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The Realcomm Advisory is a free, e-mail newsletter that highlights the newest technologies that specifically pertain to the commercial and corporate real estate industries. Learn what, where, why, and how these new technologies are being used and consider the impact they can have on your business.

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11/16/2017 Empowering Business Through Connected Data
  Why the 'As A Service' Model Will Be a Game Changer for Intelligent Buildings
11/9/2017 3,000 SF Nordstrom Local Store Just the Beginning of the ‘Smaller and Smarter’ Revolution
  Removing Limitations for Partners
11/2/2017 NextGen Transportation Meets Buildings: Q&A with Max Crowley, UBER for Business
  Workplace Services: The Missing Link in the Successful Customer Journey
10/26/2017 Mike Huaco, Global Head of Real Estate at McKesson, Discusses NextGen Facilities & Workplace Transformation
10/19/2017 Microsoft Explores IoT Potential in Smart Bathrooms
  IoT and Facility Management – What’s Next
10/12/2017 FASB ASC-842 – You Have 446 Days: Are You Ready?
10/4/2017 "Smart Furniture" Now a Part of the "Connected Building" Discussion
9/28/2017 Mark Golan, VP Real Estate & Workplace Services @ Google Talks Corporate Transformation & Innovation
  How to Optimize the Workplace & More With 3D Mapping Technology
9/21/2017 Corporate Real Estate Data Management & Process Automation – Are We Making Progress?
  Three Questions to Ask When Vetting Intelligent Building Technologies
9/13/2017 CRE Tech 5.0 – How Does It Impact Corporate Real Estate and Facilities
9/6/2017 Building Power Plants – Property Owners Begin to Embrace Microgrid Strategies
8/30/2017 CRE Tech @ The Edge: GSA/PBS Weighs in on Real Estate Technology & Innovation
  A True Building Operating System Reduces Operational Expenses
8/24/2017 Out of the Trenches with Kurt Emshousen: Transwestern’s Enterprise Journey to Digital Transformation
8/17/2017 Eight Ways Technology is Revolutionizing Retail
  New Opportunities for Real Estate Investing
8/9/2017 You are All Frogs Boiling in a Pot: Robotic Process Automation & the Death of BPOs
8/2/2017 Are Mexico’s Intelligent Buildings Raising the Bar Globally?
  Smart Buildings and Their Digital Twins
7/26/2017 2020: A Day in the Life of a Placemaker
  Early Adopters of Smart Building Technology Will Have the Advantage
7/19/2017 Tech Perspective @ the Edge - JP Jones, CIO, Macerich
  Designing Technology Solutions for The Perpetually Evolving Workplace
7/12/2017 Three Myths About Millennials that Impact Commercial Real Estate
  Data Governance and Standards – The Key to Intelligent Buildings
7/6/2017 Connecting People to Buildings: Virtual Occupancy Metering
  IT-OT Collaboration for Optimizing Commercial Buildings: An Intel Sponsored Article
6/28/2017 Mark Hansen, CIO Dexus: Leading the Way for CRE Tech Innovation in Australia
6/22/2017 Congratulations to Our 2017 Digie Award Winners!
  Data Driven Facilities Management Powered by Analytics
6/16/2017 Tech Perspective @ the Edge with Scott Collins, Project Executive, Bedrock
6/7/2017 Realcomm | IBcon 2017 Digie Award Finalists Announced!
  Understanding Data Purpose
5/31/2017 Will Increased Cyber Attacks Impact the Pace of Technological Innovation?
  Analytics – What Problem Are We Trying to Solve?
5/24/2017 PoE Lighting: Connecting Spaces and People in Smart Buildings
5/17/2017 Embracing the Future of Blockchain in Real Estate
5/10/2017 Will Information Technology (IT) Drive the Future of Smart Buildings?
  Improve Your View with Asset Manager Dashboards
5/3/2017 Retail’s Radical Transformation – Seven Mega-Trends Colliding
  Telecommunications Infrastructure Is the Fourth Utility in Mixed-Use Developments
4/26/2017 RealcommEDGE Preview: Macerich, Boston Properties, Bedrock & GSA Weigh-In on CRE Tech Innovation
4/19/2017 Tech Perspective @ the Edge with
Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein
  All That Data Isn’t Improving Your-Decision Making. Here’s What Will.
4/12/2017 CRE Tech 4.0 – Boom, Bust or Fizzle?
4/5/2017 NEWS ALERT: CBRE Unveils Smart Building Client Experience Center
3/29/2017 Proactive Cyber Defense: Innovation and Collaboration
  Data Needs Order and Planning
3/22/2017 Virtual Reality for Property Visualization, Marketing & Management – Becoming the New Normal
3/15/2017 One Building / One Network – Oxford Properties and
OTI Weigh In!
  Making REIT Forecasting an Everyday Event
3/8/2017 What Happens When Machines Can See?
  IT’s Changing Role in Real Estate Technology Buying
3/1/2017 Morguard: From Zero-to-Cloud in Two Years
  Creating a SharePoint Portal for Real Estate
Business Productivity
2/22/2017 Tech Perspective @ the Edge with
Annette Prater, CIO, GGP
  Where Will the Building Internet of Things Take Us?
2/15/2017 Is Your Smart Building Spying on You?
2/8/2017 San Diego Smart Building Projects Contribute to a Smart City!
  Facilitating Operational Efficiency on a Global Scale
2/1/2017 Workplace Automation: Separating Fiction from Fact
1/25/2017 Future Cities in the Age of Disruption
1/18/2017 THE BUILDING INNOVATION LAB Drives the Integration of Technology Solutions
  Beyond Energy Dashboards & Data Analytics with Energy Simulation Models
1/11/2017 The Value of Building Data is Being Lost: Where Do You Stand in the Data Analytics Journey?
  Retail Technology Advances
1/4/2017 Google's Data-Driven Building Operations
12/28/2016 CRE Tech 2016: An Interesting Year – What To Expect In 2017
  Integration of Lighting with Other Building Subsystems
12/21/2016 2016 Smart Building Year-End Recap & What's Ahead
12/14/2016 Out of the Trenches: A Year in Review & What's Ahead for CIOs in 2017
12/7/2016 Corporate Real Estate Innovators Share Vision at CoRE Tech 2016
  Is the Industry Crossing the Data Chasm?
11/30/2016 Leading CRE Tech Companies, VTS & Hightower, Join Forces for Faster Industry Innovation
  7 Impact Drivers Driving Today's Commercial Real Estate, Buildings & Facilities
11/23/2016 CRE Tech 4.0: Trends Here to Stay
11/16/2016 Shalaya Shipman of Salesforce Weighs in on Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Innovation
  Breaking Down the Walls in your Management Technology Stack
11/11/2016 The New Corporate Real Estate Office of the Future
  As Lighting Control Systems Become More Sophisticated and Capable, Services Can be a Key Factor in your Specification Decisions
11/3/2016 RealcommEDGE Preview: Salesforce, Google & Deutsche Bank Weigh-In on Corporate RE & Facilities Innovation
  Connecting IFM
10/25/2016 Hijack of Nearly 1.5m Surveillance Cameras a Wake-up Call for Security Industry
  Energy Efficiency: Making the IoT Work for You
10/19/2016 Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence – The Potential Impact on Corporate & Commercial Real Estate
  Commercial Energy Storage: Where This Transformative Technology Is Today and Where It’s Headed
10/12/2016 The Data Is Coming In: Corporate America is Using Less Than 50% of Its Real Estate
10/4/2016 Corporate Real Estate & Facilities: Dealing with Exposed Building Control Systems
  The Case for Agile Development and Operations
9/27/2016 CRE Tech 5.0 – Are Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Professionals Ready?
  Intelligent Tracking & Integration: Enabling the Digital Office
9/22/2016 Micro Automated Retail Stores (MARS) – The New Face of Retail?
  Building to Intelligence
9/14/2016 SunToWater Technologies: The Convergence of Enterprise Facilities Management and Water Security
  Getting New Asset Classes into the Mix
9/8/2016 Major Changes to FASB Lease Accounting Standards Require Technology Review
  Exploiting the Financial Power of Data
8/31/2016 The Hope of Digitization, Weeding Through the Noise
  IoT-based Smart Building Solutions Gaining Steam
8/24/2016 CBL Innovates Retail Portfolio with Automated PM Solution
8/17/2016 Jim Whalen, CIO, Boston Properties Weighs In On NextGen CRE Information Management
  Finding the Comfort Zone with Energy Efficiency
8/10/2016 Out of the Trenches: Be Ready for Anything, Future Proofing Your Company’s IT
8/3/2016 Deep Data for Uncharted Territory – A Case Study of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Headquarters
7/27/2016 Managing Water Makes Dollars & $ense
  Yes, Another Look at IoT
7/18/2016 Wells Fargo Sets New Standards In CRE Automation
  Three Ways to Improve Vendor Management and Reduce Risk
7/11/2016 New Generation of Technology Takes Wireless Indoor Location Tracking to the Next Level
  Overheard at Realcomm | IBcon 2016
7/4/2016 Out of the Trenches: A Video Conversation with Dipesh Shah, InvenTrust
6/28/2016 Congratulations To Our 2016 Digie Award Winners!
  Embracing a 'Best-for-Me' Strategy, Moving Past the Enterprise Software Decathlete
6/22/2016 Smart Process Automation: Robots Revolutionize Lease Administration
  Intel IoT Solutions Transforming Smart Buildings from the Ground Up
6/15/2016 Intelligent Condos in Toronto – After a 10 Year Battle, A New Reality
  Smart Buildings
6/7/2016 Realcomm | IBcon 2016 Digie Award Finalists Announced!
