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RealcommEDGE Preview: Google & McKesson Weigh-In on CRE Tech Innovation

In the current issue, RealcommEDGE asked our CoRE Tech 2017 Advisory Council Co-Chairmen Mark Golan of Google and Mike Huaco of McKesson, two corporate powerhouses, for their perspective on the rapidly changing technology landscape and how they're managing the twin challenges of adoption and change management in their respective organizations.

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The RealcommEDGE magazine is the only publication focused exclusively on technology, automation and innovation for the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate and Facilities industry. It provides readers with astute analysis and world-class case studies demonstrating the best use of technology for the industry.

Leaders at the Intersection of Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, Technology, Automation and Innovation
Featuring Mark Golan, Google and Mike Huaco, McKesson

  • From the Publisher: CRE Tech 5.0 – How Does It Impact Corporate Real Estate and Facilities?
  • Designing Technology Solutions for the Perpetually Evolving Workplace
  • A New Era in Transportation: Q&A with Max Crowley, Strategic Initiatives, Uber for Business
  • Preparing for the New Era of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Becoming Data Driven: The Case for Real Estate Portfolio Owners & Managers
  • Smart Buildings and Their Digital Twins
  • Owners Must 'Know the Score’ on Building Cybersecurity
  • The Workforce Behind Digital Transformation in Buildings
  • Data Governance and Standards – The Key to Intelligent Buildings
  • Connecting People to Buildings: Virtual Occupancy Metering
  • Enhancing Your Office Space: Five Ways to Improve Your Workplace & Bottom Line
  • Mixed-use Innovation Districts: The Future of Sustainable Development
  • Building Power Plants - Property Owners Begin to Embrace Microgrid Strategies
  • Tech Perspective @ the EDGE - Featuring Sandy Jacolow, Shorenstein Properties and Robb Napolitano, Rose Associates
  • Five Reasons Your Building Isn’t as Secure as You Think
  • Early Adopters of Smart Building Technology Will Have the Advantage
  • 2017 Solutions Marketplace Directory
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Nancy Stone, Managing Partner, Realcomm
Nancy Stone joined Realcomm as a Managing Partner in 1999. In her role as Events Director, she oversees the delivery of the annual Realcomm | IBcon | CoRE Tech conferences and is also Executive Editor of the RealcommEDGE Magazine. Prior to joining Realcomm, Nancy spent 20 years with CBRE, where her role included nationwide technology implementation and education for all enterprise applications.

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CRE Tech Innovation Showcase - Uncovering the Next Generation of New Ideas - 7/12/2018

Never before in the history of the Commercial Real Estate market has technology been so prevalent. Since 2009, hundreds—if not thousands—of companies selling tech to the Commercial Real Estate Industry have emerged. Estimates now suggest there are more than 2,000 new CRE Tech companies in the space. The sheer number of new companies makes it almost impossible to keep up and organizations are struggling to establish an effective process to discover, organize, vet, test and implement new technologies. This webinar will evaluate the categories of technologies, best practice criteria, and clarify different solutions that are making their way to the top of the list.