and Tenant Experience in Australia

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CIOS are leading at the intersection of people, platforms and innovation in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Hyper focused on customer engagement, wellness and productivity, three Australian senior CRE professionals explain the importance of tenant experience in digital transformation.

Part of a new CIO Forum Video series, the Sydney conversation features Dexus CIO Mark Hansen, Charter Hall Chief Information and Technology Officer Sheridan Ware and AMP Capital Program Director, Technology & Innovation, Real Estate Louise Monger.

The trio discuss digital transformation strategies within their own companies and current industry challenges in deploying CRE tech:

  • Proving it can work in a single deployment

  • Ensuring it can scale across a portfolio

  • Confirming integration and interoperability deliver a better customer experience

The CIO Forum series provides in-depth conversations with cutting-edge CIOs, scaling thought leadership from local to global in the Commercial Real Estate industry. These videos showcase trends, topics and technology implementation.

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