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Congratulations to Our 2017 Digie Award Winners!

The Digie Award winners were announced at the Realcomm | IBcon 2017 conference on June 14 at the Marriott Marquis & Marina in San Diego. For the past 19 years, these awards have recognized those companies, real estate projects, technologies and people that have gone above and beyond to positively impact our industry using technology, automation and innovation.

Following are the 2017 Digie Award winners:


    Property|Facility Management
    CBRE | ESI
    • First service provider to deploy a Smart Building Client Experience Center which was recently opened to the public
    • Designed and built the first LEED Triple Platinum headquarters buildings in the US as their showcase headquarters
    • Continued pursuit of leading-edge smart building strategies and industry leadership
    Commercial Services
    • Innovative use of social media to leverage brokerage community to work on behalf of clients
    • Continuously reaching beyond the status quo in creating better operating models for brokers and clients
    • Technology initiatives driven “top down” by executive leadership
    Commercial Real Estate
    • Successful deployment of Dexus Place to enhance customer experience and extend product portfolio, resulting in higher tenant acquisition and retention rates
    • Continuously examining how to better enhance existing portfolio with products and services that improve productivity and tenant experience
    • Corporate culture that encourages a “get it done” attitude resulting in rapid, agile deployment of projects in the innovation pipeline
    Commercial Real Estate
    Irvine Company
    • Comprehensive, enterprise-wide, R&D and Innovation program driven by senior level executive team
    • Developing and implementing VR technologies for residential leasing
    • Exploring a variety of uses of robotics in their commercial and retail portfolios
    Phillips Edison & Company
    • Deployed comprehensive fund and center level dashboards for executive decision support
    • Integrated AR process to streamline the entire invoice to cash process
    • Comprehensive automation of the entire leasing life cycle
    • Unparalleled use of technology to combine physical space with data and digital innovation
    • Sophisticated use of large media digital network at Westfield World Trade Center
    • Recognition by senior management of the strategic importance of technology, automation and innovation
    • Extensive use of technology and innovation to enhance employee productivity, including increased mobility of workers using space management and collaboration technologies
    • Mapping end-to-end processes of each service line which were translated into workflows viewable through self-service dashboards greatly benefiting data integrity, operational awareness, decision making, risk on capital projects and ongoing portfolio service delivery
    • Robust deployment of seamless, campus-wide high-speed broadband infrastructure
    Investment Management
    Principal Real Estate Investors
    • At scale, demonstrated an unparalleled ability to both execute and innovate enterprise-wide initiatives
    • Completed an extensive ERP platform replacement that eliminated hundreds of existing customizations which was rolled out to over a hundred third party fee managers
    • One of the first in the industry to embrace an enterprise service bus for integration
    • Demonstrated the practical use of virtual reality in the architectural design process
    • Understands the importance of including the smart building infrastructure conversation into the design process
    • Has consistently, over a long period of time, investigated and promoted the strategic importance of technology, automation and innovation in the built environment
    • Leverages Deep Learning technology to extract legal information from corporate documents including leases
    • Dramatically increases efficiency and transparency in commercial/corporate real estate data and document management
    • Their astute vision has set the stage for multiple new AI and machine learning applications in the commercial and corporate real estate industry
    Yardi Retail Property Management Suite
    • Provides a comprehensive, fully integrated retail operational platform that is an extension of the Yardi product suite
    • Significant updates to recoveries, percentage rent, sales reporting and deal pipeline
    • Enhanced advanced budgeting and forecasting to help drive better decision-making and data transparency across the portfolio
    Jesse Carrillo, Hines
    • Throughout his career, he has consistently continued to promote networking, education and collaboration among real estate industry leaders
    • Has been devoted to raising the bar on commercial real estate information technology best practices
    • Has brought a global perspective to the topic of technology, automation and innovation as it pertains to commercial and corporate real estate
    Sandy Jacolow, Silverstein
    • Has raised the standards for creation and implementation of tenant facing digital experience programs leveraging both mobile and social technologies
    • Taking an industry leadership role in cybersecurity standards and best practices
    • Tireless devotion to both mentoring and creating social networks to promote close collaboration among peers
      Office Building
      Salesforce Tower
      • Determined from the beginning to set new standards for innovation in high rise buildings
