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Congratulations to Our 2019 Digie Award Winners!

The Digie Award winners were announced at the Realcomm | IBcon 2019 conference on June 13 at the Music City Center in Nashville. For the past 21 years, these awards have recognized those companies, real estate projects, technologies and people that have gone above and beyond to positively impact our industry using technology, automation and innovation.

Following are the 2019 Digie Award winners:


    Property/Facility Management: Urban Edge Properties
    • Effectively transformed digital processes and differentiated themselves in the industry as an innovator
    • Pioneers in the Integration of budgeting and forecasting through MRI IM with Spreadsheet Server
    • Created an innovative automated process for recoveries and accruals and integrated the lease process into their ERP
    Commercial Services: Cushman & Wakefield
    • Has a CEO who "gets it" and understands the importance of technology; drives tech initiatives from the top down
    • Early recognition of the role Commercial Real Estate service providers can play in accelerating PropTech startups in real estate and construction tech
    • Continued commitment to exploring innovative strategies while working with large, progressive corporate clients
    Commercial Real Estate: Boxer Property
    • Introduced AI into the company in multiple areas, including successful deployments of a machine learning pilot with AWS and a data platform leveraging IBM Watson
    • Innovative use of Natural Language Processing for Resume Reviews and Work Order Management
    • Successfully implemented Blockchain technology to optimize real estate operations
    Commercial Real Estate: Blackstone
    • Relentless focus on driving innovation in Commercial Real Estate processes through the use of technology
    • Entire organization looks at technology as a means to drive strategy, rather than just a process improvement tool
    • Instrumental in helping generate and nurture some of the most successful technology start-ups of the past decade
    Retail Real Estate: Brookfield Properties
    • Built an integrated, automated, and responsive hybrid cloud Analytics and BI platform to extract and integrate data from various transactional systems, IoT devices, and 3rd party data sources
    • Successfully built a data strategy to drive actionable insights into the optimal retail tenant mix that matches demographics and location profiles
    • Developed an internal innovation program and sandbox test environment to create a user-friendly interactive-visual dashboard and reporting tool
    Retail Real Estate: Inland Real Estate Group
    • Embraced cloud and advanced analytical technologies to deliver expert insights to the right stakeholders at the right time
    • Piloted Machine Learning-based Budgeting and Forecasting and Robotic Process Automation for Acquisition Leads
    • Developed a comprehensive Data Warehouse featuring voice analytics through Amazon's Alexa
    Corporate Real Estate: Deutsche Bank
    • Early and aggressive adopter of next generation integrated data architecture for Corporate Real Estate planning and operations
    • Extraordinary willingness to educate and share ideas, experience and best practices with the industry
    • Continual focus on operational improvement and the integration of next generation technologies to support their corporate real estate portfolio
    Investment Management: Washington REIT
    • Developed a cross-functional committee to drive information and analysis needs for the company
    • Successfully implemented a unique and innovative technology strategy to dramatically improve internal communications at the company
    • Implemented a change management initiative that included its own logo and emphasized how the entire company had come together to make this vision a reality
    Architecture: KPF
    • Leveraged urban data analytics for informed decision making in the design of buildings and cities for people
    • Developed advanced methodologies for visualizing data analysis, displaying data to be accessible and understandable
    • Innovative use of VR to enable real-world and model-scale immersion of their architectural designs

    • Pioneering the efforts of forward-looking analysis for Commercial Real Estate
    • Collaborative solutions for deal diligence, deal analysis, life cycle analysis, valuations/ forecasting and investor relations and reporting
    • Revolutionized the way corporate enterprises look at collaborative financial planning and long-term forecasting
    • Leveraged big data, partnerships and machine learning to connect the fragmented, disparate world of Commercial Real Estate
    • Developed proprietary algorithms to provide accurate CRE data via web application, data feeds and APIs
    • Developed a standard to enable easy linking of related data across data silos within an organization and for sharing across organizations

    John Fitzpatrick
    • Valued and respected technology leader in the Blackstone Innovations and Infrastructure group
    • Demonstrated a continued willingness to consider, vet, evaluate and implement early adopter technologies and concepts
    • Widely viewed by peers as a thought leader and visionary on technologies impacting Commercial Real Estate