  Leveraging Compliance Initiatives, How Heavily Regulated Industries Are Staying Competitive
5/30/2016 RealcommEDGE Preview: Kimco, Tishman, Oxford & Wells Fargo Weigh in on Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Innovation
  How the Internet of Things will Transform Energy Management in the Built Environment
5/23/2016 WIRED Magazine's Cade Metz To Weigh In On Silicon Valley Tech and Real Estate
5/17/2016 Artificial Intelligence and Buildings – What Does the Future Look Like?
  Can You Afford to Ignore the Data Produced By Your Building Systems?
5/9/2016 Autonomous Cars, Robots, Drones and Real Estate – The Impacts May Be Closer Than You Think!
  How Big Data Changed the Way Buildings Use Batteries
5/2/2016 More Money Than Projects
  5G, Fiber and the Future
4/25/2016 Digital Privacy vs. Convenience – Is the Debate Dead or Just Getting Started?
  Technology Advances Budgeting Precision in Commercial Real Estate
4/18/2016 Out of the Trenches: A Video Conversation with Clint Osteen, Granite Properties & Larry Schachter, CompassRock
  Speedbumps on the Road to the Internet of Things
4/12/2016 Silicon Valley Innovation and the Impact on Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
  Companies Will Migrate to the Cloud
4/4/2016 “Smart” Sporting Venues – The Bar Goes Higher and Higher
  Taking a Closer Look on Building Optimization Services
3/29/2016 What Is Blockchain And How Does It Apply To Real Estate?
  Human Behavior: The Missing Link in Intelligent Buildings
3/23/2016 Out of the Trenches - A Video Conversation with Joe Rich, Tishman Speyer & Tom Taddeo, Kimco Realty
3/17/2016 Large-Scale Change Management Success at Irvine Company!
Why It Makes Sense for Managers to Go Slow to Go Fast
3/10/2016 Smart, Connected Campuses – Silicon Valley Could Rewrite the Rules
  Corporate Real Estate – Automation Drives Optimization
3/3/2016 Leasing Process Being Radically Redefined Through Automation
2/24/2016 Building Cybersecurity – How Vulnerable Are Stadiums?
  An All Optical Infrastructure Becomes Your Next Utility
2/18/2016 Stream Realty Explores The Power of Predictive Analytics
2/11/2016 Out of the Trenches: Tech Talk with Jesse Carrillo, Hines
2/4/2016 CRE Tech 4.0 – 2,200 Companies and Counting
1/29/2016 Silicon Valley VLAB Event to Explore Smart Buildings
  Interactive Technologies and the Maturity of Office 365 and Skype for Business
1/22/2016 Visionary Solutions for Detroit’s Quicken Loans Technology Center
1/15/2016 Out of the Trenches: CIOs Share Insight on CRE Tech
1/7/2016 CRE Tech & Innovation – What Lies Ahead for 2016
12/30/2015 Top 5 Tips to Improve Visibility and Production around Facility Operations
12/23/2015 Real Change Right Now? Openness is Critical
  IoT Brings the Future to Smart Buildings
12/16/2015 Out of the Trenches: CIOs Weigh In on What's Ahead for 2016
  Case Study: DAS Installation at Republic Plaza
12/10/2015 The Value of Performance Management Analytics in the Office Services Outsourcing World
12/3/2015 2015 Smart Building Wrap-Up
  Smart Process Automation
Are Robots the “Next Big Thing” for Finance & Accounting?
11/24/2015 Industry Innovators Share Vision at CoRE Tech 2015
  Where are all the intelligent buildings?
11/20/2015 Administrative Costs of Work Order Management are Eroding Your Bottom Line
11/12/2015 The Vulnerable Intelligent Building: An Insider’s Approach to Securing Your Smart Building
11/6/2015 Conducting Real Estate Transactions in a Digital Age
10/29/2015 Augmented and Virtual Reality - An Expanded Role in Commercial and Corporate Real Estate?
  Investing Intelligently
10/22/2015 Levi’s Stadium – The Most Innovative Stadium in the World!
  Enterprise Facility Management System
10/16/2015 IWMS and Corporate RE Information Management – How Are We Doing?
  Real Change Right Now? Openness is Critical
10/9/2015 25 Ways to Tell if Your Corporate Real Estate Portfolio is 21st Century Ready
  Getting Organized: A light-hearted look at the most basic, yet essential step in utilizing technology
10/1/2015 Technology + Innovation + Millennials – What’s Next For the Workplace?
  As Lighting Control Systems Become More Sophisticated and Capable, Services Can be a Key Factor in your Specification Decisions
9/24/2015 Out of the Trenches with Joyce Vonada, CIO & Managing Director, EDENS
  Dynamic CRM Options for a New Era
9/17/2015 The Internet of Things (IoT) For BUILDINGS Has Finally Arrived!
9/10/2015 The Future of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS)
9/3/2015 Malls at the Crossroads: Converging Physical & Digital Assets to Drive Operational Efficiencies & Customer Engagement
8/27/2015 Building Networks – As Important as MEP!
  CREs and the Importance of Office Services (Soft Services)
8/21/2015 A Case Study of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Headquarters - Deep Data for Uncharted Territory
  Always Be Connected
8/14/2015 Getting The Best Data For Optimal Decision-Making
  Value Quantified: Office Tenants and Sustainability
8/6/2015 Choosing a Real Estate Investment Management Platform
7/31/2015 Out of the Trenches with Howard Berger, Managing Partner, Realcomm & Chris Saah, President, TecFac
7/23/2015 Higher Ed Classroom Revolution Informs Corporate Space Planning for Millennials
7/16/2015 Smart Cities and the Energy Revolution
7/9/2015 Building Automation and Sustainability: A Partnership for Measurable ROI
7/2/2015 Real Estate Intelligence: How Software is ‘Eating’ the Real Estate Business
6/25/2015 A Beginner’s Guide to “Intelligent Buildings"
6/18/2015 Congratulations to our 2015 Digie Award Winners!
  Research, Marketing, CRM and ERP—How the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts
6/11/2015 Is Robotic Process Automation the Next Level of Outsourcing?
6/2/2015 2015 Realcomm | IBcon Digie Finalists Announced!
  Internet of Things: Look Before You Leap
5/26/2015 Oxford Properties Group Embraces Vision for Smart, Connected Real Estate!
  LPs and GPs – Chasing the Metrics
5/21/2015 In the Trenches with David Stanford, Executive Managing Director & Founder, RealFoundations - Part II
  The Top 6 Things to Consider when Planning an Analytics Strategy for your Portfolio
5/14/2015 SMAC, IoT and General Automation - Transforming Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
  Technology Starter Kit for Mid-Sized Companies
5/8/2015 Hyper-Efficiency – Is Water the New Energy?
5/1/2015 50+ of the World's Smartest Buildings in One Room
  Three Big Myths about Big Data
4/24/2015 Cybersecurity and Commercial Real Estate – A Growing Industry Concern
  Making Sense of Business Intelligence
4/17/2015 RealcommEDGE Preview: Today's Real Estate Technology Leaders Share Insights
4/10/2015 Growing Our Industry Younger
  As Lighting Control Systems Become More Sophisticated and Capable, Services Can be a Key Factor in your Specification Decisions
4/3/2015 Next Generation Microgrids - Is Camp Pendleton The Most Advanced in the World?
  The Next Generation of Property Management Software
3/27/2015 Peek Inside Cisco Canada’s New Office Space in “The Smartest Building in North America”
3/19/2015 In the Trenches with David Stanford, Executive Managing Director & Founder, RealFoundations
3/12/2015 Automating the RE Investment Management Lifecycle
3/4/2015 Smart Malls Get “Wired” for the 21st Century
2/25/2015 In the Trenches with Tama Huang and Keith Denham, NOI/CohnReznick Advisory Group
  Arcadia Management Group Opts for Single Stack Technology Approach
2/19/2015 The Security of the Internet of Things is at Risk
  Are We Too Buzzed on Building Automation Buzzwords?
2/13/2015 GSA Applies BIM Models to 100 Buildings in Portfolio
  Reducing Development Risk
2/6/2015 Demand Control Ventilation Benefits for Your Building
  MRI Software Expands Solution Footprint by Acquiring Cougar Software, a Global Leader in Investment Management
1/29/2015 Smart Sensors and Their Role in Buildings
  Avoid the Cardinal Sin of Contract Governance
1/23/2015 Driving the strategic decision: Why more companies are moving to IWMS
1/15/2015 In The Trenches With Scott Morey, Executive Vice President, General Growth Properties - Part II
1/8/2015 Looking Back on 2014 – A Year in Review
  Mobile: The power to transform your business at your fingertips.
12/24/2014 Standardizing the Internet of Things; Boiling the Ocean
12/17/2014 Collaboration in the Era of Mobile and Machine-Learning
12/12/2014 The Road to the Smart City
12/4/2014 Get Connected: Three Ways to Improve Tenant Satisfaction with Data-Driven Transparency
11/26/2014 In the Trenches With Scott Morey, Executive Vice President, General Growth Properties
  I’ll Have IoT with That Please
11/19/2014 Trust but Verify – Smart Building Security
11/13/2014 CoRE Tech 2014 Recap
11/6/2014 Why Do Some Corporate Real Estate Departments Embrace Innovation More Than Others?
  Seeing Is Believing – Why a Lighting Control Mock Up is Worth A Thousand Words
10/30/2014 Wearable Technologies and the Impact to Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
  Does Business Intelligence Achieve Transparency?