      • Committed to the deployment of advanced communications systems throughout the building
      • Improved thermal and occupant comfort by optimizing to San Francisco’s low-variable climate to achieve economized hours incorporating 100% outside air ventilation and improved acoustics
      Office Portfolio
      Bedrock Detroit
      • Transformed functionally obsolete buildings in the Detroit CBD into some of the smartest, most connected, high-performance buildings in the world
      • Embraced comprehensive, extraordinary smart building strategies at a portfolio level
      • By virtue of their efforts pertaining to numerous smart building projects in downtown Detroit, have fundamentally laid the foundation for a smart city
      Corporate Headquarters
      • Pioneering the connection between physical space and the digital landscape by integrating architecture, design and technology
      • Significantly leveraged innovative technologies to create an environment where teams around the world can seamlessly collaborate on projects
      • Set new standards for a transformed, innovative, flexible, digital ready work envirnoment
      Taubman – Starfield Hanam
      • Largest (4.9M SF), smartest, most architecturally significant shopping mall in Korea, perhaps the world
      • Comprehensive integration of physical and digital space for commerce, entertainment and customer experience
      • Extraordinary architectural design and innovative use of cascade LED lighting
      United Therapeutics
      • Zero Net Energy multipurpose building producing over 1MW of power coupled with geothermal and smart building technologies that offsets entire annual energy consumption
      • Electrochromic envelope coupled with daylight harvesting that helps to manage natural indoor light and heat
      • Centralized BMS integrates lighting, power monitoring, HVAC and other building systems
      Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments
      • EcoLuxury apartment community designed for maximum amenities with minimal ecological impact
      • First hotel-style apartment living experience with enough solar generation to operate at zero net energy
      • Significant increase in water efficiency using innovative irrigation controllers with on-site weather stations and high efficiency rotor heads and drip system
      Mixed Use
      Wilshire Grand
      • Highly complex, fully scalable BAS integration throughout 2.1M SF center
      • All integrations were coordinated seamlessly across all participating trades
      • Located in downtown Los Angeles, it is the tallest building in the western U.S. at 73 stories and is designed to withstand the most severe earthquakes
      Corporate Campus
      • Mirrors the company’s philosophy of open, mobile, socially connected, culturally sensitive and personally sustaining design
      • Continuous attention to new technologies through extensive R&D and innovation programs
      • Willingness to share and collaborate on technology, automation and innovation pertaining to corporate real estate
      College Campus
      University of California San Diego
      • Fully integrated microgrid that generates over 85% of the campus’ total energy usage
      • Ability to provide plug-and-play connection for adopting new technologies
      • Comprehensive strategic approach to multiple technologies that continue to transform universities to smart campus environments
      City | State
      • Engaged in an aggressive program leveraging the best technologies from around the world
      • Citywide sensor and camera deployment for collection and aggregations of a massive amount of data into the Virtual Singapore platform
      • Over a long period of time, has consistently developed comprehensive strategic plans pertaining to the creation of a smart city
      Sempra Energy
      • Tools to manage power quality and grid stability in the face of increasing renewables and distributed energy resources
      • Multi-level data feedback control with power scheduling, battery energy balancing and integration with the OSIsoft PI system.
      • Committed to the redesign of electricity creation, distribution and management at scale
      Lynxspring's JENEsys IoT Edge Controller
      • First IoT edge device to port the Niagara Framework to a functional controller designed for the edge
      • Ideal for small-medium size facilities that need smart edge connectivity with control, data access and analytics, plant control, M2M and IoT applications
      • Open, programmable and simple to install
      Maureen Ehrenberg, JLL
      • Has consistently pushed boundaries and set new standards for the use of technology in commercial and corporate real estate
      • Has worked tirelessly with multiple organizations to push for standards and the adoption of innovative new technologies and ideas
      • Understands both the technological and change management aspects of digital transformation
      Eric Stromquist | Ken Smyers, Control Trends
      • Eric and Ken mutually personify tireless and enduring commitment to the evolution of the controls industry
      • ControlTrends has become the de facto content creator for the building automation and integration controls industry through their insightful and informative videos and podcasts
      • Continually promotes the idea of hyper collaboration pertaining to the advancement of innovative new technologies
      Congratulations to the 2017 Digie award winners and nominees for your contributions in positively impacting and furthering our industry. Special thanks to Pilot Fiber for sponsoring the Realcomm | IBcon Digie Award Ceremony.

