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Congratulations to Our 2018 Digie Award Winners!

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The Digie Award winners were announced at the Realcomm | IBcon 2018 conference on June 6 at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. For the past 20 years, these awards have recognized those companies, real estate projects, technologies and people that have gone above and beyond to positively impact our industry using technology, automation and innovation.

Following are the 2018 Digie Award winners:



    Property/Facility Management: Morguard

    • Successfully rolled out a new property management platform for full international, single-database, mixed-use portfolio

    • One of the largest companies to ever achieve a full suite of commercial and multifamily ancillary modules in the same environment

    • Demonstrated operational excellence through tenant focused services, sustainable operations and optimized leasing lifecycles
    Commercial Services: CBRE
    • Created a global organization that truly embodies digital transformation to optimize business processes and deliver the highest level of service for their clients and have been driving innovation through strategic investments in PropTech

    • CBRE 360 has been helping property investors and occupiers create customized workplace solutions by integrating property services and amenities with advanced digital technologies

    • Has developed a powerful suite of data and analytics enablement tools in CBRE Vantage to help clients understand current operations and better plan for future outcomes
    Commercial Real Estate: Inland Real Estate Group
    • Developed a comprehensive product platform (iSight) that provides timely, up-to-date, actionable business intelligence

    • Innovative use of audio-based intelligence through Amazon Alexa to reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency
    • Corporate culture that values data-driven insights and encourages the use of innovative technologies such as AI and Blockchain
    Commercial Real Estate: QuadReal
    • Consolidated Bentall Kennedy, Great West Life and Realstar into their own operating platform in the QuadReal residential portfolio

    • Has undertaken numerous initiatives to streamline operating policies and procedures and has created a unified QuadReal culture

    • Incorporated an innovative implementation of artificial intelligence into their operational platform as an executive decision-making tool
    Retail Real Estate: GGP
    • Sophisticated use of location based services, analytics and dashboards in order to provide information on traffic counts and financials across the company

    • Successfully realigned IT team to meet growing IT skills demands and provided various tools for employees to succeed in new roles and achieve career advancement

    • Established and significantly matured cybersecurity capabilities and took leadership role in cyber education for the CRE industry
    Retail Real Estate: Link REIT
    • Initiated an aggressive cybersecurity posture and have taken a leadership role in driving cybersecurity for the Hong Kong commercial real estate community

    • Rolled out an enterprise-wide cultural change program to drive a comprehensive corporate data and analytics initiative

    • Working with a number of start-ups in both Hong Kong and Asia and collaborating with other incubators, including HK Science & Technology Park, and accelerator programs in which three out of ten pilots ultimately went to deployment
    Corporate Real Estate: Capital One
    • Relentless pursuit of company culture of innovation driven by executive leadership who truly embody an entrepreneurial vision

    • As a result of extensive research with their customers, the employees, Capital One identified the elements necessary to create a workplace strategy that truly meets the current and future needs of their workforce

    • Significant focus on health and wellness, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices for their employees through "Get Active" Team challenges, Bike Share program and healthy food options
    Investment Management: BNY Mellon Real Estate Fund Services
    • With a focus on continual improvement, they've developed a comprehensive solution set of technologies to support and deliver operational excellent for CRE and fund services

    • Accomplished successful large scale conversion when the largest European national bank moved real estate accounting from major ERP provider

    • Tech Innovation in Investment Management services is fostered through a global network of Innovation Centers
    Architecture: EvolveLAB
    • Continually pushing the envelope in the development and application of generative design technologies and processes

    • Created innovative tools and service delivery models for major BIM implementations

    • Developed the Helix interoperability tool for conversion of SketchUp components to Revit



    • Low cost, mobile solution for conveniently capturing and sharing 3D footage applicable to all real estate asset classes and property types

    • Comprehensive visualization technology creating some of the highest resolution, realistic looking 3D tours in the industry.

    • Only company leveraging 3D-camera-enabled phones, instead of expensive proprietary hardware
    Honest Buildings
    • Comprehensive project management platform ensuring capital and construction projects are delivered on time and on budget

    • Innovative data aggregation process and schema enabling increased productivity and organizational efficiency

    • Aggressively listened to and incorporated customer needs to provide collaboration across different teams

    Phil Klokis, GSA PBS

    • Has demonstrated vision inside a large organization that is on par with smaller more agile organizations

    • Has taken major risks at scale that have proven to advance the industry

    • Has been consistent in his involvement with the industry and his willingness to share experiences
    Julie Sokol, Irvine Co.
    • Has steadfastly, patiently introduced innovation at scale to a large, successful and well-respected organization

    • Has consistently been willing to share both successes and challenges with the industry in order to advance the conversation

    • Has been an integral part of a structured innovation program that represents an industry best practice
    • Launched elegant enterprise solution (Omni) that tracks and measures toxins, chemicals, and other volatile compounds in indoor air

    • Seamless connection to IoT devices and solutions with the ability to import external data for enhanced data-driven intelligence

    • Focus on greater energy efficiency plus increased productivity and cognitive ability as a result of healthier air quality
    • Introduced revolutionary program which replaces renters' security deposits with insurance that protects the owner or manager of the property

    • Allows owners and managers to convert more leases and eliminate losses

    • Integrates seamlessly into existing leasing systems for true end-to-end process automation

      Office Building: 100 Mount Street

      • Plug and Play tenant Wi-Fi with full cellular coverage, 5G and IoT-ready throughout the building with fully mobile digital access controls and intelligent CCTV