10/23/2014 Facility Operations Teams Embrace “Smart" for Corporate, Campus and Portfolios
10/16/2014 NextGen Workspace in a Mall – Westfield Makes a Bold Move
10/10/2014 In The Trenches With Brian Jordan, Director of Real Estate, Sprint
10/2/2014 Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Sprint, Zurich, Ericsson, Morgan Stanley Join Corporate Real Estate Innovation Discussion
9/25/2014 Will Robots Make Their Way Into Corporate and Commercial Real Estate?
  Situational Awareness – the Key to Happy Tenants and Optimal Operations
9/19/2014 Corporate Real Estate and Facility Information Solutions – 650 and Counting!
  State of the Union- Intelligent Buildings
9/12/2014 Anant Yardi, One Of Our Industry's Most Prolific Thought Leaders, Provides Insight Into The Future!
9/5/2014 In The Trenches with Ted Maulucci, CIO, Tridel
  The Lutron Story
8/28/2014 Radically Transforming Corporate Real Estate Through Innovation, Technology and Automation
  Case Study: DAS Installation at Republic Plaza
8/21/2014 Taubman: The Smart Mall Just Got Smarter
  The 12 Things You Need to Know about Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)
8/14/2014 Towards Common Data Standards for Smart Cities and Their Buildings
8/7/2014 Accounting Technology – A New Profit Center?
7/31/2014 In the Trenches with Ryan Wiederstein, CIO, R&R Realty
7/25/2014 Using Workplace Data Analytics to Match Corporate Real Estate Supply and Demand
7/18/2014 Out of the Rack, Into the Cloud - Hines Searches for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solution
7/10/2014 Industry (Still) in Transition
7/3/2014 Higher Standards for Building Optimization and Performance
6/26/2014 Announcing the 2014 Digie Award Winners
6/18/2014 Using Technology to Automate Mission-Critical Debt Management
6/12/2014 Hepta Control Systems Supports Bedrock on Integration of their Detroit Rejuvenation Project
6/5/2014 2014 Digie Award Finalists Announced
5/29/2014 Commercial Energy Management Software Meets Building Intelligence, Energy Solutions and the Smart Grid
5/22/2014 The Inside of Buildings Becomes the Focus of Cellular Industry
5/15/2014 CBRE Transforms Los Angeles Office – Embraces 21st Century Model
5/8/2014 Forest City – Setting New Benchmarks For Innovation
5/2/2014 The Paper Lease Coming To an End – The Lease Process is Automated
4/24/2014 RealcommEDGE Preview: Microsoft, Forest City, Allied REIT and Boxer Property Execs Share Insights
  10 Things to Avoid When Implementing New Software
4/17/2014 Pennzoil Place Sets New Benchmarks for Smart Buildings
4/10/2014 Intel Enabling the Smart Building, Smart City Marketplace
4/3/2014 The Use of Drones in Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Operations
  3rd Party Modeling: Exploring Another Dimension of Risk
3/26/2014 In The Trenches with Steve Messaros, CIO, Liberty Property Trust
3/21/2014 BMS/EMS Cyber Security - A Top Priority
3/14/2014 Standards – A Key Driver for Better Business Analytics
3/6/2014 SPRINT Real Estate & CBRE Embrace Mobility to Set High Innovation Benchmark
2/28/2014 Crowdfunding Real Estate Deals: Technology Meets Transactions, The New Power Couple
  Steps for Assessing New Software
2/20/2014 A Smart Building = Energy Conservation + Operations + Sustainability + Experience = Profitability
2/13/2014 Is it True... is Corporate America Only Using 35% of its Office Space?
2/7/2014 In the Trenches with Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties - Part II
1/30/2014 Innovative Lighting Design Relies on the Original Light Source
1/23/2014 BIoT – BUILDING Internet of Things™
1/16/2014 Smart Parking: What Is It? How Can Your Facility Benefit?
1/9/2014 Lessons from Smart Devices: What They Mean for Smart Buildings
  Is It Time For Something New?
1/2/2014 In the Trenches with Sandy Jacolow, CIO, Silverstein Properties
12/26/2013 2013 - The Year In Review
  Investment Management and the Private Cloud
12/20/2013 Information Exchange and Data Standards: The OSCRE Buzz
  Are We Stuck in a Spin Cycle?
12/13/2013 The Facility Data Manager: When the Silos Come Tumbling Down
  Reality Check on Real Estate ERP
12/5/2013 NASA Using 3D Printer to Make Spare Parts…Are Facilities Managers Next?
  Information from Data to Support Decision Making
11/27/2013 CoRE Tech 2013 Tours the Bullitt Center in Seattle!
11/20/2013 Why Can't I Make Them Change?
11/14/2013 In the Trenches with Chris Saah, President, TecFac
11/8/2013 Keys To Making Improved, Outcome-Centered Decisions
11/1/2013 Can Korean Technology Make Tower Disappear? What Next?
  Mitigating Multiple Risks With A Single Stack
10/24/2013 Why Your Employees Should Give Up Their Offices (and How to Get Them on Board!)
  Is Your Intelligent Building System Open Enough?
10/17/2013 It is the Customers, Not the Technology, That Will Disrupt the Industry
10/10/2013 In the Trenches: Looking Ahead to 2014
10/3/2013 CoRE Tech 2013 – A REvolution in Corporate Real Estate
  Budgeting - A Big Distraction or Strategic Advantage?
9/26/2013 Google Glass and the Potential Impact to Commercial Real Estate
9/19/2013 Behavioral Change is the Key to Smart Building Success
  Protect Your Cyber Assets
9/12/2013 The Most Important Consideration When Selecting Commercial Real Estate Solutions
  Commercial Property Management Technology Keeps Moving Forward
9/6/2013 In The Trenches with Art McCann, CIO of Highwoods Properties
  Innovation Spotlight: RestorePoint
8/29/2013 Business Process Automation – Commercial & Corporate Real Estate Evolve
8/22/2013 3D Printing and the Potential Impact to Commercial Real Estate: Part One
  Innovation Spotlight
8/15/2013 M2M Technology: Smarter Buildings, Smarter Grids, Happier Investors
8/8/2013 Data Outsourcing & Business Intelligence - Looking Beyond the Horizon
8/1/2013 Budget Season Primer: Emerging Technology Roadmap
7/25/2013 The Architecture of CRE Big Data
  Green $$ are Real
7/18/2013 Is Your Building System Secure?
  Innovating your Ecosystem
7/11/2013 Intelligent Buildings and the Cloud
7/2/2013 The Benefits of an Integrated Mobile CRM System
  Return on Investment
6/24/2013 Out of the Trenches – Realcomm 2013
6/20/2013 Announcing the 2013 Digie Award Winners
  Distributed Antenna Systems: A NEW APPROACH TO DAS DEVELOPMENT
6/13/2013 Data Scientist in RE and FM: Sexiest Job in the 21st Century
  Why Consumer expectations for Internet and Cloud-Computing are Now Poised to Disrupt the Real Estate Industry
6/6/2013 2013 Digie Award Finalists Announced
5/29/2013 Plug-n-Play Diagnostics & Optimization for Smart Buildings
  New Technology Advances Commercial Energy Management
5/23/2013 INNOVATION – Hundreds of Commercial Real Estate Firms Are Raising the Bar
  Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting – Supporting the Planning Continuum
5/16/2013 In The Trenches with COO Innovation Summit Advisory Council Co-Chairs John Gilbert and Kurt Padavano
5/9/2013 Is (T)echnology Destined to Become Part of the (T)MEP Designation?
5/2/2013 The Holy Grail - GSA/PBS Sets Out To Automate The Real Estate Lease
4/25/2013 RealcommEDGE Interview: GGP, Brandywine and Microsoft Execs Share Insights on Technology REvolution
4/18/2013 Microsoft Collecting 500 Million Building Data Points From Campus Per Day
4/11/2013 Walmart International Real Estate’s Global Technology Program
  BMO’s Corporate Real Estate: Quickly Transforming Data into Actionable Intelligence and Strategic Insight
4/4/2013 In The Trenches with Scott Morey, SVP & CIO, General Growth Properties
  Moving the Needle
3/28/2013 Yardi Enters 4th Decade of Real Estate Technology
3/21/2013 Facility Information Management Dashboards - Understanding the Complexities
  Make Your Smart Building Smarter – Upgrading Your Building Automation Systems is as Important as Maintaining the Physical Assets
3/14/2013 Cisco and Lake Nona Unite to Create First U.S. Iconic Smart+Connected Community in Orlando, Florida
3/7/2013 Data Protection and Disaster Recovery in Today’s IT Environment
  Perspectives on Commercial Real Estate and Technology
2/28/2013 Global Innovation and the Need for Realignment
2/21/2013 GSA BuildingLink Leverages a Minimum of 1,000 Data Points Per Building
2/14/2013 Smart, Connected, High Performance, Intelligent Buildings Have JUMPED THE CHASM!
2/7/2013 In The Trenches With Robert “RJ” Juliano, CIO, Brandywine Realty Trust
  What is Copy Data?
1/31/2013 Portfolio Intelligence – An Agile Approach to Business Intelligence for Corporate Real Estate
1/24/2013 Top 45 People to Watch in 2013
  Forecasting Technology Pays Off for Hartz Mountain Industries
1/18/2013 Playing Moneyball with Big Data
1/10/2013 Embracing the Real Estate Technology REvolution
  Canadian Real Estate Firm Embraces a Comprehensive ERP Strategy
1/3/2013 The Final Frontier of Real Estate Process Automation: Budgeting & Forecasting
12/27/2012 2012 in Review
12/20/2012 What is Stopping a Revolution?