    Art McCann
    • Has served Highwoods as a strategic partner, developing key business goals, objectives and initiatives, as well as facilitating cross departmental collaboration
    • Worked tirelessly to integrate business operations and technology at Highwoods, driving process efficiencies and increasing productivity
    • Has consistently been willing to share both successes and challenges with the industry in order to advance the conversation, especially in his current role as an Executive Board Member of the RECC
    Patrick Ghilani
    • Architected and implemented a successful strategy to re-establish MRI as a market leader
    • Has aggressively built a partner ecosystem and is continually acquiring synergistic companies to enhance their competitive position
    • Valued as a consistent thought leader and client-focused visionary dedicated to raising the bar on industry best practices

    Audience Favorite:
    Judges' Favorite:

      Office Building: 151 North Franklin | Chicago
      • Best-in-class telecommunications services, based on a modern and resilient infrastructure that can handle diversity of providers and offers highly flexible and scalable connectivity
      • Cloud-based intelligent building platform with mobile and web interfaces that integrate building technology systems to allow occupants to interact with the building, resulting in improved operational productivity and enhanced tenant engagement
      • Exceptional occupant experience including destination dispatch elevators, live visibility to fitness center equipment availability, self-service capabilities for room booking, visitor management and more
      Office Portfolio: Dexus
      • Early pioneer of tenant experience concept with Dexus Place, proving that focus on experience would generate a measurable ROI
      • Continually testing and implementing best of breed, cybersecure, smart building access control and management solutions in both new and existing buildings
      • Created an elite partnership with Yardi, effectively leveraging all modules of the Yardi suite to maximize enterprise cost/benefit
      Corporate Headquarters: Bee'ah | Sharjah
      • JCI Digital Vault and Microsoft's Azure IoT co-join their respective vision to create the smartest building in the Middle East
      • Intelligent concierge capabilities will engage visitors and employees to help locate available meeting spaces, book appointments, give directions, hail rides and support day-to-day tasks
      • Will be fully powered by renewable energy and optimized for the sustainable use of resources to have zero net energy consumption and achieve a LEED platinum certification
      Corporate Headquarters: ExxonMobil | Spring, TX
      • Created an automated, algorithm-based room booking system that also collects utilization data, providing the information needed for better design decisions and build strategies for future workplace development
      • Incorporated 20+ disparate systems into a single solution, enabling real-time monitoring and control from a single command center
      • Sustainability touches all aspects of the campus including energy and water efficiency, land management, building and facilities programs and transit
      Retail: Macerich Portfolio
      • Successfully launched BrandBox, a new turnkey approach to physical retail for digitally native brands to open and operate stores, and develop the playbook to scale offline as a complement to e-commerce growth
      • Smart Building Management system has direct integration with five separate property systems including Yardi, Okta and IWMS
      • Haystack tagging, mobile-capable graphics and an intuitive user interface give users at the property level the ability to take the system into control rooms and equipment spaces, encouraging deeper use of the system
      Specialty: Jewel Changi Airport | Singapore
      • Visitor experience includes WiFi, free power bank loans, napping and showering facilities and also serves intermodal transfer passengers on their way to the Port of Singapore for cruise and ferry services
      • Travelers experience a 130-foot rain vortex harvested from rainwater providing unique experience for travelers while dampening noise from aircraft in a five-story tall forest alley of 2,500 trees and 100,000 shrubs
      • Features an immersive experience studio, utilizing technology to present a diverse mix of unique experiences under one roof, including interactive games, projection storytelling, immersive shows and a gallery exhibit
      Industrial: Prologis Portfolio
      • Established Prologis Lab, a 15k SF industrial innovation center in San Leandro, CA, used for the testing of emerging technologies
      • Created a virtual data lake and migrated the in-house data warehouse into the cloud
      • Developed a customer experience platform that connects clients with services and products they need to run their Prologis logistics space efficiently
      Multifamily: Tribeca | St. Louis
      • Leverages smart home devices, including voice-activated assistants, for enhanced tenant experiences
      • Introduced a robot concierge that offers secure delivery services right to the tenant’s door
      • Offers high-speed WiFi inside apartments as well as in communal areas, such as the co-working space
      Mixed Use: Kimco Realty - Dania Pointe | Dania Beach, FL
      • Incorporates an advanced full fiber to the edge technology infrastructure to provide the fastest internet speeds available and allow for a myriad of new innovative devices controlled by smartphone technology
      • Provides occupants with a complete digital experience for a smart and sustainable community
      • Extensive use of large format digital media for both marketing as well as customer and tenant experience
      College Campus: The University of Iowa
      • Data-driven post-occupancy commissioning, reducing future maintenance overhead and improving the performance of capital projects
      • Identified issues across 7,000 monitored instruments in one year which resulted in $900,000 in realized energy savings
      • Enhanced occupant experience for those who do and do not call in complaints through the support of a program that helps the team to respond to occupant comfort fault requests
      City | State: New York City
      • Implemented the COSMOS project, aimed at design, development, and deployment of a city-scale advanced wireless testbed in order to support real-world experimentation on next-generation wireless technologies and applications in the city
      • Established co-development programs that bring together residents, non-profit and service providers, educators, and tech companies to help address community identified concerns with cutting-edge smart city technologies and new business models, seeking to solve the neighborhood’s self-identified needs using “innovative solutions”
      • Formally launched the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights, a joint initiative to promote and track progress in protecting residents’ and visitors’ digital rights