      • Both a 5-star Green Star and NABERS Energy ratings with building and environmental monitoring and analytics

      • Extensive use of location-based services for wayfinding and space utilization
      Office Portfolio: Oxford Properties
      • Exploring and testing a variety uses of robotics in their commercial and corporate portfolios

      • Significantly leveraged innovative technologies to create digitally enhanced experiences for tenants and occupants

      • Embraced comprehensive smart building strategies at portfolio levels, committed to highest sustainability standards and maximum tenant satisfaction
      Corporate Headquarters: NCR
      • Integrated Public Safety/Building Operations and Multi-carrier DAS providing cellular service throughout the facility, while base building security system is integrated with tenant system and Atlanta Police Department Video Integration Center

      • Optimized space utilization accommodating 5000 employees while providing only 2500 workstations, managed through an innovative hoteling platform with all desktop technology needs as selectable options

      • Exceptional attention to employee and environmental health
      Retail: Vicinity Centres
      • Delivered energy innovation through integrated Distributed Energy Platform incorporating solar, bioenergy, kinetic, wind, battery EV and thermal storage

      • Incorporated smart technologies and automation such as autonomous cleaning scrubbers, intelligent mopping, smart benches, automated compacting bins and smart trash cans that automatically sort recyclables

      • Initiated smart building program with integrated BMS and data lake architecture for building management, analytics, automation and control to eventually roll out to all centers
      Specialty: TowerJazz Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant
      • TowerJazz applied for and earned the largest incentive in Southern California Edison history (1.85 million) for the facility's HVAC system optimization

      • Implemented an extensive chiller plant equipment upgrade and HVAC software optimization platform that monitors and analyzes critical facility loads with intelligent load-based algorithms ensuring optimal temperature and humidity requirements

      • Significantly improved chiller plant efficiency (12.5 million kWh savings annually) through reduced peak demand (by over 1.3 MW) and minimized capital equipment downtime and potential costly production loss
      Multifamily: Ten York
      • First North American community to connect 700 smart homes in a multi-family environment and deliver a single experience for both the resident and property manager

      • Adapted “Best in Class" Korean technology to North American standards via the SMARTONE platform

      • Fully integrated digital services over a resilient fiber network include concierge; video communications; digital door locks and access control; environmental controls and other sensors which can be accessed via Android and iOS mobile devices
      Mixed Use: Hudson Yards
      • Created a community-wide fiber loop supporting high speed mobile, cellular as well as continuous radio communications

      • Harnessed big data to innovate, optimize, enhance and personalize the employee, resident and visitor experience

      • Nearly 100 million gallons of storm water will be collected per year from building roofs and public plazas to be filtered and reused in mechanical and irrigation systems to conserve potable water
      Corporate Campus: Google
      • Broad scale deployment of sensors to drive lighting, HVAC control and determine occupancy levels

      • Cost effective monitoring of building use and assets throughout the portfolio through interior mapping

      • Extraordinary culture of innovation that is embedded in the smart building strategy and technology used to garner insights of the use of facilities
      College Campus: Penn State
      • Despite limited resources and a tight timeline, PSU plant staff completely restructured the network, segmenting the BACnet traffic into one of the most sophisticated university operational networks in the world

      • Converged networks from multiple building systems including building automation, wastewater, water treatment, steam plants, electrical distribution, elevators and others are driving the data into an advanced analytics platform

      • Employed encrypted segmentation in network design to significantly reduce security risk in addition to substantially reducing cost of implementation
      City | State: Seoul, South Korea
      • Embraces a collaborative innovation culture that welcomes the input from residents and encourages citizen engagement to achieve innovation

      • Real-time information gathering of traffic and commuter data to move buses, cars and trains with maximum efficiency

      • Adoption of a Sustainability Development Vision which fosters economic, social and environmental innovation

      Microsoft Azure IoT

      • Fully managed service that delivers cloud intelligence locally by deploying and running artificial intelligence (AI), cloud services, and custom logic directly on cross-platform IoT devices

      • Optimizes performance between edge and cloud while ensuring management, security, and scale

      • Committed to providing a comprehensive solution that connects building infrastructure, facility management and workplace experience
      SmartONE Community Platform
      • Designed to integrate all everyday services and solutions that residents demand and property managers provide into a single application

      • Provides connectivity for every digital technology element from telecom to door locks to sensors to parking, accessible from a wall pad or mobile phone

      • Secure and resilient network solution powered by a centralized UPS

      Lachlan MacQuarrie, Oxford Properties

      • Has taken a long-term perspective in respect to delivering a smart building strategy at scale

      • Has created an environment where smart buildings have become an integral part of the culture

      • Is willing to take well defined, thoughtful risks in respect to advancing the potential of a smart building portfolio
      Brian Turner, OTI
      • Was one of the first BAS System Integrators to understand the importance of adding Information Technology (IT) skill sets to the organization

      • Has pushed the industry by example, to expand the role and capabilities of a traditional Systems Integrator

      • Has tirelessly shared his vision, passion and experience with the industry and continues to offer his time to others
      Congratulations to the 2018 Digie Award winners and nominees for your contributions in positively impacting and furthering our industry. Special thanks to Pilot and RealFoundations for sponsoring the Realcomm | IBcon Digie Award Ceremony during this milestone year as we celebrate 20 years strong!

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