12/13/2012 Canadian Real Estate Firm Embraces a Comprehensive ERP Strategy
  The Intersection of BIM and Business Data in Real Estate and Facilities Management
12/6/2012 From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities
11/29/2012 George Brown College - Training Property/Facility Managers of the Future
11/20/2012 Corporate Real Estate Executives Embrace Technology, Automation and Innovation
  New Market Insights from an Experienced Industry Player
11/13/2012 Establishing a Successful Data Governance Program
11/8/2012 The Fiscal Cliff's Impact on Real Estate IT Budgets
  Building Better Business Intelligence
11/1/2012 Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to our East Coast Neighbors
10/25/2012 In The Trenches with Bank of America's Global Workplace Technology Strategy VP, Christina Dorfman
10/18/2012 CoRE Tech 2012 - A Paradigm Shift for Corporate Real Estate
  The Evolution of Payments Automation—Providing Innovative Efficiencies for the Real Estate Industry
10/11/2012 Innovation Spotlight with Ken Sinclair, Publisher/Owner AutomatedBuildings.com
  Upgrading Controls Infrastructure - One Step at a Time
10/4/2012 Cloud Use Cases From The CRE Trenches
  Westcore Moves Ahead With New Technology
9/27/2012 One Million IP Addresses in Every Building: Who is in Charge, PM /FM or IT?
  The Challenge – Turn Data Into Actionable Intelligence
9/20/2012 Technology Poised to Dramatically Redefine Corporate Real Estate
9/13/2012 New Data Security Guidelines for Smart Buildings
  How NOI Strategies Made $2.85M Per Year For a Real Estate Client Requiring Zero Out-Of-Pocket Investment On Their Part.
9/6/2012 The Future Building Management System
  Effective Management of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
8/30/2012 High Definition Buildings – Creating Iconic Brands Through Digital Signage
  Redefining the Intelligent Building
8/23/2012 Is Your 2013 Budget in the Cloud?
  Implementing Infrastructure Upgrades
8/16/2012 The User Interface - Transforming Big Data into Valuable Knowledge?
8/9/2012 Data Driven Facility Management
8/2/2012 Can China Eclipse the U.S. on Innovation?
  ePayments Stimulate Payables Automation Growth in the Real Estate Industry
7/26/2012 In The Trenches with Scott Zimmerman, CIO, CenterPoint Properties (Part 2)
  Smart Building: Justifying Energy Management and Building Automation in Commercial and Residential Buildings
7/19/2012 Four Hours of Video On The Future of Commercial, Corporate and Government Real Estate
7/12/2012 Enough Already - Smart Buildings Are About More Than Just Energy Efficiency
  Smart Buildings and Portfolios: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start
7/5/2012 Place Still Matters in the Digital Age: Third Place Working and Productivity
  Actual Space Utilization Data Produces $85 Million in Annual Savings with EMS Software
6/28/2012 Spring Cleaning's To-Do List for Facility Management
  How Does Your Investment Management Platform Stack Up?
6/21/2012 Announcing the 2012 Digie Award Winners
6/14/2012 The Rise of Distributed Antenna Systems
6/7/2012 *2012 Digie Award Finalists Announced*
  Mapping Technology: Transforming Commercial Real Estate Decisions
5/31/2012 Extraordinary Innovation Coming to Realcomm & IBcon
5/24/2012 Mobile Apps Changing the Commercial Real Estate Industry Forever
5/16/2012 Microsoft Unveils Smart Campus Pilot Program at IBcon 2012!
  Leveraging SharePoint for New Dimensions of Business Intelligence and Communication
5/10/2012 Technology is Impacting EVERY Aspect of Real Estate Operations... Just Ask CBRE!
5/3/2012 The Smartest Green Building - San Francisco Public Utility Commission Sets an Example
  AIM to Reduce Costs
4/26/2012 In The Trenches with Scott Zimmerman, CIO, CenterPoint Properties
4/19/2012 Procure to Pay: Taking Integration to the Next Level
4/12/2012 The Spring Issue of the RealcommEDGE Coming Soon!
  In The Trenches with Kevin McCann, Inland Group
4/5/2012 NYC Buildings Department Raises the Bar with Technology
3/29/2012 Managing your Commercial Building - What to Expect for 2020
3/22/2012 In The Trenches with Porter Bellew, CIO, Washington Real Estate Investment Trust
3/15/2012 Smart Workplaces - Integrating Form, Function and Technology
3/8/2012 Tridel Sets the New Global Standard for High-Tech Condominiums
  Five Key Techniques for Utilizing Energy Management Systems... To Reduce Consumption, Costs, and Carbon up to 30%
3/1/2012 NASA's New Sensor-Driven, Ultra Green Building
2/23/2012 What is Commissioning?
  An Intelligent Building Is........
2/16/2012 In The Trenches with Jonathan Levi, CTO, Cassidy Turley
2/9/2012 Building Automation - The Mobile Revolution
  FAS 13
2/2/2012 In the Trenches with Boxer Properties COO, Justin Segal
1/26/2012 Top 35 People to Watch in 2012
  Visionary Technology Application Transforms The Link REIT
1/19/2012 It's 5:00 a.m. - Do You Know What Your Buildings Are Up To?
1/13/2012 Industry Technology Leaders to Co-Chair Realcomm 2012 Advisory Council
1/6/2012 Technology's Impact On How We Use Commercial Space
12/27/2011 Top Real Estate Tech Trends 2011 - A Year In Review
12/21/2011 An "Internet" Holiday
12/15/2011 In the Trenches: American Express VP of Global RE Strategy, Jerry Bernie
  Green Innovation: Save Money, Make Money, Serve the Environment
12/8/2011 Presidents Obama and Clinton Launch The Better Buildings Challenge; Tour Transwestern Managed Property
  Capturing a Competitive Edge in the Data Revolution
11/30/2011 QR - Quick Response Codes - A New Opportunity for Building Owners?
  Building Performance Dictionary: Key Words for Following the Money
11/22/2011 Help Math & Science Education
  Intelligent Buildings
11/17/2011 Korean Subway Station Turned Into a Grocery Store - Retail Innovation Unleashed!
  Architects/Engineers (the Designers of Buildings): Do They Really Understand the Real Estate IT Enterprise?
11/10/2011 OSCRE - The Way Forward
  Investor Focus Widens Despite Property Sales Slowdown
11/3/2011 Major Toronto Developer Uses Technology to Raise the Bar
  Real Estate and the Cloud: Maximize your Phone System
10/27/2011 Microsoft Embraces Intelligent Buildings
  Want More Out of Your Software Provider? Then Start 'Thinking' Like One.
10/20/2011 CoRE Tech 2011 - Corporate and Institutional Real Estate Embrace Technology
  Connecting a Business from Front to Back
10/13/2011 Real Estate Investment Manager Talks Tech
  Data Evaporation: the Achilles Heel of Effective Investment Management
10/6/2011 A Game Changer! Commercial Real Estate Data Visualization
  The Radicalization of Norm
9/30/2011 In the Trenches with Ryan Allbaugh, Childress Klein and Keith Davis, Pope & Land
  Evaluating Your Infrastructure
9/22/2011 U.S. Department of Defense Implements Unique Identifiers for all Properties
  Phases in IT
9/15/2011 The Fix is in at MGM Grand Macau
  Managing Energy and Sustainability in the Real Estate Industry
9/8/2011 Corporate Real Estate Experiencing Big Impact From Technology, Automation and Innovation
9/1/2011 Leading Australian Real Estate Firm Partners with IT to Transform Operations
8/26/2011 Achieving Quick Wins with Operational Analytics
  Talisen Technologies - Leading the World in Integrated Enterprise Facilities & Energy Management
8/19/2011 Today We Declare Innovation a National Priority - Join Us!
  Commercial Real Estate Needs Reliable Data: The SharePoint Solution
8/11/2011 Specifying Energy Management & Integration Software
8/5/2011 Business Intelligence "Light" - Unshackle the Power in Your Data
  Analyzing Operational Issues and Maximizing Operating Efficiency
7/28/2011 In The Trenches with Transwestern's Eugene Kesselman
  Best Practices: Fostering Tenant Energy Awareness
7/22/2011 5 Reasons the CIO Can Be A Corporate Sustainability Hero
  The Energy Elephant in the Boardroom: How to Increase Efficiency and Create Value
7/14/2011 Network Appliances - Connecting Buildings & Processes to the Net!
  How to Reduce Your Energy Costs by 30%
  Realcomm - Call for Advisory Articles!
7/8/2011 21st Century Corporate Real Estate - "Smaller and Smarter"
  Realcomm – Call for Advisory Articles!
6/30/2011 Innovation and Commercial Real Estate
  How On-demand Mapping Drives Innovation in Site Selection
6/24/2011 Realcomm 2011 Exceeds Expectations / Digie Winners Announced
  Mapping Technology: Transforming Commercial Real Estate Decisions
6/16/2011 Turning the Corner from Cost Containment to Creating Business Value with Technology (Part 2 of 2)
  Social Networking - Are We Reaping The Potential
6/10/2011 Turning the Corner from Cost Containment to Creating Business Value with Technology (Part 1 of 2)
6/3/2011 Google Earth to Showcase New Ideas at Realcomm 2011
5/26/2011 What is the Next "Big Thing" - Realcomm 2011 Big Idea Showcase
  What's Missing from Your Budget Process?
5/19/2011 Why Realcomm 2011 Will Be Different!
  OSCRE: Seeking Standards in a Common Cause
5/13/2011 ProLogis Brings the Concept of R&D to the Commercial Real Estate Industry
5/6/2011 Innovation – Has the United States Lost Its Edge?
4/29/2011 The Spring Issue of the RealcommEDGE is Now Available On-line
4/21/2011 Can Real Estate ERP Vendors Keep Pace with Industry Demands?
  Project Methodologies: Waterfall vs. Agile - Is It Unreasonable To Ask For Both?