      Microsoft Azure IoT
      • By building on an IoT platform that is spanning cloud, OS and devices, Microsoft Azure IoT is accelerating smart and secure building programs that improve operational and managerial efficiencies
      • Purpose built for robustness, security and agility, Azure IoT smart building solutions strengthen the connection between the intelligent cloud and the physical world
      • With the support of an impressive partner-ecosystem, Microsoft Azure IoT provides a growing portfolio of spatial intelligence offerings, including Azure Digital Twins, Azure IoT Edge, Azure Maps, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Sphere
      • On-demand single point of contact digital services, built on a private, secure fiber-based network, combined with strong user authentication and an integrated, advanced next-generation firewall
      • Offers direct fiber access to many of the key cloud service providers including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud, and VPN management creates a secure, non-hackable path between WiFi and wired Ethernet devices and the corporate network
      • Provides high throughput, high availability, low latency, elimination of network egress charges, and security and freedom from hacking due to direct connections that are not connected to or visible from the public Internet

      Paul Maximuk
      • Has tirelessly shared his vision, passion and experience with the industry and continues to offer his time and insight to others
      • Took personal risk by introducing cutting-edge smart building technology to a large global corporate portfolio and implemented innovation at scale that advanced the industry
      • Has been instrumental in effectively articulating the business value of complex new technologies to leadership and has driven the change management necessary for successful implementation
      Charles Meyers
      • Has consistently been willing to share both successes and challenges in order to advance the industry's adoption of intelligent and secure building technologies
      • Continues to influence the industry by example and through his leadership role as an Executive Board Member of the RECC to enhance cybersecurity readiness of building control systems
      • Demonstrated passion and vision inside a large organization and successfully navigated both the technological and change management aspects of digital transformation

      Congratulations to the 2019 Digie Award winners and nominees for your contributions in positively impacting and furthering our industry. Special thanks to RealFoundations for sponsoring the Realcomm | IBcon Digie award ceremony this year and being an avid supporter of Realcomm since 1999! To watch the award ceremony, visit:

      Realcomm Staff
      Realcomm Conference Group LLC is the leading research and educational institution that produces annual conferences and expositions on technology, automated business solutions and intelligent buildings strategies for executives in commercial, corporate, government and institutional real estate. Realcomm was founded in 1999 with the goal of bringing industry leaders together each year to discuss, demonstrate and debate the latest innovations that impact the industry.

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      Convenience & Efficiency or Surveillance? Defining PRIVACY in Highly Connected Buildings - 4/2/2020

      The increasingly connected building ecosystem of lights, sensors, mobile phones, cameras, voice assistants, fitness equipment, access control and more accelerates data-gathering and enables resource conservation, operational efficiency, enhanced experiences and financial optimization. On the other hand, these hyper-connected buildings also enable the potential for occupant surveillance. Building system sensors collecting, storing, analyzing, and in some cases interpreting data in every square inch of a building greatly challenge the concept of privacy. With the rise of privacy awareness and the introduction of regulatory compliance (such as GDPR in the EU and CCPA in California), building owners and operators are expected to demonstrate commitment to lawfulness, transparency, and data protection. This webinar will bring together industry leaders to discuss this timely topic and the obvious and unintended consequences of highly connected buildings.

