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Realcomm's Proud to Announce The 2010 Digie Award Winners!!

Each year, Realcomm presents the most innovative real estate companies, individuals, and solution providers with the prestigious Digie Award. This award is designed to recognize the most forward-thinking leaders in commercial real estate who are making the greatest impact through the use of technology and automation. Realcomm is proud to announce the 2010 Digie Award winners:


Best Use of Automation - Developer
Childress Klein

  • Delivered one of the best examples of a 'smart connected' office building in the US
  • Innovative automation and integration of building systems in the Duke Energy Center
  • Coupled automation with 'best property management practices' to reach unprecedented levels of operating efficiency and tenant satisfaction

  • Best Use of Automation - Property Management
  • Continues to rethink the use of automation in traditional property operations and management
  • Has demonstrated leadership and a willingness to share ideas, concepts and projects with the industry
  • Strategic use of automation strategies throughout the organization

  • This year, because of the overwhelming number of significant developments in the Best Use of Automation - Owner category, we've selected three winners:

    Best Use of Automation - Owner
    Boston Properties
  • Owner and executive team vision in driving organizational alignment around key sustainability and automation projects
  • Commited to the pursuit of 'green' in the built environment going far beyond normal LEED parameters
  • Clearly one, if not the leader, in vision and innovation in the commercial real estate industry

  • Best Use of Automation - Owner
  • Visionary leadership by executive team with respect to development of intelligent building and energy management initiatives
  • Demonstrated willingness to share ideas, concepts and best practices with the industry
  • Taken definitive steps in organizational realignment in order to fast track automation projects

  • Best Use of Automation - Owner
    Granite Properties
  • Innovative exploitation of SharePoint across multiple business units
  • "PlanetGranite" electronic suggestion box and 'Insight' corporate reporting portal
  • Highly effective use of small IT staff to deliver extensive business value

  • Best Use of Automation - Corporate Real Estate
  • World headquarters incorporating Unified Physical Infrastructure
  • Made investment in research and development a part of the corporate culture
  • Continued commitment to defining best practices in automation for ICT, building and energy systems

  • Best Use of Automation - Facility Management
    Pacific Controls
  • First turnkey managed service for remote facility monitoring and management
  • Extraordinary vision coupled with unparalled level of resources invested in building out the Galaxy technology
  • Unprecedented commitment to innovation in the transformation of traditional facility and property management functions

  • Best Use of Automation – Brokerage
    Cassidy Turley
  • Continuously reaching beyond the status quo for better operating models
  • Consistent investment in automated business solutions
  • Commitment to using technology to enhance brokerage and company operations

    In every industry, there are those individuals who stand out as pioneers and leaders... those who aren't afraid to go against the grain and try new ideas, technologies and solutions. For these few, we present the prestigious "Digital Impact Award" for innovation in commercial and corporate real estate. Here are the 2010 winners, along with several key attributes and reasons as to why they were selected:

    Stephen Spooner, Executive Chairman, OSCRE International
  • Viewed as leader and visionary in commercial real estate innovation internationally
  • Tireless commitment on behalf of OSCRE and vendor interoperability
  • Has continually worked to develop relationships to enable adoption of automation strategies

  • Wayne Pryor,Sr. VP and CTO, AMB Properties
  • Devoted to raising the bar of industry best practices
  • Widely considered to be one of the foremost authorities on real estate information technology
  • Continues to be a willing and enthusiastic leader among industry peers

  • Marc Petock, VP Global Marketing and Communication, Tridium
  • Has consistently promoted the concept of IP based building infrastructure to global markets
  • Without hesitation has continued to support networking, education and collaboration among real estate industry leaders
  • Instrumental in helping to build and deliver one of the most successful building management system platforms ever created

  • Bill Hutchison, Chairman, i-Waterfront Toronto
  • An influential and inspirational leader in the creation of i-Waterfront Toronto
  • Traveled the world sharing insights and promoting the concept of Smart City development
  • Recognized thought leader in the design and implementation of high speed wide area broadband networks


    City or State
    Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Agressive leadership in deployment of energy conservation and management initiatives
  • Support for innovative, energy efficient commercial real estate developments
  • Strategic inclusion of automation and clean technology in the cith master plan

  • Retail
  • Extraordinary efforts to better understand business process automation to better facilitate retail operations
  • Continues to demonstrate leadership in driving automation throughout the organization
  • Selflessly mentored others in the industry sharing experience and vision with others

  • Multifamily
  • Innovative engineering of building systems in order to facilitate energy conservation and tenant comfort
  • Continued exploration in the development of the digital lifestyle experience for the tenant
  • Aggressive deployment of technology in projects as a marketing differentiator

