Advisory Topic: Innov Spotlight Vol. 13 No. 4
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Top 45 People to Watch in 2013

Author: Howard Berger, Managing Partner, Realcomm

Since 2006, we've devoted this "Top 35 People to Watch" issue to recognizing the achievements and vision of 35 folks in commercial and corporate real estate who were not satisfied with the status quo and dared to stand up and do something about it. These are men and women who've challenged "the way it's always been done" and passionately drove some of the most innovative and sometimes risky alternative solutions we've seen in the industry.

With the new paradigm shift towards automation and technology changing the way we manage, and because of technology, automation and innovations growing impact over the last 12-18 months, not only commercial and corporate real estate but also in the area of intelligent buildings and automated facility operations, we've expanded our list from 35 to 45 and recognize 15 individuals and company teams in each of 3 categories: Commercial, Corporate and Intelligent Buildings.

We believe that with the new paradigm shift towards automation and technology changing the way we manage and operate commercial real estate, it is the commitment of these visionaries that will pave the way for future success.

Here are the individuals and teams to watch in 2013:


Scot Adams, SVP Operations & Technology, Cadillac Fairview
Craig Cuyar, Global CIO, Cushman & Wakefield
Robert RJ Juliano, CIO, Brandywine Properties
Gary McElheron, CIO, The Minto Group
Scott Morey, SVP & CIO, General Growth Properties
Clint Osteen, Director of IT, Granite Properties
Tom Sheraden, CTO, Prologis
Tom Taddeo, CIO, Kimco
Jim Whalen, SVP & CIO, Boston Properties
Scott Zimmerman, CIO, CenterPoint Properties


Hines - Jesse Carrillo, David LeVrier, Clayton Ulrich
NOI - Glenn Murray, Tama Huang
RealFoundations - David Stanford, Chris Shaida, Dan Sterk
Simon - Dave Schacht, Joe Chiappetta, Bill Gilliland
Yardi - Anant Yardi, Brad Setser, Rob Teel


Jerry Bernie, VP Global Real Estate Strategy, American Express
Christina Dorfman, VP Global Workplace Technology Strategy & Architecture, Bank of America
Clay Hayden, Director Strategy & Portfolio Analysis, Merck
Ken Meyer, Principal, Deloitte
Lora Muchmore, Director National Security Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Keith Perske, Sr. Director Workplace Innovation, Johnson & Johnson
Curt Radkin, SVP Corporate Properties, Wells Fargo
Noah Shlaes, Sr. Managing Director Strategic Consulting, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
Brad Sill, Director Systems & Strategy Intl RE, Walmart Stores, Inc.
Fareed Zein, Business Systems Manager, Shell Oil


CBRE - Don Goldstein, Peter Scarpelli, Dave Pogue, Xavier Menendez,
eBusiness Strategies - Phil Wales, Susan Spiers, Rich Jordan
Gensler - David Gensler, Mitch Wickland, Tom Houlihan, Bob Peck
P&G - Dave Tufts, Jon Hodgdon
Zurich Financial - Dave Clute, Phil Shrago


Dave Bartlett, VP Industry Solutions, IBM
Rick Huijbregts, GM Smart + Connected Communities, Cisco
Ted Maulucci, CIO, Tridel
Deb Noller, CEO, Switch Automation
Paul Oswald, President, Environmental Systems Inc (ESI)
Marc Petock, VP Marketing, Lynxspring
John Petze, Partner, SkyFoundry
Jim Sinopoli, Principal, Smart Buildings
Mike Smith, Director Building Technology, Forest City Enterprises


GSA/PBS - Larry Melton, Phil Klokis, Frank Santella
Intelligent Buildings - Rob Murchison, Tom Shircliff
Jones Lang LaSalle - Dave Johnson, Dan Probst, Chris Browne, Dipesh Shah
Liberty Property Trust - Steve Messaros, Fred Dougherty, Chris Herrick
Microsoft - Darrell Smith, Bill Mitchell and the Entire Facilities Team
TridiumLaura Bacon, John Sublett

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Forecasting Technology Pays Off for Hartz Mountain Industries

Author: Joel R. Nelson, Yardi Systems

Since 2009, retail, office, industrial, hotel and multifamily property owner and manager Hartz Mountain Industries Inc. has steadily invested in technologies that provide faster access to information and automate recoveries and other business operations. Realcomm Advisory recently asked Larry Garb, executive vice president for Hartz, for an update on the latest way that the company used technology to operate more efficiently.

Q: Larry, can you tell us briefly about the scope of Hartz Mountain’s business?
A: Hartz owns and manages one of the largest privately held commercial real estate portfolios in the U.S., with about 200 properties totaling more than 35 million square feet primarily in the northern New Jersey/New York area.

Q: What business process did you hope to improve?
A: One of our primary management tools is a 10-year cash flow projection of our entire portfolio. We do this twice annually and we roll up by location, asset class and property type. Doing this project every six months was a real monster. We had three analysts spending about 50 or 60% of their time on these cash flow projections. They’d have to take data from our system, look at lease abstracts and other material to create the cash flow forecasts, manually load them into a forecast system, and export that to a spreadsheet. The rollups often had errors because of the manual processes involved in creating them.

Q: What did you do to improve the process?
A. We saw that Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting™ would dramatically cut the time it took to prepare those books by drawing the leasing, recovery, property and mortgage data directly from our database.

Q: What were the results of the new solution?
A: By expanding our Yardi Voyager™ platform with the Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting product, we have been able to cut down from three people working up to 60 percent of their time to one person working about 75 percent of her time on the project. And we get what I believe is a better product in our 10-year forecasts. We increased the forecasts’ accuracy because if the rent’s wrong in the forecasts, that would mean the rent we’re billing the tenants is wrong because it’s coming from the same data.

Q: What is the advantage of using an automated forecasting tool?
A: The clear advantage is that we’re taking data right from our live commercial database—the leases, the debt, the property operating expenses. There’s no manual keying. The speed of it is tremendous, and there’s no human error when we’re transmitting the data. Then, once the data is in the forecasting tool, you can slice and dice it and change assumptions seamlessly. Also, AB&F has very much a Voyager feel to it, so the look and feel is very similar for users accustomed to using the core Voyager product.

Q: How is the forecast information used?
A: If an executive asks to see a rollup or valuation of four or five properties as a group, we can do that almost instantaneously. And we can sensitize the data and say, “What’s going to happen if our general vacancy goes up by a point, or if our credit loss goes up by a point, or if we adjust this cap rate by half a point?” We can get those answers quickly and easily.

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IWMS Challenges - Lessons Learned - 2/7/2013

Is there any such thing as a simple, trouble-free IWMS implementation? Questions that need to be asked are: Is the technology meeting the needs of the client? Do clients truly understand their own requirements? Or, do we just blame the consultants? This thought-provoking discussion will focus on the challenges and opportunities associated with an IWMS system implementation. Barriers to success, risk minimization and the importance of change management are just a few of the areas that will be addressed. Register now!

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Intelligent Building Analytics and Visualization - Understanding the Different Options - 2/28/2013

A recent major development has been intelligent building analytics engines combined with visualization. For the first time, organizations are able to extract data from different systems in high frequency combined with stunning visual representation to get a true picture of how the building is performing. It is this kind of detailed comprehensive information that is needed to better understand the intelligent building in order to make the necessary adjustments for optimization. This webinar will compare and contrast some of the most sophisticated solutions in the world. Register now!