Panoramic Power


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44 West 28th Street

New York, NY, 10001

United States

Description: Panoramic Power''s innovative and affordable solution consists of non-invasive, wireless and self-powered circuit-level sensor technology coupled with cloud-base analytics. Using this solution, companies across a wide range of industries gain actionable insights into their energy usage and are able to reduce energy costs, and generate revenues while optimizing operations, processes and maintenance resources.


Building Automation - Building Data & Analytics
Building Automation - Energy
Building Automation - Enterprise Solutions
Building Automation - Facility Management
Building Automation - HVAC
Building Automation - Lighting
Business Solutions - Asset Management
Business Solutions - Business Solutions
Business Solutions - Cloud Computing
Business Solutions - Energy Management
Business Solutions - Facility Management
Consulting Services - Consulting Services
Consulting Services - Data Services
Consulting Services - Energy Management
Consulting Services - System Integration
Corporate Real Estate - Facilities Management
Corporate Real Estate - Performance Management
Data - Consulting
Data - Data
Real Estate - Asset Management
Real Estate - Facility Management
Target Market: Facility Management
Property Management
Geographic Market: International
Client Sampling: The North Face
Carrollton, Texas School District
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