      headshot for Jim Young
      Jim Young Realcomm
      Jim Young Co-Founder & CEO Founder of Realcomm Conference Group, an education organization that produces Realcomm, IBcon and CoRE Tech, the world's leading conferences on techno
      headshot for Jim Young
      Jim Young
      Co-Founder & CEO

      Founder of Realcomm Conference Group, an education organization that produces Realcomm, IBcon and CoRE Tech, the world's leading conferences on technology, automated business solutions, intelligent buildings and energy efficiency for the commercial and corporate real estate industry. As CEO, Jim interacts with some of the largest companies globally pertaining to some of the most advanced and progressive next generation real estate projects under development.

      headshot for Brian Schwartz
      Brian Schwartz Macerich
      Brian Schwartz VP, IT Brian Schwartz is responsible for Smart Building Infrastructure at over 50 centers portflio wide. He oversees the installation and support for CCTV, W
      headshot for Brian Schwartz
      Brian Schwartz
      VP, IT

      Brian Schwartz is responsible for Smart Building Infrastructure at over 50 centers portflio wide. He oversees the installation and support for CCTV, Wi-Fi, Energy Management, shopper counting, and DAS. Brian supports digital marketing initiatives including digital signage and property websites.

      headshot for Emmanuel Daniel
      Emmanuel Daniel Microsoft
      Emmanuel Daniel Director, Applied Innovation & Incubation, Smart Buildings & Campuses Emmanuel Daniel is responsible for building and delivering the Digital Transformation strategy for campuses across Microsoft and leads a global multid
      headshot for Emmanuel Daniel
      Emmanuel Daniel
      Director, Applied Innovation & Incubation, Smart Buildings & Campuses

      Emmanuel Daniel is responsible for building and delivering the Digital Transformation strategy for campuses across Microsoft and leads a global multidisciplinary team of architects and experience designers. He builds experiences that merge technology with the built environment, leading to the formation of spaces that respond to the needs of its users. He is also accountable for identifying, building and implementing the next generation of products that will make smarter and sustainable buildings.

      headshot for Shahryar Shaghaghi
      Shahryar Shaghaghi CohnReznick
      Shahryar Shaghaghi Principal, Nat'l Leader Cybersecurity Shahryar Shaghaghi, a Principal with CohnReznick Advisory and national leader of itsCybersecurity and Privacy Practice, is focused on helping clients
      headshot for Shahryar Shaghaghi
      Shahryar Shaghaghi
      Principal, Nat'l Leader Cybersecurity

      Shahryar Shaghaghi, a Principal with CohnReznick Advisory and national leader of itsCybersecurity and Privacy Practice, is focused on helping clients with their cybersecurity strategy and transformation programs. By leveraging his extensive technology and risk management leadership experience garnered from his tenure with major consulting and financial services companies and his solid track record with complex and global implementations, Shahryar has successfully helped chief technology, risk, compliance, legal, finance, operations, and security officers achieve their goals and optimize their critical and strategic programs.

      headshot for Charles Stucki
      Charles Stucki Join
      Charles Stucki Chief Marketing Officer Charles was an early investor and advisory board member for Join. Charles was recently Co-CEO of a seed stage company developing advanced application-
      headshot for Charles Stucki
      Charles Stucki
      Chief Marketing Officer

      Charles was an early investor and advisory board member for Join. Charles was recently Co-CEO of a seed stage company developing advanced application-intent driven networking software for enterprises migrating to hybrid cloud. With nearly 17 years of leadership at Cisco, Charles most recently led development of automated software defined networking (SDN) platforms for Cisco, enabling Service Providers and Cloud companies to offer cloud-managed networking as a service to enterprises.

      headshot for Alan Tangen
      Alan Tangen Cooper Lighting Solutions
      Alan Tangen Business Development Manager - RTLS Alan has spent 20 years working with communication technologies, predominantly in healthcare. He has developed an expert understanding of the challeng
      headshot for Alan Tangen
      Alan Tangen
      Business Development Manager - RTLS
      Cooper Lighting Solutions

      Alan has spent 20 years working with communication technologies, predominantly in healthcare. He has developed an expert understanding of the challenges facing healthcare and the significant value technology can deliver to overcome them. During his career he has had extensive experience in managing service and sales personnel, as well as selling, installing, and servicing complex solutions including nurse call systems, wireless phone systems, and real time locating systems. He is responsible for numerous successful implementations.