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Training Our Next Generation of OT Cyber Experts

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At a time when cybersecurity vulnerabilities are at an all-time high, the number of organizations reporting a problematic cybersecurity skills shortage has more than doubled. This is affecting companies of all sizes, and with a revolution in digital transformation, IoT, and “smart” infrastructure, this skills deficit should be seen as an alarming threat, not a minor inconvenience.

Recently, we had a conversation with Ashley Podhradsky, Associate Professor of Digital Forensics and Associate Dean of the Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences at Dakota State University, and Neville Teagarden, President and COO at AI Capital on skills shortage and training our next generation of OT cyber experts. They discussed how to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap and what building owners/operators should know as they balance wanting to automate their portfolios but also protect themselves from cyber risk.

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Nancy Stone, Managing Partner, SVP Operations & Events, Realcomm
Nancy Stone joined Realcomm as a Managing Partner in 1999. In her role as Events Director, she oversees the delivery of the annual Realcomm | IBcon | CoRE Tech conferences and is also Executive Editor of the RealcommEDGE Magazine. Prior to joining Realcomm, Nancy spent 20 years with CBRE, where her role included nationwide technology implementation and education for all enterprise applications.

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