CoRE Tech 2022


Program Overview

The CoRE Tech education program is designed to give CORPORATE REAL ESTATE DIRECTORS, CIOs, FACILITY MANAGERS, BUILDING ENGINEERS, ENERGY and SUSTAINABILITY EXECUTIVES, PORTFOLIO MANAGERS and ASSET MANAGERS the technology tools they need to positively impact the bottom line of their companies — from automating business processes to general technology solutions specifically for corporate real estate organizations to smart building technologies.

Program topics includes but are not limited to:

Domain Expert Presentations and Discussions
Expert presentations inform attendees about relevant technologies and strategies for the industry, while panel discussions address common challenges and explore innovative solutions from several perspectives.

Case Studies
Focusing on real-life examples, case studies provide an in-depth understanding of smart building and workplace automation, providing attendees with unique insights into complex ecosystems of technologies and strategies. Topics are:

Table Topic Conversations
Encouraging participants to debate issues and share ideas in small groups, table topic conversations are a great way for attendees to meet peers and learn about different technology approaches. Conversations will be on various corporate real estate, workplace and facilities topics on technology, automation and innovation.

Tech Briefings
Designed as primers on key emerging trends, tech briefings allow attendees to gain an overview on the state of the art of some of the most innovative technologies and topics in the field.