4/14/2011 GSA Puts Industry-Leading Real Estate Strategy Into Action!
4/7/2011 In the Trenches with CBRE's Don Goldstein
  Hartz Mountain Industries: New Technology in a Recovering Market
3/31/2011 Social Media: Business Value or Wasted Resources?
3/24/2011 Data Analytics: The Solution for Smart Building Operations
3/16/2011 Mission Impossible? – Keeping Pace with Changing Technology
3/11/2011 ESI HQ-The Most Intelligent Building in the World?
  The Proof is in the Pudding
3/4/2011 Are Traditional Facility Manager Skills Becoming Obsolete?
2/24/2011 iPads Invade Commercial Real Estate Market
2/17/2011 Glenborough’s Aventine Earns LEED Platinum Certification and Saves More Than $150,000 in Annual Energy Costs
  Setting the Standard for Energy Efficient Buildings:
The Aventine Project
2/10/2011 Achieving Efficiency, Not Just Best Practice
2/3/2011 White House Gets Behind Smart, Intelligent, Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings
2/2/2011 New Site Testing - Top 35 People to Watch
  Visionary Technology Application Transforms The Link REIT
1/27/2011 Top 35 to Watch in 2011
  Portals Offer a Clear View of Investment Status
1/20/2011 In the Trenches with PREIT's Helane Stein
1/13/2011 Highlights from CES 2011
1/6/2011 2011 – What's in Store for Real Tech?
12/30/2010 A Recap of Top Stories in 2010
12/16/2010 Integrating Your Leasing Information With Your Floor Plans
12/9/2010 Strategy and Evolution in the Smart Cities Industry
  A Look at Intelligent Buildings Today
12/2/2010 Corporate Real Estate Executives Gather for Inaugural CoRE Tech Event
  Chesapeake Energy Saving $4 Million+ in Real Estate and Operating Costs with ARCHIBUS
11/24/2010 Intelligent Buildings and Addressable Dimming Lighting Controls
11/18/2010 China Builds 15-Story Hotel in 6 Days - Game On!
  In-building cell phone coverage: The value proposition of a DAS
11/11/2010 Japan Planning "Smart City" of the Future
11/4/2010 Dublin, Ohio makes "Smart21" Intelligent Communities List Again for 2011
  Customer Relationship Management Technology Keeps the Leasing Pipeline Flowing Smoothly
10/28/2010 DTZ Hosts Realcomm London
  Top Energy Suite in UK Now Delivers
Ability to Save on Costs in US
10/21/2010 Wireless Meters: The Real Hotspot
10/15/2010 Real Estate Business Intelligence - Steps to Success
10/7/2010 In the Trenches with Liberty Property Trust's Steve Messaros
9/30/2010 Envision Charlotte: Uniting for a Sustainable City
  Microsoft Latest to Highlight AP Automation for Real Estate
9/23/2010 Alternative Workplace Arrangements Require Strategic Planning
  Calvis - Using innovative Technology to Meet Strategic Business Objectives
9/16/2010 Energy Harvesting EnOcean Technology Contributes to LEED Gold Certification for Promutuel
9/9/2010 Technology and Privacy – Efficient, Safe, Fun World or Orwellian Nightmare?
9/2/2010 Data Governance: A Six-Step Solution
  Creating a Best in Class World HQ - Part II
8/26/2010 Wiring a Smart City in the Desert
  "GALAXY" The City Management Platform From Pacific Controls
8/19/2010 Bill Gates and Jeff Immelt Help to Form New Clean Tech Innovation Council
  Creating a Best in Class World HQ - Part I
8/12/2010 America Is Losing Its High Tech Entrepreneurial Edge
8/5/2010 The Government's Landlord Smartens Up and Goes Green
7/29/2010 More Affordable. More Efficient. More Mobile: The Next Big Thing in Property Information
  United Equities Displays the Zeal of the Newly Converted
7/22/2010 In the Trenches with Boston Properties' Jim Whalen
7/15/2010 21st Century Space Planning
7/9/2010 New Panduit Headquarters Best-In-Class Building
7/2/2010 SharePoint 2010: Providing Insight into Your Data, Your Device, Anytime, Anywhere
6/24/2010 Realcomm Las Vegas 2010 Conference Review
6/17/2010 Realcomm's Proud to Announce The 2010 Digie Award Winners!!
6/3/2010 Realcomm 2010: Solutions for Some Very Complex Problems!
  Technology Offers New Dimensions of Transparency
5/28/2010 *2010 Digie Award Finalists Announced*
5/21/2010 Are You Ready For IFRS?
  Electronic Payment Systems - The Future
5/14/2010 In the Trenches with Childress Klein's Ryan Allbaugh
5/5/2010 DC – Is It The New AC?
4/29/2010 Google Earth + CRE Data = GAME CHANGER!
  Why Are The Smartest Companies In The World Going To Be At Realcomm?
4/22/2010 The May Issue of the RealcommEDGE is Now Available On-line
  Gain Automatic Dividends from Automated Procure to Pay
4/15/2010 NOI Strategies Brings Fresh Perspectives to Real Estate Industry
  “Going Green” Via Online Document Management: Smart for Your Business and Smart for the Planet
  Digie Awards - Call for Nominations
4/8/2010 In the Trenches with Maguire's Anzor Zurhaev
  Top Trend Leader for 2010 – Using “Software-as-a-Service” for AP Automation
4/1/2010 Leveraging Learning Management Systems for Operational Excellence
  Comments on 'The Converged Enterprise'
3/26/2010 The Intelligently Networked Building
  Greg Lindsay to Keynote Discussion on Strategic Future of Real Estate IT
3/18/2010 Enterprise Convergence: The Strategic Future of Real Estate IT
  Keynote Speaker Announced For 2nd Annual Energy Summit
3/11/2010 So You Have Spent the Money...Now Get the Value
  Act Now & SAVE! - Realcomm 2010 Las Vegas
3/4/2010 In the Trenches with CenterPoint's Scott Zimmerman
  Realcomm 2010 Las Vegas: Call For Speakers
2/25/2010 Top 35 People to Watch in 2010
  Procurement Efficiency: It’s Yours, On Demand
2/19/2010 Cisco, IBM, HP…Creating a Vision for Smarter Cities!
  Are CRE IT Budgets Increasing or Decreasing?
2/11/2010 Using Social Media To Get The Message Out
  Tridium Niagara Summit - May 2-4, 2010
2/4/2010 Cushman & Wakefield Builds New Enterprise Content Management Solution
1/28/2010 'In the Trenches' with Duke Realty's Paul Quinn
  Optimize Returns with Valuation Technology
1/21/2010 Advanced Lighting Control Can Reduce Operating Costs and Improve Worker Satisfaction
1/14/2010 CES2010 - Consumer Tech Is Looking Up!
  Call for Speakers - Realcomm 2010 Las Vegas
1/7/2010 Chris Saah and Jesse Carrillo Named 2010 Realcomm Advisory Council Co-Chairmen
  Realcomm Co-Locates with Infocomm in Las Vegas for 2010
12/31/2009 Copenhagen and Commercial Real Estate…Connecting the Dots!
  Technology Trends that will Impact Construction Project Management and Infrastructure Lifecycle Management in 2010
12/17/2009 Can We Survive the Internet?
12/10/2009 'In the Trenches' with Tishman's Joe Rich
12/3/2009 Is the Recession Really Over? What Lies Ahead in 2010
  Gaining Value Through Electronic Processing and Automation
11/25/2009 An Executive Perspective on the Strategic Value of Technology
11/19/2009 Fad or Future? Online Networking for Commercial Real Estate
  On Hold Considerations
11/12/2009 Masdar Seeks Hi Tech Solutions for Sustainability
  BIM and Project Management - Advancing Integrated Project Delivery on Capital Building Programs
11/5/2009 Connecting Smart Buildings to the Smart Grid
10/29/2009 'In The Trenches' With Transwestern's Chris Saah
  Can Your Business Survive Disaster?
10/22/2009 Commercial Real Estate Discovers Banking Technology
  Today's Property Manager, Doing More With Less
  Calvis Expands Global Presence With Launch of US Office
10/15/2009 Breaking the Mold - The NEW Dallas Cowboys Stadium
  Building a Unified Physical Infrastructure
10/8/2009 Making the Case For An Enterprise Facility Solution
  Using Technology to Improve Collaboration on Real Estate Construction Projects
10/1/2009 'In The Trenches' with R&R's Ryan Wiederstein
  Using Technology to Improve Collaboration on Real Estate Construction Projects
9/24/2009 Commercial Portals: An Emerging Best Practice?
9/17/2009 Songdo Opens its Doors
  What You Don't Know About Energy Can Cost You
9/10/2009 US Drops to #2 in Global Competitiveness
9/3/2009 Is BI Becoming the New Tech Priority?
8/27/2009 Can a Bad Economy Positively Impact Real Estate IT Spending?
8/20/2009 Green Buildings: Balancing Fact and Fiction
  Seattle Turns to Skire For Integrated Lifecycle Management of Their Facilities
8/13/2009 'In The Trenches' With Acadia Realty Trust's Larry Schachter
8/6/2009 ADAPT to Survive: An Innovative Approach to a Troubled Market
  36% Returns are Driving Accounts Payable Automation
7/30/2009 'In The Trenches' With Hines' CIO, Jesse Carrillo
7/23/2009 Sears Tower to Get a $350M Makeover!
  What You Don't Know About Energy Can Cost You
7/16/2009 Realcomm Announces 2009 Digie Award Winners!!
  The Business Case for Centralized Procurement
7/9/2009 City of Dreams Media Façade…How They Did It
  Taking Your Document Management System to the Next Level: Distributed Check In
7/3/2009 Realcomm Chicago 2009 Hits a Home Run!
