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Realcomm | IBcon 2017 Digie Award Finalists Announced!

Realcomm has been presenting the "Digie" Awards (short for Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation Awards) since 1999 to recognize those outstanding companies, real estate projects, technologies as well as the people who have gone “above and beyond” to positively impact our industry through the intelligent application of technology, automation and innovation.

Commercial, corporate, government and institutional real estate involve an inordinate amount of information, systems and business processes to operate the business. This data intensive, manual, mostly disconnected environment provides the perfect opportunity to radically transform how we do our business. For this reason, we continue to recognize those who are leading the charge for a more efficient, effective and profitable industry.

In 2012, we created separate award categories for Realcomm and IBcon to more clearly address the difference between automating real estate business processes and creating intelligent building systems, buildings, portfolios and cities.

This year's Realcomm Digie Award categories are:

Best Use of Automation
This award is given to those companies in the following categories who have applied an extraordinary level of automation, technology and innovation to their business processes:

  • Property|Facility Management
  • Commercial Services
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Real Estate Investment Management
  • Architecture
Best Tech Innovation Commercial|Corporate Real Estate
This award is given to two companies who’ve introduced new products to the market that strive to re-engineer our very manual and disparate industry through the creation of innovative automation solutions.

Julie Devine Digital Impact Award
It takes vision, determination, tenacity and commitment to keep this industry moving in the right direction. This award will acknowledge two such individuals who saw things ahead of their associates, had the courage to leave the mainstream and the tenacity to keep standing up after possibly many failed attempts.

This year's IBcon Digie Award categories are:

Most Intelligent Building Project
This award will go to those extraordinary examples of buildings, projects and communities that best demonstrate smart, connected, high performance intelligent building concepts in the following categories:
  • Office Building
  • Office Portfolio
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Retail
  • Specialty
  • Multi-Family
  • Mixed Use Project
  • Corporate Campus
  • College Campus
  • City|State
Best Tech Innovation Intelligent Buildings
This award will recognize two of the most innovative new ideas/technologies/products/services for the smart, connected, high performance, intelligent building marketplace.

IBcon Julie Devine Digital Impact Award
Again, it takes vision, determination, tenacity and commitment to keep this industry moving in the right direction. This award is designed to acknowledge two special individuals who saw things ahead of their associates, had the courage to leave the mainstream and the tenacity to keep standing up after possibly many failed attempts.

Here are the 2017 Digie Award Finalists:


Property|Facility Management
  • JLL
  • LBA Realty
  • CBRE | ESI
Commercial Services
  • Colliers
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • SVN
Commercial Real Estate (Two awards will be given in this category)
  • Morguard
  • Howard Hughes
  • Dexus
  • Cousins
  • Irvine Company
  • Highwoods
Retail (Two awards will be given in this category)
  • Inland
  • Macerich
  • CBL & Associates
  • Phillips Edison & Company
  • GGP
  • Westfield
  • Google
  • McKesson
  • Microsoft
Investment Management
  • JP Morgan
  • Invesco
  • Principal Real Estate Investors
  • SOM
  • Gensler
  • Bjarke Ingels
BEST TECH INNOVATION COMMERCIAL|CORPORATE REAL ESTATE (2 awards will be given in this category)
  • Dealpath
  • MRI Analytix Portal
  • Yardi Retail Property Management Suite
  • FUEL
  • Waypoint
JULIE DEVINE DIGITAL IMPACT AWARD (2 awards will be given in this category)
  • Justin Segal
  • Jesse Carrillo
  • Jim Carr
  • Chuck Niswonger
  • Sandy Jacolow
  • Chris Saah

Office Building
  • 888 Boylston
  • Salesforce Tower
  • EY Tower | 100 Adelaide W
Office Portfolio
  • Irvine Company
  • Oxford Properties
  • Bedrock Detroit
Corporate Headquarters
  • Google
  • R/GA
  • Facebook
  • Macerich
  • Target
  • Taubman Starfield Hanam
  • Henn-na Hotel
  • United Therapeutics
  • 380 North Pastoria
  • The Jasper - San Francisco
  • Grant Park Village
  • Solterra EcoLuxury Apartments
Mixed Use Project
  • Wilshire Grand
  • Avalon
  • Santana Row
Corporate Campus
  • Facebook
  • HIRO: GE Digital Campus
  • Google
College Campus
  • University of California Davis
  • Penn State
  • University of California San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Dubai
  • Singapore
BEST TECH INNOVATION INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS (Two awards will be given in this category)
  • Prescriptive Data - NANTUM OS
  • Sempra | OSIsoft - Pxise
  • Camio
  • ReLogix UtiLive
  • Lynxspring's JENEsys IoT Edge Controller
  • Philips - Light as a Service
JULIE DEVINE DIGITAL IMPACT AWARD (Two awards will be given in this category)
  • Quinn Munton
  • Scott Collins
  • Maureen Ehrenberg
  • Ken Sinclair
  • Eric Stromquist | Ken Smyers
  • Ted Houck
The Digie Awards will be presented to the winners on Wednesday, June 14th during the Realcomm | IBcon 2017 conferences in San Diego. The award ceremony will be held at 6:15pm at the Conference LIVE stage located on the Expo Floor and will be streamed live. Please join us to congratulate the finalists and the winners for 2017!

Realcomm Staff
Realcomm Conference Group LLC is the leading research and educational institution that produces annual conferences and expositions on technology, automated business solutions and intelligent buildings strategies for executives in commercial, corporate, government and institutional real estate. Realcomm was founded in 1999 with the goal of bringing industry leaders together each year to discuss, demonstrate and debate the latest innovations that impact the industry.

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Understanding the Next Generation of Smart Buildings – A CASE STUDY Showcase - 1/17/2019

There are many different opinions on the definition of a smart, intelligent, connected, high-performance building. Energy conservation, operational efficiency and occupant experience are the three fundamental pillars of a smart building. While some take the path of first exploring the technology options, others find greater value in studying completed projects that have incorporated the technology. Case studies provide the opportunity to review the technology decisions as well as the organizational issues and planning processes involved in creating a next generation project. This webinar will present the most successful and notable smart building projects in the world. Project leaders will share their vision, successes and challenges!