      Realcomm Conference Group LLC is the leading research and educational institution that produces annual conferences and expositions on technology, automated business solutions and intelligent buildings strategies for executives in commercial, corporate, government and institutional real estate. Realcomm was founded in 1999 with the goal of bringing industry leaders together each year to discuss, demonstrate and debate the latest innovations that impact the industry.

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      Realcomm News

      Thank you to everyone who attended Realcomm |IBcon 2017! Watch Jim Young, co-founder and CEO of Realcomm, wrap-up the conference:


      A Path to Net Zero – Driving ENERGY EFFICIENCY in Smart Buildings - 7/18/2019

      One of the first trends to emerge in the modern smart building movement was energy conservation and efficiency. Approximately eight years ago, the industry realized that connecting energy related equipment to a network and applying advanced analytics and complex integration strategies could result in a significant reduction in energy and natural resource consumption and a resultant decrease in energy related expenses. In recent years, operational efficiency and occupant experience have been added to the smart building discussion, sometimes overshadowing energy efficiency. This webinar will focus on the very important goal of including energy efficiency in the comprehensive smart building strategy.

      headshot for Tom Shircliff
      Tom Shircliff Intelligent Buildings
      Tom Shircliff Co-Founder Tom Shircliff is a co-founder and principal of Intelligent Buildings, a nationally recognized smart real estate professional services company that was
      headshot for Tom Shircliff
      Tom Shircliff
      Intelligent Buildings

      Tom Shircliff is a co-founder and principal of Intelligent Buildings, a nationally recognized smart real estate professional services company that was started in 2004. Intelligent Buildings provides planning and implementation of next generation strategy for new buildings, existing portfolios and urban communities. Tom is a speaker and collaborator with numerous universities and national laboratories, a gubernatorial appointee for energy strategy and policy and founding Chairman of Envision Charlotte, a Clinton Global Initiative.

      headshot for Sarah Zaleski
      Sarah Zaleski U.S. Department of Energy
      Sarah Zaleski Senior Advisor Sarah currently serves as a Senior Advisor for the U.S. Department Building Technology Office where she leads commercial zero energy efforts, district
      headshot for Sarah Zaleski
      Sarah Zaleski
      Senior Advisor
      U.S. Department of Energy

      Sarah currently serves as a Senior Advisor for the U.S. Department Building Technology Office where she leads commercial zero energy efforts, district-scale solutions, and a pSarah currently serves as a Senior Advisor for the U.S. Department Building Technology Office where she leads commercial zero energy efforts, district-scale solutions, and a portfolio of data infrastructure projects. In previous roles at DOE, Sarah led local government clean energy innovation programs. Sarah has over 15 years of experience in sustainability and energy work. Before DOE, Sarah worked for Baltimore City where she helped establish their Office of Sustainability.

      headshot for Jean-Simon Venne
      Jean-Simon Venne BrainBox AI
      Jean-Simon Venne Chief Technology Officer
      headshot for Jean-Simon Venne
      Jean-Simon Venne
      Chief Technology Officer
      BrainBox AI