  Outsourcing: Lessons Learned
6/25/2009 Empire State Building Leads Energy Initiatives
6/18/2009 NYC Changing the Rules…Energy Efficient Buildings May Be Mandated By Law!
  Building a Unified Physical Infrastructure
6/11/2009 “Intelligent” Green Buildings Discussion Center Stage at Realcomm 2009
  Using a Better Lens to Examine Your Bottom Line
6/4/2009 Transwestern Scores Again with ENERGY STAR® Award!
  Advanced Software Gives Investment Managers Sure Footing
  DQI USA Offers Design Assessment Introduction and Training Session at Realcomm
5/28/2009 Grubb & Ellis and Microsoft to Showcase Aerial Imagery Platform at Realcomm
  How Technology is Advancing Capital Building Programs
What Industry Experts and Leaders are Saying
5/22/2009 *2009 Digie Award Finalists Announced*
  Realcomm 2009: Stimulus and Creative Financing Session
5/14/2009 Bank of America Creates World Class Infrastructure to Remotely Manage 3,200 Branches
  Financing the Indoor DAS
5/8/2009 Cushman & Wakefield's Groundbreaking Innovation
  Green Sustainability Pavilion EXPANDED & New LED Lab Announced
5/1/2009 The Virtual Property Manager Has Finally Arrived!
  Qube Global Software - New to the U.S.
4/23/2009 Realcomm Announces “Real Estate Solution Providers Advisory Group”
4/17/2009 A Sustainable Roadmap for Improving NOI
  Technology for Tough Times
4/9/2009 Reviving Real Estate Applications
  Digie Awards - Call for Nominations
4/2/2009 Reduce Lighting Costs up to 90%
  "Energy Efficient Buildings" Seminar Series 2009
3/26/2009 The Right Time for Outsourcing
3/19/2009 ROI Increases For Sustainable Buildings
  Save the Date! Realcomm 2009, June 23-24 – Chicago!
3/12/2009 Realcomm Channel on YouTube
  "Energy Efficient Buildings" Seminar Series 2009
3/5/2009 Digie Awards - Call for Nominations
  Real Estate Firms Turn to Payables Automation as Economy Worsens
2/26/2009 Interactive Customer Relationship Management (iCRM) Takes Sales to a New Level
  Electronic Invoicing: Little Paper but Plenty of Payoff
2/19/2009 The “Top 35 People to Watch” in 2009
  Gilbert, Kincaid and Seigl to Keynote at Realcomm 2009 Chicago
2/13/2009 Cisco Unveils Energy Monitoring Software
  Featured February Webinar - Energy Efficient Buildings: "Green" Technology That Works - Part 1
2/5/2009 The Impact of Emerging Technology on People and Property
  Realcomm 2009 Advisory Council
1/29/2009 Why Corporate Real Estate Needs Technology
  Using Technology to Provide Oversight, Transparency & Accountability on Infrastructure Building Programs in 2009
1/22/2009 The Key to Energy Management (and Savings!)
  Save the Date! Realcomm Europe 2009, March 4 – London!
1/15/2009 CES 2009 – What’s Hot and What’s Not
  Business Intelligence – Why Holler Down When You Can Drill Down?
1/8/2009 What Happened to $150-a-Barrel Oil?
1/2/2009 2009: Riding Out The Storm
12/23/2008 2008: A Year in Review (Can It Get Much Worse?)
12/18/2008 The DNA of Tomorrow’s Buildings
12/11/2008 Weathering a Stormy Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for Commercial Real Estate
  Save the Date! Realcomm 2009, June 23-24 – Chicago!
12/5/2008 In Search of the World's Smartest Buildings
  Save the Date! Realcomm 2009, June 23-24 – Chicago!
11/20/2008 Realcomm/ARGUS Hurricane Relief Effort
11/13/2008 Technology is the Key to Survival
  Surviving the Economic Slowdown: Analyze, Automate, Streamline
11/6/2008 An 8-Step Strategy to Making Existing Buildings Smart
10/30/2008 Implementing Your Business Intelligence Initiative
  November Webinar: LIVE from Dubai!
10/23/2008 Financial Meltdown Arrives – Is Technology Spending the Next Fatality?
  November Webinar: LIVE from Dubai!
10/16/2008 Integrating BIM & Project Management
  Save the Date! Realcomm 2009, June 23-24 – Chicago!
10/9/2008 Realcomm and RealFoundations form Education Partnership
10/3/2008 Getting Your BI Initiative Right the First Time
9/25/2008 Intelligent Buildings: Facts vs. Myths
  October Webinar: Automated Business Solutions for Real Estate
9/18/2008 Real Estate Business Intelligence Comes of Age
  Realcomm – Call for Papers!
9/11/2008 Intelligent Buildings vs. Building Automation
  September Webinar - Intelligent Green Buildings
9/4/2008 MediClin Group Cuts Energy Costs with Wireless Sensors
  Dubai NextGen Real Estate Tour!
8/28/2008 Surviving in Today’s Global Marketplace
  September Webinar - Intelligent Green Buildings
8/21/2008 CBRE’s Electronic Invoice Process Saves Money and Environment
  Dubai NextGen Real Estate Tour!
8/14/2008 China Arrives – NextGen Real Estate: The "Bird's Nest" Unveiled!
  Realcomm Fall Seminar Series: Automated Business Solutions for Real Estate
8/7/2008 Control Energy Costs AND Keep Tenants Happy
7/31/2008 Merge Appraisal and Business Processes: Save Time and Money
  Improve Cash-Flow Forecasting through AP Automation
7/24/2008 Ave Maria University: Technology Enables Vision
  Join Realcomm in Dubai for the RealTech Middle East Conference!
7/17/2008 Value Added: Construction Project Management Software
  August Webinar - In-Building Wireless
7/10/2008 OSCRE Rocks CIO Roundtable at Realcomm 2008: The Interoperability Showcase
7/3/2008 Colonial Earns 36% Market Premium for IB Technology
  August Webinar - In-Building Wireless
6/26/2008 Slowing Economy Drives Information Demand
  NEW! RealcommEDGE Magazine
6/19/2008 Breaking the Net Zero Energy Barrier: The “31 Tannery Project”
  Realcomm – Call for Papers!
6/13/2008 2008 Digie Award Winners!
6/5/2008 Real Dollars for Math & Science
  The 4th Annual Realcomm Charity Event
5/29/2008 *2008 Digie Award Finalists Announced*
  NEW! RealcommEDGE Magazine
5/22/2008 General Session Unveils the Next "Big Idea"
5/15/2008 Tour California’s Most Intelligent Building!
5/8/2008 Wireless Browsing to Take Over PC Access
  May 16 Webinar - Automated Business Solutions for Real Estate
5/1/2008 OOVOO – Free Multi-User Video Conference Site Changes the Rules
4/24/2008 ProLogis Revenues from Solar Rooftops Heating Up!!
  NEW! Automated Business Solutions Seminars
4/17/2008 LoopNet Acquires REApplications – Industry Consolidation Continues
4/10/2008 Standardizing Capital Project Management
  WEBINAR – Intelligent Green Buildings
4/3/2008 CBRE Goes Carbon Neutral: Planet Building is Born!
  Device Connectivity and IP Networks – Creating a Building Information Network
3/27/2008 Akridge Gets Insurance Rate Cuts for Wireless!
  WEBINAR – Intelligent Green Buildings
3/20/2008 Digie Awards - Call for Nominations
  NEW! RealcommEDGE Magazine
3/13/2008 Announcing The RealcommEDGE Magazine
  Top 5 Automation Trends for Real Estate Companies in 2008
3/6/2008 Top 10 Commercial Real Estate IT Issues for 2008
  Realcomm Europe 2008 - Retrospective
2/28/2008 From Coverage and Utility to Enablement: What Can In-Building Wireless Do For You?
  March Webinar - In-Building Wireless
2/21/2008 Top 35 People to Watch in 2008!
2/14/2008 Microsoft Virtual Earth - A Game Changer for Commercial & Corporate Real Estate
  March Webinar – In-Building Wireless
2/7/2008 Daylight Harvesting Generates 30-40% Energy Savings
  Realcomm Europe Tech Summit - London, February 18-19, 2008
1/31/2008 Offshoring Real Estate Functions
  How Offshoring Works for Granite Properties
1/24/2008 INvestigate, INitiate, INnovate... Are you IN?
  Does Your Technology Give You a Competitive Advantage?
1/17/2008 Enhancing Your Real Estate Portfolio with Intelligent Building Technologies
  Realcomm Europe Tech Summit - London, February 18-19, 2008
1/10/2008 Innovation Spotlight: EnOcean CleanTech – Enabling Intelligent Green Buildings
  Profile: CenterPoint Properties Trust
1/3/2008 2008 New Year's Tech Resolutions
12/27/2007 Top Real Estate IT Trends for 2007 – A Year in Review
12/20/2007 An "Internet" Holiday
12/13/2007 The British Are Coming! Hammerson Sets New Standards for Retail Technology
  Mobility and Next-Generation Buildings: Four Key Considerations
12/6/2007 Paul Quinn Named Realcomm 2008 Advisory Council Chairman
11/29/2007 E-Leasing with Adobe Intelligent Documents
  Illinois Tollway Lowers Operating Costs And Increases Efficiency on $6.3B Congestion-Relief Program
11/20/2007 Will $100 a Barrel Impact Office Building Values?
  Realcomm – Call for Papers!