  • Office
    Duke Energy Center - Wells Fargo
  • Strategic incorporation of technology from the early design phase
  • One of the country's best examples of a smart, connected building
  • Design and implementation of an IP centric building automation system


  • Consumer technology that could radically change business processes
  • The most usable iteration of the tablet design concept to date
  • Apple continues to master the user experience

  • Real Estate Transaction
  • Greatly expanded the number of records in their commercial property database
  • Exceptional attention to physical characteristics, transaction and market trend data in the property records
  • Database now searchable on the iPhone

  • Energy
    Redwood Systems
  • First networked LED lighting technology for commercial buildings
  • Revolutionary approach to energy efficient DC powered lighting saving up to 75% of lighting costs
  • Redwood technology is opening the door to more sophisticated energy storage strategies for commercial buildings

  • Building Automation
  • Niagara framework has transformed energy management resulting in significant savings across multiple building classes
  • Tridium technology installed in some of the largest and most sophisticated commercial and corporate implementations worldwide
  • Tridium Niagara EcoSystem enabling rapid development and deployment of sophisticated energy management solutions globally


    Realcomm Staff

    This Week’s Sponsor

    Tridium is the global leader in automation infrastructure technology and device-to-enterprise integration solutions. The company’s NiagaraAX Framework® technology synchronizes, manages and controls major building system functions vital in a facility, such as heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, energy, lighting, security, fire, safety and more. Niagara based solutions make buildings better--ones that use less energy, have lower operating costs, are safer, contribute to sustainable environments and deliver significant ROI including:(1) financial and operational paybacks, (2) performance efficiencies/lower operational Costs, (3) reduced capital and operational expenses, (4) improved facility operations, (5) greater control, manageability and security of building operations, (6) better service delivery-anytime-anywhere Access, (7) reduced energy costs, (8) increased tenant/occupant satisfaction. More information can be found


    FASB Compliance, Impacts to the Leasing Process, and Other Strategic Opportunities - 2/22/2018

    With FASB compliance quickly approaching in January of 2019, organizations are required to get their real estate (as well as other assets) leases onto the corporate balance sheet. While this is primarily being done to more accurately report on the financial health of an organization by recognizing additional liabilities, there will be profound benefits realized when the data is collected and organized. Lease analysis, occupancy, utilization and other business metrics will all now be accessible for strategic planning. This webinar will focus on the compliance requirements, deadline realities, technology strategies and the long-term opportunities resulting from an enhanced and improved data organization platform.

    headshot for Jean Chick
    Jean Chick Deloitte
    Jean Chick Principal Jean Chick is a Deloitte Partner in Real Estate and Location Strategy with over 21 years of experience. She is a leader in real estate technology ena
    headshot for Jean Chick
    Jean Chick

    Jean Chick is a Deloitte Partner in Real Estate and Location Strategy with over 21 years of experience. She is a leader in real estate technology enablement, portfolio optimization, advanced workplace strategy and operating model design. She has led a global corporate real estate function including all strategy, design, transaction management, facilities and program management. Jean navigates complex financial and operational issues while balancing change management to maximize return on real estate investments.

    headshot for Matthew Denio
    Matthew Denio Sierra Nevada Corporation
    Matthew Denio Director, Corporate Real Estate & Facilities
    headshot for Matthew Denio
    Matthew Denio
    Director, Corporate Real Estate & Facilities
    Sierra Nevada Corporation

    headshot for Mark McDonald
    Mark McDonald CoStar Real Estate Manager
    Mark McDonald Director of Sales
    headshot for Mark McDonald
    Mark McDonald
    Director of Sales
    CoStar Real Estate Manager

    headshot for Edward Lubieniecki
    Edward Lubieniecki RealFoundations
    Edward Lubieniecki Enterprise Managing Consultant Edward Lubieniecki is a Managing Director of RealFoundations and leads the firm's corporate real estate practice. He has over 25 years' experience as
    headshot for Edward Lubieniecki
    Edward Lubieniecki
    Enterprise Managing Consultant

    Edward Lubieniecki is a Managing Director of RealFoundations and leads the firm's corporate real estate practice. He has over 25 years' experience as a real estate management consultant. His experience with global corporate and institutional clients includes an extensive variety of assignments of significant complexity.

    headshot for Derek Anderson
    Derek Anderson Visual Lease
    Derek Anderson Chief Operating Officer
    headshot for Derek Anderson
    Derek Anderson
    Chief Operating Officer
    Visual Lease