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Announcing the 2014 Digie Award Winners

Author: Realcomm Staff Writer

Realcomm has been presenting the "Digie" Awards (short for Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation Awards) since our first event in 1999. The main purpose of this award is to recognize those companies, real estate projects, technologies and people that have gone above and beyond to positively impact our industry through the use of technology, automation and innovation.

This year's Realcomm Digie Award categories are:

Best Use of Automation, for companies that have significantly automated traditional business processes or impacted their industry segments in the following categories:

  • Architecture
  • Commercial Real Estate (2 awards in this category)
  • Commercial Services
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Investment Management
  • Retail
Best Real Estate Technology Innovation, for a technology product or solution that promises significant impact on our industry (2 awards in this category)

Realcomm Digital Impact Award acknowledging those visionary leaders who have shown the courage and tenacity to forge ahead with their innovative ideas and to continue to drive change despite all odds. (2 awards given in this category)

This year's IBcon Digie Award categories are:

Most Intelligent Building Projects, recognizing significant smart, connected high-performance building projects in the following categories:

  • Campus
  • City/State
  • College Campus
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Multifamily
  • Office Building
  • Office Portfolio (2 awards in this category)
  • Retail
Best Intelligent Building Technology Innovation, for a technology product or solution that promises significant impact on our industry.

IBcon Digital Impact Award acknowledging those visionary leaders who have shown the courage and tenacity to forge ahead with their innovative ideas and to continue to drive change despite all odds. (2 awards given in this category)

Here are the 2014 Digie Award Winners:


Best Use of Automation – Architecture
  • Extreme use of technology in the design process
  • Close collaboration with clients to support innovation
  • Willingness to explore Blue Ocean (unchartered) ideas and concepts
Best Use of Automation – Commercial Real Estate
Allied REIT
  • Strategic use of outsourcing and cloud services
  • Strong use of technology in proposed real estate developments
  • Long term strategic plan founded on risk and innovation
Best Use of Automation – Commercial Real Estate
GSA/PBS – Lease Automation
  • Relentless pursuit of improvement for traditional business processes
  • Development of GREX Lease Automation platform
  • Partnership with multiple companies to achieve accelerated development of technology objectives
Best Use of Automation – Commercial Services
CBRE – Los Angeles Office
  • Development of leading-edge open space design concept
  • Digitization of all documents to enable mobile environment
  • Collaborated with Google to create Liquid Galaxy experience
Best Use of Automation – Corporate Real Estate
  • Continually researching and investing in development of mobile technologies
  • Willingness to educate and share with the industry
  • Aggressively using technology, automation and innovation to transform corporate real estate
Best Use of Automation – Property Management
Arcadia Management Group
  • Highly automated tenant maintenance, mobile inspections and procure to pay
  • Consistent willingness to take risks with new technologies
  • Commitment to educate and share knowledge and experience with the industry
Best Use of Automation – Real Estate Investment Management
Deutsche Bank Wealth & Asset Management
  • Created a comprehensive integrated platform for investment management
  • Demonstrates strong project management and execution of large-scale technology implementations
  • Continual improvement and automation of complex business processes
Best Use of Automation – Retail
KIMCO Realty
  • Development of advanced leasing, budgeting/forecasting and business intelligence applications
  • Continual willingness to interact with peers and take leadership role
  • Implemented advanced web-enabled lighting solution
Best Real Estate - Technology Innovation
Yardi Voyager 7S
  • Comprehensive ERP incorporating both front and back office
  • Extensive cloud-based architecture
  • Incorporates comprehensive suite of mobile applications
Best Real Estate - Technology Innovation
ARGUS Enterprise
  • A highly integrated platform for Dyna, Circle and DCF
  • Aggressively listened to and responded to the needs of the customer
  • Open design facilitating integration with other major industry applications
Digital Impact Award
JP Jones - Macerich
  • Viewed as a visionary, risk taking leader by peers
  • Embraced alignment of IT strategy with the business
  • Willingness to consider, evaluate and implement early adopter technologies and concepts
Digital Impact Award
Brad Sill - Walmart
  • Devoted to raising the bar on corporate real estate industry best practices
  • Continues to support networking, education and collaboration among his peers
  • Created comprehensive data model for international real estate operations


Most Intelligent Building Projects – Campus
  • Innovative application of software and analytics to campus facility operations
  • Comprehensive strategy for the development of a smart campus
  • Encourages partnerships with small, medium and large companies to accomplish innovation goals
Most Intelligent Building Projects – City/State
Seattle, Washington
  • Extensive use of data and analytics in municipal operations
  • Public/private partnerships for promoting smart buildings, portfolios and campuses
  • Higher education focused on sustainable development
Most Intelligent Building Projects – College Campus
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Continues to leverage academic/private sector innovation opportunities
  • Effectively integrated a technology platform for maintenance and operations
  • Integrated diverse building automation and metering systems
Most Intelligent Building Projects – Corporate HQ
J. Craig Venter Institute
  • Accomplished net-zero energy through the use of solar technologies
  • Extraordinary implementation of water reclamation systems
  • Extreme attention to commissioning of building systems
Most Intelligent Building Projects – Multi Family
  • Extensive use of digital signage to enhance tenant experience
  • Robust telecommunications infrastructure to insure constant "connectivity"
  • On-Line Portal for rent payment management and other tenant / landlord communications
Most Intelligent Building Projects – Office Building
Pennzoil Place – Transwestern
  • Developed complete and comprehensive vision for a smart building
  • Design concept blended a balanced integration of both IT and BAS
  • Created a revenue stream by selling broadband back to tenants
Most Intelligent Building Projects – Office Portfolio
Detroit Portfolio – Bedrock
  • Developed a comprehensive portfolio-wide smart building strategy
  • Integrated an extraordinary number of disparate systems
  • Willingness to share successes and failures with the industry
Most Intelligent Building Projects – Office Portfolio
NYC Portfolio – Rudin
  • Relentless long-term leadership in the pursuit of more efficient/effective buildings
  • Willingness to partner with multiple stakeholders to solve complex challenges
  • Assisting in the development of a hyper-efficient building operating system
Most Intelligent Building Projects – Retail
  • Implementation of broadband network throughout retail mall portfolio
  • Continually striving to find new and innovative ways to enhance the customer experience
  • Created new revenue stream by providing broadband services to tenants
Best Intelligent Building Technology Innovation
Tridium – Niagara 4
  • Open environment simplifying the task of integrating data
  • Flexible, highly customizable user experience
  • Robust data management and security
Best Intelligent Building Technology Innovation
Intel Gateway Solutions for the IoT
  • Design and development of leading edge gateway product
  • Commitment at scale to the development of smart buildings, campuses and cities
  • Development of global ecosystem for smart building industry
Digital Impact Award
Rick Huijbregts - Cisco
  • Has demonstrated long-term, consistent commitment to smart buildings
  • Continues to invest time and energy in professional education on smart buildings
  • Considered by peers to be a thought leader in the smart building community
Digital Impact Award
John Petze - SkyFoundry
  • One of the pioneers and continuing contributors to the development of the smart building industry
  • Dedication to the advancement of the industry through Project Haystack
  • Tireless leadership and education activities among industry peers
Congratulations to the 2014 Digie winners and nominees for your contributions in positively impacting and furthering our industry! A special thank you to Dell for sponsoring the Realcomm | IBcon Digie Award Ceremony.

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