11/15/2007 Success Factors for Integrating IT Systems After a Merger
  Newest Trend - Leading Companies Using AP Automation as Competitive Advantage
11/8/2007 Inaugural RealTech Middle East Exceeds Expectations
11/1/2007 The Economy's Effect on Real Estate Decision Making
  Realcomm Europe Tech Summit - London, January 22-23, 2008
10/25/2007 BPG Properties Opens Its First NextGen Intelligent Commercial Property
  Philadelphia “Intelligent Buildings Seminar” Includes TOUR of 1000 Continental
10/18/2007 Broadband Providers Overlook U.S. Business Community
  The Johnson Controls Path to Sustainability
10/11/2007 Extreme Real Estate: Pacific Controls HQ in Dubai!
  Realcomm Seminars and Webinars
10/4/2007 New Name! New Products! New Vision!
  Tenant Notification & Management Systems Reduce Tenant Calls & Confusion
9/27/2007 Sub-Prime Meltdown and Real Estate IT
  Realcomm – Call for Papers!
9/21/2007 Managing Mission-Critical Data Centers -- Successfully!
  CABA Releases Its New Intelligent Buildings Roadmap
9/13/2007 Podcasts Add New Dimension to Realcomm Research
  Last Chance to Witness History in The Making!
9/6/2007 A/P Solutions That Pay You Back!
  Forward-Thinking Organizations Invest to Convert ROI Vision into Reality
8/30/2007 Energy Management Saves Millions for State of Missouri
  NEW! Wireless Webinar - Sept. 14, 2007
8/23/2007 The Changing Landscape of Building Automation
8/16/2007 The Challenge: Transforming a 70M S.F. Portfolio For 235,000 Tenants
  Realcomm is Coming to a City Near You!
8/9/2007 Innovation Spotlight: Phoenix Plaza Upgrades to Wireless!
  Realcomm Seminars: Coming to You this Fall
8/2/2007 Extreme Real Estate Projects - Dubai!
  Realcomm NextGen Best Practices Tours - 22nd Century Real Estate Innovation!!
7/26/2007 Baptist Health South Florida to Save $4M a Year in Construction Management Costs
  Realcomm and Fleming Gulf Present “RealTech Middle East 2007”
7/19/2007 Behind the Headlines at Ave Maria University: Intelligent Building Systems
7/12/2007 Automated Leasing -- We're Getting Closer!!
  Realcomm NextGen Best Practices Tours - 22nd Century Real Estate Innovation!!
7/5/2007 Uncle Sam Goes Wireless
  Join the Realcomm Team!
6/28/2007 Boston Properties Shares Building Operations Center Strategy
  Realcomm is HIRING!
6/21/2007 Realcomm Raises Over $100,000 For TechBoston!
6/14/2007 Realcomm 2007 Far Exceeds Expectations!
6/8/2007 2007 Digie Award Winners!
5/31/2007 Portals: The Gateway to Superior Service and Increased Marketability
  Realcomm $25 Charity Challenge
5/24/2007 American Schools Are Failing Our Kids - Realcomm Needs Your Help!
  Realcomm Charity Challenge
5/17/2007 *Digie Award Finalists Announced*
5/10/2007 Solar Carports for Commercial and Corporate Buildings???
  Roger Duncan of Austin Energy to Speak at Realcomm
5/3/2007 Wake Up and Smell the Competition
  New Boston Fund Sending 40+ Property Managers to Realcomm 2007
4/26/2007 What's a CIO?
4/19/2007 Fire Extinguishers Become Network Devices
  Realcomm 2007 Town Hall Meeting
4/12/2007 What's Your Implementation Strategy?
  Look Who’s Speaking at Realcomm 2007!
4/5/2007 Corporate Real Estate Technology Hurdles
  PM Innovation Summit Advisors Selected
3/29/2007 Digie Awards - Call for Nominations
  7th Annual Commercial Board Summit
3/22/2007 Top Real Estate Automation Initiative for 2007 - Automating Payables!
  Property Management Innovation Summit
3/15/2007 What's Next in Brokerage Technology
3/8/2007 The Scarcity of Real Estate IT Talent: Realcomm Placement Announced
3/1/2007 Top 35 People To Watch In 2007
  Realcomm 2007 Super Tracks
2/22/2007 Virtual Building Operations Center
  2007 CIO Advisory Council
2/15/2007 Innovative Technology Propels International Capital Partners (ICP) and Cityblock
  Call for Speakers! Realcomm 2007
2/8/2007 Don't Turn off the Lights!
  Global Visionary, George Gilder to Keynote!
2/1/2007 Improve Your Bottom Line with Technology
1/26/2007 2007 Tech Trends for Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
1/11/2007 Greening Trends of Corporate America: Attitudes and Trends on Green Buildings
1/4/2007 New Year's Technology Resolutions 2007
12/28/2006 2006 Year End Review
12/21/2006 An "Internet" Holiday
12/14/2006 Chicago Board of Trade Building Restored to Original Brilliance
12/7/2006 Solar Technology…Plugging A Mall Near You Into the Sun?
11/29/2006 Forest City Ratner Streamlines Processes with New Lifecycle Management Software
11/22/2006 Dubai - The Largest Development Project in the World!
11/16/2006 Realcomm Announces 2007 CIO Advisory Council
11/9/2006 Barbizon/63 - An Uncommon Project!
10/26/2006 Is Wireless Worth It? New ROI Statistics
10/25/2006 US Drops to 6th Place in Global Competitiveness Report
10/18/2006 Globalization Technology – Around the World in 80 Mbps!
10/4/2006 Traditional IT Integrators Embracing Intelligent Buildings
9/27/2006 A Unified Approach to Governance, Risk, and Compliance
9/20/2006 Technology Trends in Commercial Real Estate
9/13/2006 Optimizing Real Estate Portfolios using Integrated Project Management Technology
9/7/2006 Realcomm Advises ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover
8/31/2006 The Paperless Lease
8/24/2006 What's Your CIO Worth?
8/16/2006 Innovation Spotlight – GE Asset Management
8/9/2006 Connected Real Estate in the Middle East
8/3/2006 Organizing the Commercial Real Estate Solutions Marketplace
7/27/2006 Intelligent Buildings In North America – Why Is It Taking So Long?
7/20/2006 Constant Interruptions Costly to Property Management Team
7/13/2006 Realcomm Charity Poker Tournament Raises $40,000!
7/5/2006 Funding Strategies For Wireless Systems
6/29/2006 2006 "Digie" Award Winners Announced!
6/22/2006 A/P Automation To Be Hot Topic At Realcomm
6/14/2006 Future Real Estate AP Systems: The Total Integration Life Cycle
6/7/2006 Gas & Electric Bills to Increase by as Much as 72%!
5/31/2006 Realcomm 2006 - What can YOU Expect?
5/25/2006 Building Automation – Realcomm Asia Tour
5/17/2006 Realcomm Announces Research Portal
5/10/2006 Innovation Spotlight - Ballantyne Village
5/3/2006 The Juggling Real Estate Executive
4/27/2006 Best Practices for Indoor Wireless
4/19/2006 Innovation Spotlight - Asia NextGen Tour Prepares to Depart!
4/12/2006 Making Connections @ the Intersection of Real Estate and Technology
4/5/2006 Cisco, TAC and Others to Participate in NextGen Intelligent Building Symposium!
3/29/2006 Business Intelligence Gets Smarter
3/22/2006 Announcing Corporate Real Estate Tech Summit at Realcomm 2006!
3/16/2006 Innovation Spotlight – Akridge
3/9/2006 Adding Visual Communications for an Enhanced Tenant Experience
3/2/2006 Where Is the INNOVATION in the Commercial Real Estate Industry?
2/22/2006 The Abandoned Cable Problem: State-of-the-Industry and Smart Solutions
2/15/2006 Innovation Spotlight – Forest City
2/9/2006 Top 35 People to Watch in 2006!
2/2/2006 Wireless Everywhere: Achieving Seamless Mobility in Office Buildings
1/26/2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – More Hype Than Innovation!
1/19/2006 Document Management – An Own vs. Outsource Methodology
1/12/2006 Innovation Spotlight – SENTRE Partners
1/5/2006 List of People To Watch in 2006 - We Need Your Input
12/28/2005 An "Internet" New Year!
12/21/2005 An "Internet" Holiday Season!
12/14/2005 Advisory - Innovation Spotlight - Top 12 Real Estate Firms
12/7/2005 Aligning Technology Strategies with Business
12/1/2005 Realcomm Portal Coming in 2006!
11/23/2005 Happy Thanksgiving!
11/16/2005 Great Information Found in Automating the Invoice Approval Process
11/9/2005 Tenant Portals - Redefining Tenant Service!
11/2/2005 Dashboards - Executive Information Systems Unplugged!
10/26/2005 Are Google and CoStar Teaming Up?
10/19/2005 Digital Signage Finding Its Way Into Commercial Real Estate
10/12/2005 1,000 Buildings Under Construction - Dubai Rises!
10/5/2005 GMAC Uses Google Earth To Track Katrina Assets
9/28/2005 Real Estate IT Consultants - A Growing Industry
9/21/2005 Customer Relationship Management
9/14/2005 Mobile Technology - Redefining The Workplace
9/7/2005 Please Remember The Victims of Hurricane "Katrina"
8/31/2005 Video Conferencing Has FINALLY Arrived!
8/24/2005 Connecting Building Bathrooms to the Network!
8/17/2005 India and China Team Up To Secure World Oil Assets!
8/10/2005 Contemporary Commercial Real Estate: Going Global in a Dot-Com World!
8/3/2005 Reduce Your Portfolio’s Electric Spend!
7/28/2005 Why Automating the AP Process Makes Good Business Sense
7/20/2005 What is an Intelligent Building?
7/6/2005 Top Trends from Realcomm 2005!
