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Who Should Attend

Managing the real estate assets and facilities of a corporation has become much more comprehensive. Multiple departments all touch real estate information and business processes in some way and need to better understand the integration and complexity of this workflow. These departments are all involved and should attend CoRE Tech 2023. Working from a comprehensive integrated approach is more efficient in successfully managing corporate real estate and facilities:

  • Corporate Real Estate: Learn about the best practices of comprehensive corporate real estate information management systems

  • Facility and Engineering: Discover the new and emerging world of smart, connected, high performance and intelligent buildings and campuses
  • Energy: Better understand the role of big building data and the relationship with enterprise energy management strategies
  • Sustainability: Explore integrated technologies and automation systems that can accelerate the achievement of sustainability objectives
  • Information Technology (IT): Learn about the role IT can play in working with various real estate related groups in the creation of automation platforms
  • Human Resources: Better understand the relationship between people and space and the level of integration between HR and RE information