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Coronavirus Update: June 25, 2020
Realcomm | IBcon

We have been working diligently to assess the current COVID-19 situation and to finalize arrangements for an in-person conference this Fall. Future details will be posted on our website shortly. Please check back for updates.
@ the Intersection of Commercial and Corporate Real Estate,
Technology, Automation and Innovation
Virtual: Oct. 26 & 27 | Crossover: Oct. 28 | Conference: Oct. 28 -30

Program Overview

17 Tracks, 65 Sessions, 300 Speakers

The Realcomm | IBcon Education Program is designed to give commercial real estate building owners, developers, REITs, third party service providers and investment managers insight into the technology tools they need to positively impact their company’s operations. Our program will feature domain experts from around the globe presenting first-person case studies and discussing the most relevant technology, automation and innovation topics for our industry.

Realcomm will offer topics specifically for real estate organizations that range from automating back-office business processes, ERPs and integrated enterprise solutions, data management and advanced analytics, occupant experience to digital twins, cybersecurity and privacy. IBcon will focus on the high-performance building ecosystem, including building automation systems and controls, building system integration and the implications for organizational alignment, skills development and change management necessary for the intelligent integration of key business processes.


This year, in addition to the Realcomm and IBcon programs, we are introducing a new combined program – RC|IB Converged – which will feature crossover topics relevant for both commercial real estate IT departments and smart building and operations professionals. Historically, the tasks of a commercial real estate CIO have been distinctly different from areas of expertise on the smart building side. With the rise of IoT devices in buildings, the evolution of building management systems and heightened awareness around cybersecurity protocols, CIOs are increasingly involved in smart building discussions and topics such as leadership and customer experience.

Complete program details coming soon!