6/29/2005 The Realcomm 2005 "Digie" Winners Announced
6/22/2005 Realcomm 2005 - Conference Highlights!
6/15/2005 Real Estate @ the Speed of Light!
6/8/2005 Instant Messenger - Changing the Way You Work!
6/1/2005 Skype - Internet Phone Service That Works...And It's Free!
5/25/2005 Great New Innovations on Realcomm 2005 Exhibit Floor!
5/18/2005 Oracle - Peoplesoft Acquisition - Sign of Things To Come?
5/11/2005 Is Outsourced Automated Cash Management in Your Future?
5/4/2005 Top Real Estate Innovations to Be Showcased at Realcomm!
4/27/2005 Realcomm 2005 "Digie" Award - Call for Nominations!
4/20/2005 The Best and Brightest to Speak @ Realcomm 2005
4/13/2005 Commercial Information Exchanges Gaining Momentum!
4/6/2005 DestiNY USA - America's Most Visionary Real Estate Project?
3/30/2005 WiMAX - What Does it Mean To Building Broadband Strategies?
3/23/2005 Singapore Surpasses U.S. As Top Tech Nation!
3/16/2005 Document Management - A New Reality in Commercial Real Estate!
3/9/2005 How High Will Oil Go? - Real Estate Owners Need to Pay Attention!
3/4/2005 Amazon.com - A New Tool for Real Estate Due Diligence?
2/23/2005 Realcomm to Host 2nd Annual Commercial Real Estate CIO Roundtable!
2/18/2005 Realcomm 2005 - Real Estate at the “Speed of Light”
2/9/2005 2005 - 35 People to Watch at the Intersection of Real Estate and Technology!
2/2/2005 Realcomm Announces World Class Advisory Board for 2005!
1/26/2005 New Century Cities - Digital Lifestyle Defined
1/19/2005 World Visionaries Attend MIT's New Century Cities Symposium
1/12/2005 The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) "Unplugged"
1/5/2005 Tsunami Disaster - A Time to Reflect!
12/29/2004 An Internet New Year!
12/23/2004 Let’s Lighten It Up This Week and Have Some Technology Fun!
12/15/2004 R&D In Commercial Real Estate - Does It Exist?
12/8/2004 Technology...Process Change...Impact To How We Use Space!
12/1/2004 Commercial Real Estate / Stock Brokerage..Which Is More Automated?
11/24/2004 Heading for the "C" Suite - 21st Century CIOs!
11/17/2004 Receptionists Outsourced to India?
11/10/2004 RE Operations Outsourcing and Technology Decisions Survey - We Need Your Help!
11/3/2004 Can Stock Market Like Systems Prevail in Commercial Real Estate?
10/27/2004 Asia NextGen Commercial Real Estate Tour Announced
10/20/2004 Onsite Property Management VS Call Centers
10/13/2004 Paperless Parking - Myth or Reality?
10/6/2004 EFT "Unplugged" - A Great Reader Response
9/29/2004 Top 25 People To Watch in 2005
9/22/2004 The Most "Digital" Cities in the United States
9/15/2004 Monthly Rent/Lease Payment - CHARGE IT!
9/8/2004 Will $100 a Barrel Impact Office Building Values?
9/1/2004 Goodbye Disparate Systems - Hello Enterprise Solutions
8/25/2004 Technology Investments – Benchmarking is Needed!
8/18/2004 NextGen Tour Dubai - 22nd Century Vision
8/11/2004 OSCRE Data Standards Have Arrived...Pundits Beware!
8/4/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - Real Estate Technology Firms
7/28/2004 Realcomm Trends 2004 – Third Party Property Management
7/21/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - Commercial Real Estate Law
7/14/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - Corporate Real Estate
7/7/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - Owners
6/30/2004 Realcomm 2004 "Digie" Award Winners
6/23/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - Brokerage
6/16/2004 Realcomm 2004 Trends - NextGen Buildings
6/9/2004 Realcomm 2004 - Trends – Part 1
6/2/2004 Realcomm - Major Announcements For 2005
5/26/2004 Large Groups Coming To Realcomm in Record Numbers!
5/19/2004 Cisco, Oracle, The Gale Company & PeopleSoft to Participate in Keynotes!
5/12/2004 Hot Tech Trends - Will We Have To Pay For E-Mail?
5/5/2004 Paper-Less RE Transactions – Document Management Lab Expanded!
4/28/2004 How Many Technology Decisions Will Your Real Estate Company Make This Year?
4/21/2004 Behind The Scenes Real Estate Tour - Cisco, EOP and Echelon
4/14/2004 Realcomm 2004 "Digie" Awards - Who Is RE.Igniting Innovation?
4/7/2004 Realcomm to Host First Ever Commercial Real Estate CIO Roundtable!
3/31/2004 Executive Thought Leadership - Where Will Our New Leaders Come From?
3/24/2004 Brokerage, Lending, Appraisal...Will Your Job Be The Next To Go?
3/17/2004 Which Real Estate Jobs Are Headed For Obsolesence?
3/10/2004 Leaders or Followers – Realcomm Program Searches For Innovation!
3/3/2004 RE Automation Consultants - Will There Be A Shortage?
2/25/2004 Realcomm 2004 Brings You the Industry's Best!
2/18/2004 Top "Digital" Highlights of Asia Trip!
2/11/2004 Asia is on Fire!
2/4/2004 Real Estate Projects Beyond our Expectations!
1/28/2004 Off To Asia In Search of Worldwide Best Practices!
1/21/2004 Top 25 (We Mean 30) People to Watch in 2004!
1/14/2004 The Top 25 Commercial Real Estate People to Watch in 2004!
1/7/2004 Data Standards - The Foundation For Commercial Real Estate Transactions!
12/31/2003 An Internet New Year!
12/24/2003 Some Technology Fun For the Holidays!
12/17/2003 UK Summit Ignites US Commercial Real Estate Data Standards Movement
12/10/2003 Data Standards Becoming A Reality in Commercial Real Estate Industry!
12/3/2003 Building Automation 101 – The Basics
11/19/2003 Digital Aerial Photography - "Don't Jump in that Car"!
11/19/2003 "Connecting" a Building to the Internet
11/12/2003 Next-Gen Building - World Tour Shaping Up!
11/5/2003 Corporate Real Estate IT Initiatives
10/29/2003 Brokerage IT Budgets - Where Does the Money Go?
10/22/2003 Show Me The Budget!!!
10/15/2003 IT Budgets, Resources and Staff - How Does Your Company Compare?
10/8/2003 Realcomm 2004 Partners With CABA and BuilConn
10/1/2003 Paperless Leases and Web Based Contracts Getting Closer
9/24/2003 Realcomm and PikeNet Will Integrate Conferences in 2004
9/17/2003 A Worldwide Tour - In Search of the Most Advanced Buildings
9/10/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - Is The U.S. Losing Its Edge?
9/3/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Commercial Appraisal"
8/27/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Commercial Real Estate Law"
8/20/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Architecture & Design"
8/13/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Property Management" (Part 2)
8/6/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Property Management" (Part 1)
7/30/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Corporate Real Estate" (Part 2)
7/23/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Corporate Real Estate" (Part 1)
7/16/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Owners" (Part 2)
7/9/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends - "Owners" (Part 1)
7/2/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends – "Brokerage"
6/25/2003 Realcomm 2003 Trends – "Intelligent Buildings"
6/18/2003 100% Occupancy Just One Trend Emerging From Realcomm 2003!
6/11/2003 Realcomm 2003 Digie Award Winners!
5/28/2003 Equity Office - Every Industry Needs a Leader!
5/21/2003 Who is the "Wal-Mart" of the Commercial Real Estate Industry?
5/14/2003 New Mobile Communications Impact Commercial Real Estate!
5/7/2003 Realcomm Planner - Make The Most of The Conference!
4/30/2003 Realcomm Innovation Showcase – A Year's Worth of Research in One Place!
4/23/2003 Hewlett Packard Partners With Developers on Next Generation Buildings
4/16/2003 CABA Energy Management Summit For Intelligent Buildings
4/9/2003 15 Groups Hold Meetings In Conjunction With Realcomm 2003
4/2/2003 RE Firms Embracing Document Imaging and Management
3/26/2003 Commercial Real Estate Lawyers Form Technology Task Force!
3/19/2003 Commercial Real Estate Data Standards Groups Gaining Momentum!
3/12/2003 Who Is Pushing The Envelope?
3/5/2003 Owners Lead The Way With Tech Investment!
2/26/2003 Realcomm 2003 - Real Estate In Real Time!
2/19/2003 Leading Business Applications For Brokerage!
2/12/2003 Top 10 Most Innovative Brokerage Firms in North America!
2/5/2003 The Best Brokerage Firms in North America
1/29/2003 The Most Progressive Cities in the World!
1/22/2003 America's 10 Most Innovative Developers/Owners/Managers!
1/15/2003 Redefining "Trophy" - Next Generation Buildings
1/8/2003 2003 - Tech is Back! Commercial Real Estate Giants Focusing on Automation
6/11/2002 Executive Leadership – What Do The FBI and Commercial Real Estate Have in Common
5/28/2002 GMAC Commercial Goes Paper-Less..Setting New Industry Standards!
5/23/2002 Who Really Owns Commercial Property Data?
4/30/2002 Integrated Information Systems... The Foundation for Profitability!
4/16/2002 Network Appliances - Connecting Buildings & Processes to the Net!
4/2/2002 Wireless Broadband...the Next BIG Thing!
3/19/2002 Broadband - Taking The Internet to New Heights!
3/5/2002 Dot-Bomb is Over...Internet Chapter 3 is Beginning
2/15/2002 Announcing...The Realcomm "Advisory"!